The Fragment of Dreams

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Author: Phillipa Fioretti
ISBN: 978-073-362-4407
RRP: $24.99

Phillipa Fioretti captures the imagination with this book saturated in action, romance, picturesque landscapes and intrigue.

The Fragment of Dreams follows on from Fioretti’s debut offering The Book of Love, which is a book I have not yet had the pleasure of reading. Being introduced to Fioretti’s work with her second novel, The Fragment of Dreams, is not going to leave you lacking anything essential to the story; though it may have you scrambling to go back and experience the meeting of the lead characters and enjoy some more of Fioretti’s writing style.

The romance is inherent from the opening words and the love is new and fresh and bursting from the page – but just how long can that last in a brand new relationship? Stick around and you’ll be sure to find out what happens to that depth of love when faced with hurdles like most people could never imagine.

fragment of dreams

There is a little bit of everything in this book so you are sure to be captivated. Action and intrigue abound in the world of fine arts, drugs and organised crime – and all because Poppy found a letter that led her and Lily to a long lost uncle, and a whole side of the family the girls never knew existed.

Set against a vividly written background of Sydney Lily and William have begun their life together, begun to get to know one another and decided to move to Rome and follow William’s career. It isn’t long before the cast head out, one after the other, to romantic and picturesque Naples, Rome and Amalfi.

The course of true love never did run smooth but I don’t think it ran into quite so much international underworld dealing either. If faced with major accusations against your love in the first 6 months of a relationship how much could you withstand, how strong would your faith remain? These are tests thrown at William and Lily that they have to fight to overcome.

All of this while Lily is trying to discover the ties to a past that had been all but forgotten. The tribulations of a family now met, and preferably forgotten, and on to deeper revelations.

Travel with Lily and William on a journey of discovery where they learn a lot about each other and just what they would weather for the one they truly love, regardless of what they think is going on with their relationship.  Travel with them as they realise what reserves of ingenuity and courage they carry to help save the one they love.

A tale of love that is surrounded by fine food, fine art, deep feeling and finding a family you’re not altogether sure you want.

Fioretti has left me with a complete picture of the way things are, nevertheless I still thirst for the beginning!

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