The Last Vampire Vol. 3

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(Evil Thirst + Creatures are Forever)

Author: Christopher Pike
ISBN: 978-144-490-0521
RRP: $18.99

The final volume of The Last Vampire series was fantastic, very compelling reading that I found awfully difficult to put down. Reading this came at a rather inconvenient time, I almost cried Friday thinking about how there would be no chance for me to read over a whole weekend, how was I going to keep up with all that was going on with Alisa. Finally this evening I managed to find time to curl up on the couch and escape into Alisa’s world, and then I got stuck there and couldn’t get out until I finished.


This is the ending of the series, a closing off of all the storylines. And what a fantastic closing off it was, which is what has me sitting here lost for words. There are so many things I could say but then what would be the point of you going to read it if I’ve already told you the good bits, and there were lots of them.

Alisa’s journey in the last two installments of the series is very spiritual, and very religious. Historically vampires are described as outside of religion, soulless, evil but Alisa is none of these things. She is very religious and believes herself, with demonstrated reason, to be a much loved child of the Lord. Yes she has been known to kill but with every death, by the end of the 20th century, a part of herself dies too. Far from evil Alisa’s biggest vice is love, she falls in love very easily and very deeply and it pains her that by loving someone she puts them in danger.

These installments see Alisa traveling far into the past and the darkest depths of her soul to rectify mistakes and try to set the universe back onto a path she unknowingly deviated it from. A journey that sees her face her deepest fears and make the hardest choices any person could ever be forced to make. Throughout this journey she is often told that when you can see past the illusion the truth will be revealed, a lesson I think we could all do to learn at times because things are seldom what they seem and betrayal can come from the unlikeliest directions.

For those who have begun this series it is definitely a must read because you can’t miss the finale.

For those who have never met Alisa Perne it is a well written, easy to read, story that could be picked up from this point and read as a stand alone volume. But I guarantee you will want to go back to the beginning to find out all the other adventures.

One thought on “The Last Vampire Vol. 3

  1. I can tell this book (and possibly series) and this character made an impact on you, Michelle. Thank you so much for reviewing from your heart & with such feeling and passion! I have never read the books from this series but now, oh! how I want to devour them & be ensconced in their world!!!
    I absolutely love novels that make you think and examine yourself and your life, making that connection with reality whilst being aware of the differences as well…. bravo Michelle! Best reviewer EVER!!

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