Book Review: Unforgettable

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Author: Cherie M. Hudson
ISBN: 9781760300593
RRP: $3.99

Cherie M. Hudson has an established career writing erotic romance as Lexxie Couper, none of which I have read. The young adult titles she has written as Cherie M Hudson are completely different, I have found them to be both original and highlighting issues that are not often written about.

Unforgettable centres on Brendon Biceps the Uni Fitness Manager and eternal optimist. He believes in a life well lived and lived every moment, there’s no time for negativity or regrets. He isn’t sure he believes in luck, fate or a higher power because he has always believed that if he works hard, eats right, stays healthy and never gives up he can achieve his goals.

There was a time his optimism disappeared, he was broken-hearted after following his first love to America only to return alone. He went a little off the rails and partied a little too hard but now he’s back on track, he has his goals in front of him and knows exactly how to get them.

Everything changes with one brief text and before he knows it Brendon is back on a plane heading to San Diego because his ex says she needs him.

Unforgettable is written conversationally in the first person by Brendon. The story is told as if you were sitting over coffee and he was telling it to you, complete with stops and starts and do-overs. I love this writing style in this instance because it brings the story so much closer and makes it much more intimate and personal.

I can admit, I spent a lot of time reading through tears threatening to spill. Part of that could be the emotional week I have had but a lot of it is that Hudson put me through an emotional wringer.

Brendon is a likeable character, admittedly there were times that I thought if I actually knew him he would get frustrating with his eternal positive outlook. I warmed to him quickly and was empathetic to all that he had to suffer, the extremes of emotion and the blows to his sunny outlook.

0415 Unforgettable_Final

The story had me invested from the beginning, there were some elements that I found predictable but also heart-wrenching twists that I did not see coming; but to think back now I can’t say they were totally unexpected.

Amanda, now she was a character that was a lot more difficult to be sympathetic to. She made some questionable choices and came very close to creating irreversible animosity. We got a little more info about her motivations as the story plays out and it was more difficult not to be sympathetic to her.

Hudson has almost written anti-romance things get so bad between our leads but the situation they find themselves in is one that I would not wish on anyone. Hudson tackles the issue with sensitivity and compassion while still keeping a sense of humour about the book. She takes Brendon to the brink of shattering and my heart broke for him.

Unforgettable is exactly that and I will definitely be keeping my eye on Cherie M Hudson and the Always series. I have a sneaking suspicion I know where we’re going for book three and I am really looking forward to it.

I would recommend this book, I really would, but not if you want a light read. I cried my eyes out at what Hudson put these character through so if you are feeling emotionally fragile I suggest leaving it until you are on more stable ground but definitely give it a go.

Unforgettable is available through Momentum from October 22nd.

You can follow Cherie M. Hudson on her Website, Facebook and Twitter.

Unforgettable is Book #54 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2015.

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