Mega Mother’s Day Karly Lane Book Giveaway

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Mother’s Day is almost upon us and if she’s anything like mine, your mum deserves the world. There is no price that can be put on their worth and much as you would like to give her the world… it’s not possible.

What we are offering this Mother’s Day is the chance to win her an escape to another world, either in fiction or on her dinner table.

May sees the release of the new Karly Lane novel Second Chance Town, which I am eagerly awaiting, and to celebrate Allen & Unwin are generously providing us with a set of 6 Karly Lane novels and 4 runners up prizes of The Lovers’ Guide to Rome by Mark Lamprell and What’s For Dinner by Nadia Lim.

This is what Goodreads has to say about Second Chance Town:

The town of Bundah is dying, with many of its young people fleeing for jobs in the city. A desperate plan to revive Bundah’s fortunes – with generous incentives to attract new businesses – results in a flood of people coming to the town to set up shop.

As Bundah begins to come to life with the new arrivals, a spate of teenage drug overdoses starts to divide the locals. Many are convinced the narcotics trade has been brought to town by one of the newcomers. It doesn’t help that the mysterious new owner of one of the local pubs has a dark past.

Lucy Parker is a single mother doing her best to support her teenage daughter, Belle, through her last year of high school. It’s long been Belle’s dream to go to university, so when she starts to stray, hanging out with the wrong kids and experimenting with alcohol and possibly drugs, her mother is deeply troubled.

The very last thing Lucy needs is for a man like Hugh Thompson to mess with her heart and disrupt her life. However it seems fate has other ideas.

Suspenseful, pacy and packed with romance, Second Chance Town is a scintillating novel that is sure to grow the fan base Karly Lane has established with her bestselling novels Poppy’s Dilemma and Gemma’s Bluff.

Karly Lane

The Karly Lane book pack includes:

4 lucky runners up will receive:
The Lovers’ Guide to Rome which, according to Goodreads, is a gorgeous romantic novel set around the beautiful sights of Rome which tells the story of three couples and their adventures with love in the eternal city.
The narrator of this romantic novel is actually Rome itself, who tells the story of the city and why it is has become a blessed place for lovers. It turns out that Rome will play a part in the lives of these characters and make sure they find the happiness they deserve.
The Lovers’ Guide to Rome will appeal to readers of David Nicholls and fans of films such as Midnight in Paris and Love, Actually. It is a beautifully written, warm, funny and compelling novel full of heart and pure romantic delight.

What’s For Dinner? introduces a fresh set of My Food Bag customers’ favourites, arranged by season. With nutritional analysis, and gluten-free and dairy-free options, this book is the complete package for everyone who enjoys simple, healthy and delicious weeknight recipes.  

Runners up

Karly Lane loves to hear from her readers, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and her Website.

For your chance to win one of these amazing prizes tell us in the comments below why your mum deserves this escape to another world for Mother’s Day.

Competition closes 6/5/16 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

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– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
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64 thoughts on “Mega Mother’s Day Karly Lane Book Giveaway

  1. With such a buzy life , work kids , mum deserves a little ray of sunshine and I know books take her to another place 🙂
    Where she dreams of sexy alpha men, falls in love with words on pages and I catch her sheepishly grinning in her little corner of the world.
    She deserves it as she’s special unique n one of a kind .

  2. My mum is 74 and just had major back surgery, she’s in a lot of pain and these books will transport her somewhere else for a while. Perfect

  3. I don’t have my mum any more but I know she loved to read and found it pure escapism, as do I. I would love to be swept away and not have to think about the challenges of life for just a little while.

  4. My mum loves reading and what better way to spend an afternoon than in her favorite chair with a cup of tea, relaxing with a great book.

  5. My elderly mum pretty much house bound now so would love to win her these books so she can escape into her reading she loves to read must be where I get the book worm bug from

  6. My mum deserves this beautiful prize because even though she only went to school for two years before having to go and work to help support her family, she loves reading, and instilled that passion of reading in me. For that I’ll always be grateful.
    Although she doesn’t get to read as much as she would like nowadays, I know she would really appreciate this and it’d be the perfect excuse for her to take some time out for herself.

  7. My mum would love these.
    Her kids keep on breeding and then she offers to babysit them all #notatthesametime lol
    These would be perfect to fill in the napping downtime hours
    She is the most patient & sweetest grandma ever! Love you mum

  8. My darling mum is no longer with us, I do know if she was i would now have all Karly Lane’s books in my possession and my mum would of enjoyed her books as much as I do. During some of the tougher times in life, reading can take you to another place, wash away stress and bring some enjoyment to your day. Would be stoked to win these for mothers day. Big loves to my mum xxxxxx

  9. I inherited my mums love of reading absolutely everything I could get my hands on. Mum is a huge fan of Karly Lane and I know these books would make this Mothers Day the best yet!

  10. My mum absolutely loves reading as it is her escape from life and takes her on adventures, she passed her passion on to me, and i have passed it on to my daughter. She deserves this amazing prize as she is the best, loving mum and needs to escape on adventures!

  11. My mum gets up at 4am everyday gets ready to leave the house by 4.30am – drives 20 minutes to work then works at a nursing home hard until 3pm – she then drives 20 mins home does the washing does her usually mum dutys around the farm tries to read a book for half an hour and then she starts cooking dinner. My mum has done this for 35 years all through raising 3 kids. My mum is incredible and no matter how tiered she is she still makes time for us kids and now her grandchildren.

  12. I think that my mum would love this prize, as any mum would do anything to protect their child. I know I would, and I learnt this beautiful loving endearment from her. Love you my mum.

  13. I lost my mum to Bowel cancer when I was pregnant with my second son who is now 36,she loved reading and would have loved these books as I do.I would dearly love to win them for myself ,not sure if this is wrong to enter but would love to read them as I knew she would have ,I miss her terribly RIP Mum xoxo Love you to moon and back

  14. Parenting can sometimes be really dreary. There’s no way around it. However much you love your kids, it can be difficult and insanely boring. So, Mum deals with that every day. And she deals with all the additional stuff that comes with a disabled child – therapy, forms, talking to all sorts of professionals, brokering appointments, and don’t forget the extra worry. She never neglects her other children. She manages to maintain a loving relationship with her husband. She does all that invisible stuff that so many Mums do – cleaning, paying bills, writing notes for school, remembering birthday parties, friends’ birthdays… the list is endless. After all that, Mum doesn’t get much time for herself. So she well and truly deserves the chance to spend some downtime in wonderful alternate worlds where other people deal with the problems.

  15. Mum hasn’t read a book in years and I believe this pack would be the ultimate excuse to start reading again. I’ve loved every one of the books I have been able to read and would love to share these with my mum. I believe everyone should read a great book like karly’s

  16. This a prize is great that my mum would love. She raised not only her children but she has always helped with her grandchildren as well. She is a mum that is always there for my sister and I no matter what we need. She makes time for her six grandchildren. Love you

  17. As a mother and grandmother who’s own mother has passed on I would love to win a prize just so I could escape for a little while to a special place if only in my mind to enjoy a great read that does not involve barbie, Nemo or even the smurfs!7 grandchildren have me talking like smurfs on too many occasions. Bring on a great book just for me!

  18. Have recently introduced my mum to Karly Lane novels and as she is a avid reader she absolutely loved them she is restricted to home now and she has trouble sleeping so books keep her company at night . I know she would be thrilled with this. Thankyou

  19. My step father passed away 12 months ago, and Mum still feels his loss greatly. She does find enjoyment in reading, and this book pack would be perfect for her

  20. My mother has provided so much support and encouragement throughout my life. I would love for her to win this book pack. Karly lane is a fantastic Australian author. Tallow even references the palm tree bombed down the road from both my mother and grandmother. They would love to read that.

  21. I get my passion for reading from my mum, so I know she would appreciate this bundle for mothers day. Mum works hard and shes doesn’t often get time to sit back and relax, however she’s taking a well deserved holiday and it would be fantastic for her to have some new books to devour.

  22. I’d like to win this for my daughter Alison who is a mother too. She has 3 young children, one of whom is on the autism spectrum and not always ‘easy’. Alison is in her second year at university studying for a diploma of nursing. I admire her greatly for her persistence and perseverance. I don’t know how she keeps up the pace! Escaping with a good book for a while would be perfect for recharging her batteries.

  23. I would love this for my mum. She is a woman of simple needs and has had a hard life so this would be a simple yet great escape for her.

  24. My mother loves to read. Now that the years are catching up with her her adventures and travels are of the armchair variety. The Karly Lane book pack sounds like the ideal escape for her.

  25. At 83 my Mum deserves to escape into this wonderful world of books . She still looks after me more than I deserve. She is my whole world and has brought up 9 children and still going strong and her great love is reading so she would love to curl up in bed at night and immerse herself in these books and forget her aches and pains .

  26. I am a Mum of two that I brought up by myself. Nanna of four gorgeous grandkids. But alas The kids are always busy and don’t seem to get the time to come see me. So I read get onto the computer and not much else. I don’t have a lot of money to even go out for a Mother’s day lunch. Cheers

  27. I know we are my mums world and she deserves time-out because she has been so good and giving of herself, unlike the kids definition of their time-out of course 😉

  28. she needs a knee operation she’s got bone on bone and is refusing at the moment a book will keep her company and give her that escape from the pain I hope

  29. My mum spends alot of time in her recliner knitting and reading as she is disabled so Im sure she will make good use from all this reading,and hopefully would pass them onto me when shes done..:)

  30. My mum’s getting older, this prize of romance novels with her imagination will transport her in comfort from her recliner, rather than the difficulty of negotiating bus steps with her stick.

  31. *voice of miss 6*
    Mum lets me support the adelaide crows, she a power supporter
    she loves me cos she lets me support crows
    Its hard to tell mum she failed in footy team indoctrination
    She hadnt taken it well

  32. My Mum always tries to wake with excitement and knows exactly what she wants to accomplish daily! She always tries to laugh louder, dance longer and live more extraordinarily than the day before! She’s a true inspiration to me and her energy infects everyone around her but I think she needs to slow down for a while and this would be perfect!

  33. My 82 year old Mum is the full time carer for my diabetic, stroke victim Dad. It is a 24 / 7 job, with little reward. She loves reading, and for her it is an escape to somewhere else where cooking & nursing aren’t all consuming. I would love to win this for her xxx

  34. I am the eldest living Mother in my family so im guessing its me that needs the escape to another world.
    I must admit that I feel a little lost on Mothers Day now as I no longer have my Mum, My Gran (who lived to be 100yrs) or my Mother in law who I can proudly say that I adored and we never, ever had a bad word or any negative feeling between us.
    Mothers Day for me is thinking fondly of those amazing woman and hoping that I will be thought of which such esteem by my daughters.
    As wonderful as being a Mum is there are days where its all so very exhausting and I do have times where I wish i could just vanish for a while to recharge my batteries.

    I feel that I have each day been the best possible Mum that I could be. Some days ive been better then others but each day i give all I have to give on that day. I think this is why I deserve some recharge time of being able to escape into another world for a bit.

  35. My mother lost her mum recently and is often depressed. I would love to see her frown turn upside down.

  36. My mum, as she puts it, is an armchair traveller, so definitely deserves an escape to another world so she can add to her literary experiences, an add another stamp or two, to her mental passport.

  37. My mother deserves a book pack to keep her company as she travels around Australia in a caravan with my Dad – he buries himself in books so Mum needs something to keep her occupied while he is reading . Plus I am hoping she will pass them onto me when she is finished

  38. My Mum died in 2001 and 5 weeks later my Dad died, too. They both loved books and reading and imbibed my siblings and I with this love, too. My sister has been a tremendous support to me through some very difficult times, through depression and anxiety and my world basically falling apart. I’d love to win this wonderful pack and give it to her in Mums’ memory, to let her know that Mum may not be here with us but that her love, spirit and memory lives on in us both.

  39. Cause she willingly sacrifices sleep, independence and sanity, thr washing pile is her ‘Never Ending Story’, and ‘Kiss-Me-Katut” is too far away to be in her price range. Wonder Woman needs a time out every now and again too 🙂

  40. My mom deserves to win this book pack as she is always working hard none stop just to keep the family going … she is a great mom as tired as she is , she manages to cook , clean , feed the family , gets us ready for school , does the washing , everything … so she deserves to relax , have a coffee and read some great books …

  41. Mum has a 2 day trek to visit and loves reading all my books while she stays but will never take one and even found the one I tried to sneak into her bag and returned it. She spends 2 nights a week reading with my kids over the internet and has helped them love books just like us. I would love to give her a journey into another world.

  42. With four adult children who all often ring her for advice and to whinge and whine or laugh or cry, she needs these books to escape from them all even if its just for a few hours she has to try 🙂

  43. I’d love to win this prize for my mum – she loves reading and we have a chain of mums in our family she’d pass the books along to – so many mums would benefit!

  44. My mum deserves this escape into another world this Mother’s Day as it would be the perfect way to thank her for introducing me to so many amazing books and the many places that I have been lucky enough to escape to through reading. Being a country girl, mum is particularly fond of this genre and surprisingly has not yet discovered Karly Lane so this book pack would give her many hours of enjoyment. Thank you for offering up this amazing prize!

  45. My Grandma fostered my love of reading, and we have swapped books many times with much success. I lost my Mum and my Grandma her daughter, and I’d love to show her how much I appreciate her love and support, and that she got me to expand my life with reading.

  46. My mum is simply the best and the highlight of my world, she deserves nothing but the finest pleasures life can give her. x

  47. Mum is busy looking after Dad as he’s just had a surprise quadruple bypass and it would be nice for her to escape reality for a little while with a nice cuppa and a book.

  48. My mum’s favourite thing is to buy me cook books with the recipes marked that she’d like me to make for her. The What’s for dinner cook book and a new pack of post it notes would be a great little gift for her!

  49. Unfortunately, my mum has escaped to another world, so I’m entering for ME. I just love to read, and need to escape–four part-time jobs and all my mom-duties.

  50. Mum’s gigantic heart is greater than Phar Lap. Always there for me and always positive, she deserves to have Karly Lane keep her up late with reading.

  51. as she works hard as a carer and needs some time out to care and indulge in a good book and take her mind off daily stresses and escape to another existence for a while

  52. When Mum’s not babysitting her grandchildren she’s on the farm working. The only time she gets to relax a little is at night before bed so these books would be perfect to help her do that.

  53. My mother taught me the value of many things but most importantly she taught me the value of reading and how wonderful it is to escape in a book to another world. I would love to be able to win her a gift pack of books for her to escape into.

  54. My Mum can hear the waves crash on the beach from her house I think reading and hearing the ocean would be perfect

  55. Mum is an avid reader it’s her favourite pastime. She’s travelled from Sydney to Melbourne multiple times to help me with toddlers and deserves this!

  56. In her natural environment (the family home), the Mother Bird tends to her brood and, in the little time she has to herself, can be found either reading, walking or doing patchwork. Now she is old and less mobile, her weekly library trips are slowing down so this would be perfect for the old bird. love ya Mumzee xx

  57. Heatbreak, babies, cooking, clothes.. my has the best advice. I’d love to be able to share some love recipes from ‘Whats for dinner’ over FaceTime.

  58. My beautiful mother has always done everything she possibly can to make us happy, healthy and strong minded. Even though we have all grown into adulthood, she never stops worrying about us. Now, however, having to return to work after raising children most of her life, she needs to also care for her elderly parents, who can be somewhat demanding at times,not understanding she still has to earn a living, tend to her own house, look after her grandsons and have a social life.
    I’m tired just thinking about it, imagine how she feels at 62 years old!! The Karly Lane book pack is just a small peice of sanity that will give her some time out to let her mind drift and escape to another place

  59. This (B)ook prize would be an (E)njoyable (A)nd (U)nique way of (T)hanking my 73 year old mum for everything she does for her four (Y)oung grandchildren. (A)ttentive, (N)urturing and (D)edicated, she really (L)ights up their lives. This escape to another world would be (A)n amazing prize that she would (C)herish and (E)njoy forever – almost as much as her grandchildren!

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