Book Review: Undeniable (Always #3)

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Author: Cherie M. Hudson
ISBN: 9781760300647
RRP: $3.99

The Always series by Cherie M. Hudson has been one of eye-opening entertainment, a far cry from the books she writes under another name. I have read both of the previous books in the series so I had a pretty good idea what I was in for, and I had met our leads.

Undeniable is the story of Caden O’Dae, cousin to Brendon Biceps, and Chase Sinclair, sister of Amanda; the leads in Unforgettable.

I think you could read this book by itself and still enjoy it but it would take away some valuable backstory. If you come in at Undeniable this seems a bit like a case of insta-love, and I guess it was a case of gone in 60 seconds but there has been months of interaction between these characters that sets the scene for the beginning of Undeniable.

Caden is an Australian who is in his final year of study to become a vet, with an internship lined up to follow. He played quite an integral role in Unforgettable and is often flying back and forth from San Diego to catch up with Brendon and Amanda, and Chase. He is a hardworking and studious guy, no doubt about it, but I still had trouble coming to terms with him being able to afford regular flights to America. He is working for a celebrity vet which sounds like it pays well but still that’s a lot of money.

Yet again Hudson has chosen to create a  character with a disability and explore the challenges she faces in her everyday life. Chase Sinclair is completely deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other. It has been a hindrance to her in her life so far but she has always risen above it and lived her life her way, made the most of what she has and tried not to sweat what she can’t change.

Chase has a fantastic relationship with her mum, her sister and her nephew but the one she shares with her father is volatile to say the least, though his relationship with Amanda hasn’t really been smooth sailing either.


All her life Chase has had someone trying to protect her from the world and it hasn’t always been done in the most supportive way, she hasn’t been raised to feel that she is independent and capable so now that she’s a young adult she’s determined that she doesn’t need anyone’s protection. She’s also determined that she’s not going to get attached to anyone because she doesn’t need a relationship, besides who would want her anyway; she’s defective.

Chase and Caden have great chemistry and their interactions were a perfect combination of wit and snark, a defense mechanism for each of them long honed and perfected by years of needing to keep people at arms length.

The characters that we grew to love, and those we didn’t, from Unforgettable are back in supporting roles but because Chase and Caden came across an injured dog on their way back from the airport they ended up spending more time in LA than back in San Diego with Brendon and Amanda.

Caden is quite transparent, his emotions and reactions understandable. His way of dealing with tricky situations with wit is something he learned through his parents divorce, he never seemed to get angry or lose his cool; only to make jokes to diffuse situations.

Both Chase and Caden immediately fell for the injured dog and adopted him, even though his injuries were critical and there was no way to know if he would make it. The way they each interacted with and about the animal told a great deal about their personalities.

Chase has a lot of baggage due to her hearing impairment but she also has unfinished business that just won’t disappear and that story arc is interesting in the way it plays out.

Once more Hudson has written a moving tale of characters fighting the odds, working their way through a major illness or disability, and have to learn to stop fighting their feelings.

I wasn’t as emotionally fragile when reading this one, and I wasn’t as emotionally battered by the situations faced by Chase and Caden. I was invested in their story and hooked to see how they were going to overcome their obstacles though.

Undeniable is a beautiful tale of compassion, fighting your demons and facing your frailties. Caden has such a way about him that his approach to life may just help to heal many of the rifts in the Sinclair family.

Undeniable is book #27 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2016

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