Reading Wrap-Up for April 2018

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The last day of another month and I am madly trying to work on book club lists for May so we can get the books out to readers and I should have done my wrap-up earlier but first day back at school for my not-so-little ones and it ended up being a crazy day.

I have spent the last couple of days beating myself up over my reading tally for the month, again, because I just didn’t get through what I said I would. Again I have come to the realisation that I have to be proud of what I can achieve and not be so hard on myself. 7 books is still 2 a week and that’s not a bad number. I need to stop comparing myself to other bloggers and celebrate my strengths.

So, today is the first day of school and I will have less distraction and more productivity hopefully. Well that’s the plan anyway, we’ll see how it pans out.


Total Books I read in April: 7
6 Female authors/ 1 Male author
7 Fiction novels
7 print/ 0 digital
Books in  series: 1
5 stars on Goodreads: 6
4 stars on Goodreads: 1
Books that qualify for AWW2018:  4
Books for B&L Book Club: 7

April saw me love what I was reading, all but one a 5 star read. They crossed generations, oceans and genres to offer something for everyone. The books that I didn’t quite get to on my TBR were also ones I was excited to read and I hope to find time for them soon.

Favourites are going to be hard to pick, there was such fierce competition. I loved them all and they had such different things to offer.

The only 4 star read was Ill Will, which I thoroughly enjoyed but it didn’t quite flow or feel the way I thought it should. The language was a little off-putting and that’s really saying something coming from me, my swearing is atrocious.

I have a fantastic pile waiting for me in May, and those 2 reviews from March never quite got written so I will keep this one short. I also need to try and get my little snuggle bunny back to bed…again.

Standouts this month… I loved Every Note Played; The Bonegilla Girls and The Paris Seamstress both had some fascinating historical information, Fool’s Gold is suspenseful and helps us get to know a beloved character better.

A huge thanks to the publishers for supplying me with endless reading material.

On that note I’m off to try and settle this baby.

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We would love to hear what you’ve been reading and loving lately.

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