Reading Wrap-Up for June

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There’s a post I have seen on another book blog that is done every month, and I think it originated somewhere else before there, but it’s one I have always thought is a fantastic look at a reading month. I always thought I should do something like that and never got around to it. So thanks Bree from All The Books I Can Read for the brilliant idea, my reading months will never compare with yours.

That ends now! I am going to add my wrap up for June, and hope that I am committed to posting a new one on the last day of the month – every month.

2016-06-30 09.37.20

Total Books I read in June: 9
8 Female authors/ 1 Male author
2 Children’s books
9 Fiction novels
8 print/1 digital
Books in a series: 4
5 stars on Goodreads: 3
4 stars on Goodreads: 4 (and one book isn’t listed on Goodreads but would have got 4 stars)
Books that qualify for AWW2016: 6

Not a huge number of books read in June but there’s a lot goes on around here and I don’t read nearly as much as I would like so I’m pretty happy with those numbers.

Three of this months books are book club titles, 2 of them for children, so I am looking forward to hearing what our readers thought of The Dry, On The River and Busy Izzy.

All 4 and 5 star reads which makes me wonder if I am really considering my star rating, I’m going through a stage where I just love everything or I have had a month where everything I picked up was downright amazing.

6 of my books qualified for the one challenge I’m doing so that’s fantastic, I was beginning to wonder if I would make my target. My Goodread challenge total is mocking me, I’m back to being one book behind schedule but hopefully I can pick that up without too much trouble… it fluctuated a bit over the last couple of months, and actually if I count the one that’s not on Goodreads I’m right on schedule.

Only one digital read this month, and I’m sure that affected my reading tally because I always seem to get through those nice and quick. Will see what July brings me digitally.

change of heart

Favourite books of June, with such high stars it would be impossible to choose just one. I gave Journey’s End, The Dry and Blame all 5 stars. They each touched me deeply and looked at a harsh reality of life. Jennifer Scoullar and Nicole Trope are both authors I have read and loved previously so I was confident going in that I would love the books. The Dry is by debut author Jane Harper, and she is going to be one to watch. These three Australian Women Writer’s weave strong and sympathetic characters with suspenseful storylines just beautifully.

June 5 star

I can’t pick a least favourite from this group, it wouldn’t be fair.

Heading into July I am looking forward to a few great books. We have some new book clubs coming up which I can’t wait to read and hopefully I can better my total, though we will have to wait and see.

Currently I am reading an historical with 2 timelines and four different leads, it’s not going to be a quick easy read.

Now this is out there, and I’ve told you I intend to continue – help keep me accountable.

What have you read and loved this month?

Book list with review link:
The Dry
Sibling Realty
On The River
Journey’s End
Night Shift
Change of Heart (The Flanagan Sisters 2)
Maggie’s Kitchen
Busy Izzy


4 thoughts on “Reading Wrap-Up for June

  1. Oooh I really want to read The Dry! Sounds like you had a few really good books in June 🙂 I’m just doing my wrap up now. To be honest, I can’t remember where I got these wrap ups from, although if I went back and found the first one, I’m pretty sure it’s mentioned there.

    1. The Dry was a great read.
      Yes, some great reads this month. And some I am really looking froward to for next month that I need to get stuck into…. when I get all my other issues sorted.

      I love reading your wrap-ups, though they make me jealous of your reading totals. I will look forward to checking it out.
      Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  2. What a great list!! I would not be disappointed with your total monthly reads. My average is up so far this year. I’m lucky enough to have won a coup of Jennifer’s book so shall be devouring that one when it arrives. I would love to read The Dry, will have to put it on hold at work. Great idea, maybe we all should do a summary.

    1. Thank Janine,
      I’m not completely disappointed but I would like to see bigger numbers…
      I did see that you won from Jennifers page, congrats. It is a great book.
      As is The Dry, definitely put it on hold at work…. my dream job, I’m so jealous. (well ok my other dream job)

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