The Diviner’s Tale

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Author: Bradford Morrow
ISBN: 978-184-887-5715
RRP: $32.99

Bradford Morrow has written a captivating tale of an extraordinary woman wishing she was ordinary. Cassandra has spent her entire life living on the outskirts and when she followed in her father’s footsteps and became a diviner she seems to have stepped further outside of society.

The Diviner’s Tale is her story, Cassandra’s saying of her life. The timeline of the story is very circular. We begin with a short reminiscence allowing us to see how Cassandra got to be where she is when the book starts in her mid 30’s. From here we travel with her as she discovers what lies in the depths of her memory and in due course happens to stumble upon herself.

An ordinary job, for a water diviner, in a huge parcel of forested land that Cassandra happened to spend a lot of her childhood in sees her finding a lot more than she bargained for. Searching for the perfect place for a man made lake Cassandra discovers a teen hanging from a tree, yet when she returns with the authorities the body has disappeared. The ensuing search uncovers a girl in the woods, very much alive but also disturbingly similar to the one in Cassandra’s vision.

This is the point Cassandra begins to feel her life spiraling out of her control and already regarded as an eccentric she becomes the subject of even more gossip and sideways glances. This is where Cassandra’s visions become much more real and her fear very much more tangible.

diviners tale

With so much going on in her present Cassandra finds a lot to direct her mind back into the past and relive parts of her childhood and young adulthood.

Morrow has managed to create a suspenseful thrilling storyline running seamlessly with an ordinary story of the strong family bonds between a single mother of twins with her parents; the things that have bonded them over the years and the secrets that tie them together while always threatening to tear them apart.

Cassandra’s journey of self discovery comes at a time when her father is beginning to lose himself and her journey is one where she would love to be able to lean on him and share in every step with him but this is no longer possible because of the long walk he is taking into the fog of dementia.

To find herself and be completely at peace with herself Cassandra finds there’s a long way back she has to go, a lot of divining in her past to uncover memories that have long been lost to her.

It seems that Cassandra managed to divine the found girl in the woods, even though she didn’t actually find her and she wasn’t what she was looking for it was ultimately Cassandra that led Laura Bryant to be found. And here begins the course of events that draws similarities and circles them ever closer with the crazed killer haunting them both.

Bradford Morrow writes in a very literary style that will draw you in and set the wheels in your mind turning. He writes a tale that demonstrates you are who you are and you should never try to be anyone else.

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