Reading Wrap-Up for May 2018

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The first day of June, the first day of Winter and it’s a gorgeous sunny day out my window. I should be working on book club lists, and dealing with the never-ending washing that only seems to get worse when the rain starts but first let’s have a look at my May in books.

We had a great selection on offer for our Book Club readers in May and after a really strong start, I thought I might just get through all of them. That strong start was pretty short lived and I didn’t think I was even going to make it halfway but I snuck a couple in late.

I had hoped that with school back I would get a little more productive but it just doesn’t work that way sometimes, I would ideally like an extra couple of hours each day just for reading. Ultimately they would need to be hours in which the entire world actually pauses and time doesn’t pass, that way I won’t get tired and the things I’m not doing won’t pile up… sounds heavenly, doesn’t it.

Total Books I read in May: 7
6 Female authors/ 1 Male author
7 Fiction novels
7 print/ 0 digital
Books in  series: 2
5 stars on Goodreads: 3
4 stars on Goodreads: 4
Books that qualify for AWW2018:  5
Books for B&L Book Club: 7

I really enjoyed my May reading, the genres were pretty diverse and there were some amazing authors included in the pile. I am pretty happy to have Koontz back in my reading list, he’s been a favourite for as long as I can remember. Five books towards the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge is a good thing, I was beginning to worry I have set my bar a little too high but I might still make it.

Favourite books, again this is a very difficult decision. I did love my 5-star reads, there was a little of the unexpected in each of them and they are all different genres. You know what, I’m going to say Bloodtree River by Sarah Barrie because the suspense was beautifully written and she’s a new author for me. Someone Like You offered an unexpected storyline that I adored and The Art of Friendship was an insightful look at lifelong friendships.

So May saw me catch up on my reviews, and even write the one for the book I snuck in right at the end of the month. I have another massive pile awaiting me in June with some books that I am SUPER excited for, hopefully, I hit the pile hard this month. I am behind on the book club lists to decide what our members are reading so I best make that the next priority today.

I think that’s it for me, the books and the lists are calling my name…. and the children are making very noisy memories beside me.

Have a great day

Happy Reading.

We would love to hear what you have been reading and loving in May… and what you are looking forward to reading in June.

May reads with review links:

A Country Mile
Ace of Shades
Bloodtree River
Eleanor’s Secret
Someone Like You
The Art of Friendship
The Whispering Room

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