Esquire Fathers and Sons

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Author: David Katz
ISBN: 978-158-816-8054

Esquire magazine have collected memories from eleven great writers about the relationship shared between fathers and their sons.

This is a collection of touching memories often reminiscent of a time long in the past; long in the past of the man telling the tale anyway. Each of these touching tales tell the story of a time that has been imprinted on the heart and mind of the writer so each and every one of them gives us an insight into the episodes that shaped our writers and the nature of the relationship between those fathers and sons.


This collection will evoke emotional responses that run the gauntlet from one end of the scale to the other and even have you laughing out loud, while some will have you reaching for the tissue box. Regardless of the response evoked you will recognise and appreciate the very intimate look you are gaining into a special relationship because regardless of the relationship we share with our father, whether it be close and nurturing or aloof and disinterested, it is one that will shape us throughout our lives.

11 different writers share with us what it means to them to be a part of that relationship in memories that are sometimes one event and sometimes a lifetime. All of which boil down to the fact that love or hate him you will always remember your father; and your relationship with your father always shapes your relationship with your son.

These essays offer insight into all the different ways we can shape our children and be shaped by our parents. A look at the ways in which our parents go from being idolised to the realisation that they are just people too, people like us trying to do the best they can.

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