Book Review: The Seek

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Author: Ros Baxter
ISBN: 9780857991942
RRP: $4.99

Rox Baxter is back with the first full length novel in her SF Romance series, The Seek. Fans of Ros Baxter will recognise the world and a couple of the characters from her novella White Christmas.

The year is 2098 and the remaining humans are adrift in space searching for a planet to call home after the destruction of Earth. Seventeen years they have been combing the stars in search of a hospitable planet.

Kyntura is our heroine and she is the only female Avenger, an elite fighting force chosen to protect the survivors from a hostile universe. Kyn no longer fights on the front line but spends her time training the next generation of Avengers, preparing them for what they will face in battle. She is tough but she gives her all to those she trains, knowing what it is they will face and doing her best to make sure they’re ready, feeling every loss.

The survivors are spread across multiple space stations and chosen for their role in the post apocalyptic search for somewhere to settle. No-one volunteers for the job they are given… usually, but there is always an exception.

Avengers are conscripted and whisked away from everything, and everyone, they know. They are to form no attachments and make no contact with those they left behind. A very harsh reality but one that is necessary for the Avengers to really give all to their duty, basically a mentality of giving them nothing to live for so they are happy to die for the cause. Not a life I would aspire to, and certainly one that makes you understand why no-one volunteers for the positions.

the seek

Kyn gives us an inside look at the life of an Avenger, the solitude, the loneliness but also the connection with the rest of your team. She shows us how tough it is, how resilient you need to be and just how physical training can be to prepare. Kyn is old enough to remember the world that was decimated, and the team she is training now are Post Apocalypse babies who have a completely different frame of reference.

Civilisation as we know it is long gone, there is no democracy and there is no recognisable head of state. The refugees from Earth are ruled by a Council that no-one seems to know. There is, of course, also a renegade band with different beliefs, The Backlash, which encourage people to question the way they are being ruled.

The Seek brings together action, both on the battlefield and in the bedroom (except never actually in a bedroom), mystery, tension, blasts from the past and the political minefield of a Post Apocalyptic society with misunderstood and bloodthirsty extra terrestrials and many new planets to be explored and studied for their inhabitability.

When Kyn ran away to join the Avengers she left behind her best friends and her first love, never looking back – intentionally. They sometimes haunted her nights but it was the price she needed to pay to gain an outlet for her rage. In this mission everything she left behind catches up with her and things don’t quite add up, she is going to have her work cut out for her to help find a new home for humanity.

Baxter has done some convincing world building and written a tough as nails heroine that you just want to find a happy ending. With the addition of another female Avenger you just know that there’s more to this situation than has been revealed and it will be an interesting unfolding to discover the depths of the connection.

The Seek is the beginning of a new science fiction series and I think it will definitely be one to capture hearts, I am looking forward to discovering what comes next.

For links to purchase your copy of The Seek head to Escape Publishing.

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