Good Housekeeping’s Budget Dinners

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Author: Good Housekeeping Editors
ISBN: 978-158-816-8122

Good Housekeeping have done it again with a new recipe book which includes over 100 recipes sure to tempt the taste buds of every family.

This recipe book is marked with the Good Housekeeping seal of approval which was established in 1909. This means all of the recipes have been triple tested for ease, great taste and reliability.

As well as the recipes this book is littered with handy hints and tips about shopping within a budget. There are some fabulous suggestions on how to make your shopping budget stretch further and get the most out of your ingredients.

There is a range of delicious meals that you can prepare for under $10 which is sure to be a hit with the budget conscious.

good housekeeping

Unlike most recipe books Budget Dinners isn’t broken down into sections by food group. This awesome little kitchen helper is set out in cooking strategies. The first section is my personal favourite – Slow Cooker Meals. The best appliance to take up residence in my kitchen is my slow cooker. For the busy mum there is nothing more convenient and to find a section dedicated to that irreplaceable little appliance made my day. I am getting to the stage where I have done all the slow cooker packets on the supermarket shelves to death so this new list of choices certainly ticked my salivatory senses. And I will definitely be giving them a go.

The recipes contained in this book look simple to put together and contain common ingredients that are easy to pick up off your supermarket shelves which is a big plus for me. There is nothing worse than looking through a recipe book and finding something that sounds delicious only to discover that half the ingredients require a gourmet grocery list at gourmet prices.

The One Dish, Many Meals strategy gives you options on how to best utilise your leftovers which is a fantastic idea for the smaller family that doesn’t like eating their leftover chicken on sandwiches for a whole week. Roast Chicken one night, Quesadillas night two and Jambalaya for a final performance. What more can you ask? No waste, no boring repetition and its simple.

The recipes are set out in imperial measurements which I found a little off-putting until I discovered the conversion chart in the back of the book; where there are quite a few fabulous pages of information to minimise waste and maximise savings.

How to freeze anything is sensational for people who have always wondered how to lengthen the life of fruit and vegetables. We all know how to freeze meat but who knows how to freeze grapes?

Another eye opening addition to the back of this recipe book is the section on ‘What Convenience Costs’. This is a comparison between what is cheap and what is convenient. There is quite a list of things that we often buy prepackaged because it is easier to buy shredded cheese than a ball or beef patties than beef mince. The differences seem quite minimal when you look at them per serving but when you consider how that would add up over a year it would be a much bigger saving.

This handy little kitchen helper is sure to become a favourite, I’m certainly looking forward to trying out quite a few of the recipes and tips I have discovered within these pages.

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