Silver Girl

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Author: Elin Hilderbrand

New York Times bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand is back with a timeless, touching and tortured tale of friendship and the cycles of life. Silver Girl demonstrates in heartbreaking as well as heart warming situations that high school really is replayed over and over in life, if you are really lucky you can share at least some of these replays with the same people you shared high school with first time round.

No matter how far you travel and how much you change there are some friendships, some relationships that can withstand every test – even if you don’t know that until it’s tested.

Silver Girl is told from the point of view of both Connie and Meredith, two women on the brink of 50 who have known each other for as long as they can remember. Best of friends since time began – for them anyway. Through primary school, high school, college, boyfriends, children and marriage nothing has managed to come between them.

silver girl

Until that fateful fight. The fight that has seen them drop completely out of touch for years.

Meredith Delinn discovers her husbands business dealing are crooked as they come and he is sentenced to 150 years in prison while Meredith and one of their sons are destined to survive through the torture of investigation for conspiracy and lose everything – possessions, friends, money and social standing.

Connie Flute is a recent widow struggling through her days without her beloved husband and without the support of her daughter that left at the same time she lost her husband. Along and struggling to fight through every day Connie is in a constant battle with her loneliness.

Meredith contacts Connie, at a loss for where else to turn. Connie has been her best years for her entire life – notwithstanding the preceding three years – if anyone is going to be willing to help it will be Connie.

So Connie and Meredith head to Nantucket for the summer where they slow chip away at the walls that have been built between them, mending their friendship and working on ways to begin living again. Both are managing to survive day to day, through all of their self imposed sufferings of guilt but need help to reach a place where they are ready to live and feel grateful for the small blessings in life.

Set in the modern day, in the midst of federal investigations, malicious damage and vandalism Silver Girl also takes us on frequent trips down memory lane to snapshots of life from anytime through life to this point.

Silver Girl sees Meredith really sitting back and analysing herself, largely because she needs to understand how she can have been married to a man for 20 yrs and not having any clue as to what he’s really like. The scene may begin in modern Nantucket but Meredith has cast her mind back to the late 1970’s as she tried to piece together what’s left of her life – as she tries to unravel how all of this could have happened underneath her very nose.

Connie and Meredith fall back into high school habits, before they have even begun working through their falling out. They quickly resume the roles of support and through their togetherness they allow each other to grow, to heal and to finally work towards clearing the air from their falling out.

Travel with these heartbroken women as they learn that some bonds aren’t ever broken and given the right circumstances almost any flame can be coaxed back to life.

This is a novel that will flex your empathetic muscles but also at times make you wonder. Laugh out loud and allow the tears to build as you watch decades old conflicts finally find a resolution, and cheer on these 50 year old women as they share a magical summer on Nantucket that really does make them seem 17 again.

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