Cold Light

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Author: Jenn Ashworth
ISBN: 978-144-470-7700
RRP: $32.99

If you have a teenage daughter this book will make you want to lock her up and throw away the key. It is a disturbing tale which kind of reminds me of the movie Thirteen from back in 2003, the storylines are quite different but it does give you an insight into the lives of teens who “go off the rails”.

The story revolves around three vulnerable young school girls whose lives are changed forever when they become involved with an older male predator.

cold light

The storyteller is Lola (also known as Laura) and she is an only child with elderly parents and a father who is “a little bit soft”. When she is befriended by the beautiful Chloe the bullies leave her alone and the two become best friends…or at least from Lola’s perspective.

The unusual Emma enters the trio and jealously begins to play a part, along with secrecy and betrayal.

It’s a small town and it’s cold, there is ice everywhere and while reading it I really needed a hot cup of tea I could almost feel the freezing woods at night.

There is nothing fluffy and teen-like about this book, it’s powerful and the characters come to life but you never really love them.

Throughout the book you know there is a tragedy unfolding, I wouldn’t be giving anything away by saying that one of the girls ends up dead as you know this from page one. The circumstances that surround her death are the real mystery and the author, Jenn Ashworth keeps you guessing until the end.

Is Chloe the angelic young girl the town’s local media hero is making her out to be, is her death a suicide or is there something more sinister going on?

I think this book will leave a creepy feeling in my stomach for a few days, I read it over a period of time so it has been on my mind for a while.

An intense read from an impressive author whose work I was unfamiliar with until now.

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