It’s Not PMS, IT’S YOU!

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Author: Deb Amblen
ISBN: 978-1-4027-7031-9

Let’s start right from the beginning here, this book is eye-catching and brilliant with it’s silver book and wrap-around brown jacket that’s smaller than the book. It looks just like a block of chocolate and what woman wouldn’t associate a beautiful big block of chocolate with PMS – the two go together like bourbon and coke, bacon and eggs or breakfast and coffee. You can’t have the second without the first.

It’s Not PMS, It’s You is a totally non-hormonal analysis of male behaviour. Now that may sound like you are getting 128 pages of absolute man bashing but that is definitely not the case and it would have to be an extremely sensitive man that took offense rather than had a good laugh at the contents of this book.

it's not pms, it's you!

Amblen takes an in depth look at the fundamental differences between the workings of the brain in males and females and how this affects our relationships. She does so in a way that had me laughing out loud and unable to put this book down. It helps that the book is only 128 pages long and it’s quite a small volume so you could easily knock this off in two uninterrupted hours – which is highly unlikely if you have children I know but we live in hope.

For such a light read, and such a quick read, this book is jam packed with information that will make you laugh but may also make you think if there isn’t a kernel of truth at the basis of Amblen’s thinking.

This is written in a way that would be humorous for men as much as ladies and the  introduction starts out talking to the men that have picked up the book looking for answers to the age-old questions related to understanding women – answers that won’t be found in this book.

Covering history, science, biology and social communications there is so much to learn here, hmm maybe to laugh along with more than to learn but either way you’re be entertained. Beginning with the history of the term ‘on the rag’ which has been used by men for many many years to explain any behavioural change in their woman.

That’s not all that’s hidden away within these pages, you can also read all about Selective Deafness, Foot In Mouth Disease and Wandering Eye as well as the medical explanations behind them as discovered by Dr’s Hildegard Backfat and Laura Nipplehair of the New York Institute for Making Snap Judgements About the Opposite Sex. Amblen suggests that a telethon for ongoing research into these conditions would be beneficial and may bring telethons back into favour with the population.

If that hasn’t got you giggling behind your hand already wait until you get to the chapter relating to Scarlett O’Hara’s search for love on the internet and reality TV. Gone With The Wind for FaceSpace, the epic novel translated to a Facebook type platform in 5 pages. I dare you not to laugh whether you are familiar with Gone With The Wind and regardless of whether you loved or hated it.

If you are fed up with the age-old issues and need a new perspective, and a great laugh, then you have to go pick up this book. And if you’re anything like me you tend to skip over the footnotes because it’s easier and they are usually just boring references; well let me tell you now that you can’t do that with this book. The footnotes are an absolutely hilarious must read addition to this book that had me laughing almost more than the actual book. The footnotes are the Author and Editor verbally sparring in the margins and they are fantastic. The note from the author’s father cracked me up as well, to tell the truth everything about this book did that.


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