Reading Wrap Up for November

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Another month over, I can’t believe it. Only a month until Christmas and less than that until my gorgeous girl child graduates from Primary School. What a month we have coming up.

So with the lead-up to Christmas and Graduation, and the aftermath of the 13th birthday the end of the month crept up on me and once again I almost forgot the wrap-up. Thanks to 1girl2manybooks at All The Books I Can Read for the original inspiration and thanks to Anna for reminding me it needed to be done.

Total Books I read in November: 9
8 Female authors/ 2 Male author
2  Children’s books
6 Fiction novels
9 print/ 0 digital
Books in a series: 1
5 stars on Goodreads: 5
4 stars on Goodreads: 3
Books that qualify for AWW2016: 6


I only just managed to maintain my count this month, and that was again because of the two children’s books I read for the Christmas Gift Guide. The books I flick through don’t make the cut but I read Ten Little Elves (a picture book) and Royal Rabbits of London (a children’s novel) cover to cover which makes them eligible.

Book Club reads were a big thing in November with all of the novels I read being read by members for Book Club also, I look forward to hearing what they think. I’m so proud of how the book club is growing and I already have titles in my diary for January and Febraury. Let’s hope I still have the time to read them all.

I had a huge month for Australian women writer’s which is always a great thing, I have killed my expected total of 50 books for that challenge, but have been very slack on updating it all over on that site…. oops. But at least I’m still reading and reviewing them I guess.

All high star reviews because I really enjoyed the stories that I read this month.

Moving into December I have no idea what to expect. I don’t have much on my desk that’s a must read at the moment though I know there’s at least one book club title headed my way and I’m reading a Blog Tour book at the moment. I’m not expecting huge numbers for December because I have the Christmas Guide to get finished, and a stack of books waiting to go in, holidays will be here before we know it, all the Christmas get togethers… not to mention Christmas Cards to write, presents to wrap etc. It will certainly be interesting.

Then again I will definitely read at least 24 books because the kids and I will start the Reading Advent Calendar tomorrow night, I best go dig out some more books to bulk the box as we don’t have as many Christmas books as I thought.

What have you read and loved in November?

And what are you looking forward to reading in December?

More importantly, what do you hope Santa leaves under the tree for you to read this year?

Book List with Review Links:
The Pretty Delicious Cafe
Royal Rabbits of London
Try Hard
A Chance of Stormy Weather
Worth Fighting For
Beyond the Orchard
Third Time Lucky
Walking the Line
Ten Little Elves

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