The Australian Woman’s Survival Guide

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Author: Mia Balwyn
ISBN: 978-192-125-9968
RRP: $19.95

Every Australian woman needs a copy of the Australian Woman’s Survival Guide. This book has such an Aussie feel to it, and packed full of useful hints and tips.

With helpful information on topics such as “How to survive in the bush” and “How to survive in the city” there is something for every occasion.

the australian woman's survival guide

Humorous and witty, this book will make your life easier, and you will be able to cross a creek safely, or apply lipstick without a mirror, in no time!

One of my favourites is:

“Demonstrate your computer skills by switching your computer off and on again – before the IT experts appear at your desk and tell you to do exactly the same thing”

This has happened to me on more than one occasion! While some are humorous, others are guaranteed to get you out of that tricky situation.

In a time when we need to know more than ever, this original and unique book will be loved by Aussie women everywhere.  A great gift idea; only an Australian will truly understand.

Love it!

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