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Author: A.A. Bell
ISBN: 978-073-229-1372
RRP: $22.99

Finally I get to find out what happens next!!! Hindsight is the second installment of A.A. Bell’s fabulous fantasy trilogy about Mira Chambers and her extraordinary eyes.

Hindsight picks up where Diamond Eyes left off with Ben Chiron in the hospital recuperating from his shot to the shoulder and Mira Chambers preparing to leave the Serenity Centre, not yet permanently but for an extended period.

With each of Hindsight’s 567 pages Mira learns a little more about herself and the world around her; as well as experiencing more than any person should have to cope with.

We see the return of all the major characters from the first installment, even though there are some we wish we never had to see again. Mira’s unique ability was discovered in Diamond Eyes and the consequences of that form the basis of Hindsight.

hindsight aa bell

Mira and Ben have been exploring Mira’s talents and pushing her boundaries with the materials readily available to try and understand a little better what she can do when up pops Lockman with a gift from the good Doctors who assisted in her accurate diagnosis. A gift that offers her a control over her ability that she never dreamed possible, as well as making it immeasurably more valuable to those who wanted to exploit her and/or sell her to the highest bidder.

Diamond Eyes demonstrated vividly that people aren’t always what they seem and being legally blind Mira is at more of a disadvantage in that respect than a sighted person because she is unable to read body language; though she is pretty good at sensing people and her other senses have sharpened to help compensate for her lack of sight.

Mira is meeting more new people than ever before and building friendships,¬† slowly as the trust is given a chance to grow. There is a tale of burgeoning love, trying hard to grow against all odds, that is difficult to watch because it is something everyone would understand. A tale of not being able to see the signs, and misreading the signals until things get to a point where you can’t predict whether the situation will end happily or not; especially when a new player enters the scene.

Mira Chambers has only ever wanted freedom and the independence to live in her childhood home. A future that seems to grow less and less likely with every step she takes; every freedom she wins from Serenity seems to end with her tied to another department.

The end of Hindsight is a scene that seems to be too good to be true and demonstrates the miracles that can be performed with the right resources and funds at your disposal. But will it be worth the hidden costs? This is where Mira turns and takes the reins of her life firmly in her grasp, deciding it’s time she calls the shots and uses her ability by her own choice!

There is an entire school of thought based on there being no such thing as coincidence, which is mentioned in Hindsight and plays quite a major role in the unfolding of the story. Though we are still left with the question of why, which I think is something that will be saved for the big finale in part 3 of the trilogy (which I would really love to have in my hands right now).

Hindsight will take you right back to Serenity and the Queensland coast with Mira, Ben and the many military personnel they seem to attract so readily.

Diamond Eyes was recently awarded the well deserved Norma K Hemming Award 2011 and I can see Hindsight being an award winning bestseller as well, A.A. Bell is a talented newcomer to the fantasy genre but I have a feeling she’ll be a stayer!

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