eBook Review: Fast Forward

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Author: Juliet Madison
eISBN: 9780857990198
eRRP: $3.99

Fast Forward is Juliet Madison’s debut novel, published by Harlequin’s digital imprint Escape Publishing. We will be part of Juliet’s big release blog tour later this month when we have her in for an interview, but before that I have a review of her debut novel Fast Forward.

I loved this book! I found Juliet’s writing style to be emotive and witty with some extremely beautiful scenes that had me reaching for the tissues.

Fast Forward isn’t what I think of as a time travel story but I don’t know what I would call it instead. Main character Kelli did lose quite a large chunk of time but it was more a case of her skipping 25 years. Regardless of what you’d call it, I was still left with the basic time continuum questions that plague me everytime I read a book where people have moved outside of their timeline.

Kelli Crawford is an aspiring model who has everything she thinks she wants, life is good and on the eve of her 25th birthday she thinks she has it all figured out. The hot photographer boyfriend, who was seen leaving an exclusive jeweler by her best friend and the two are convinced he’s going to propose on her birthday. She returns home after a pre-birthday celebration and falls into bed totally prepared for her birthday, the proposal she’s sure is coming and to clear the air with her sister after their argument.


Imagine her surprise when Kelli wakes up on her 50th birthday, in a body that she doesn’t recognise and married to the school nerd. What on earth could have happened to make her life turn out so far from what she had planned? As the story progressed I had my suspicions on how Kelli’s life could have changed that much but it turns out that all of those suspicions were far from the mark.

Most of the novel takes place 25 years into the future where technology has made some extremely innovative and exciting leaps, if only some of these come into being in my lifetime I will be a very happy housewife. We aren’t going that far into the future so Kelli doesn’t find herself in a city that is completely unrecognisable, but I do love that she goes to check for flying cars.

From the minute Kelli opens her eyes we are bombarded with the ways that this life is completely different from all of her dreams. I found Kelli to be quite a likeable character but 25 year old Kelli came across as quite shallow so it was a definite stretch to come to grips with the fact that something happened that led to her being with the school nerd.

Fast Forward spans around 48 hours so I think it’s quite an achievement to create such an engaging read, at almost 200 pages, that covers such a short time span.

Kelli’s life had done a complete turnaround from what she expected and all she wanted was to get ‘home’ and she wasn’t sure how to make that happen but it soon becomes clear that there is a lesson for her to learn in her future and until she deciphers it there will be no going back.

The way in which Madison has dealt with the family relationships in this book brought me to tears more than once with the beautiful moments captured, I think I’m getting soft because I am fast becoming a sucker for sentimentality, but they were the good tears which is always a plus. Madison brings into play some very tricky familial situations and approaches them with love and understanding that is admirable and the way you would like to think things would play out, but I’m not sure they always do.

This was an entertaining and emotional debut by Juliet Madison which will have me keeping an eye out for her future releases, and recommending it to romance readers.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, Michelle. I really like the way you review a book – masses of detail leaving me wanting more but not ever giving anything away that would spoil the book. I’ll look out for the novel. Thanks.

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