Book Review: The Riotous Rocket Ship Robbery (St Viper’s School for Super Villains, #1)

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Author: Kim Donovan
ISBN: 9780957130005
RRP: $16.99

The Riotous Rocket Ship Robbery is the first book in the St Viper’s series and introduces us to our main characters, who I can’t call heroes because they are going to school to learn to be just the opposite.

Written for an audience of 7 year olds the story is filled with techno gadgets that are sure to capture the attention of every child. In one of their very first lessons these students learn how to make an eraser ray, oh the uses you could put that to at home – it would make cleaning such a joy.

Of course there is an invisibility gun, because what attempt at world domination doesn’t include a bit of invisibility, but in this case they get something a little different to what they expect which I found quite humorous.

The characters in this series aspire to super villainhood which is something we probably don’t really want to encourage in our children but these kids are just starting on their path so their not up to anything too outrageous. It is a classic argument though, we don’t want there to be super villains but if there weren’t any then we wouldn’t need super heroes at all; and not everyone can be a super hero.

Demon, Stretch, Shrink and Wolfgang are the First Years that manage to steal the rocket ship out from under the noses of the seniors and claim the reward. Their adventure speaks to us of teamwork and co-operation, speaking up for your friends and in one case recognising the benefit of encouragement and complimenting a friend to help his self confidence.


The language is quite simple and catchy to give the sentence good flow and keep the attention of the young reader. This is a chapter book but it has a very comic book feel, which could be largely because we are talking about super villains, and because of the illustrations throughout the book.

Many of the lessons taught at St Viper’s School if taken literally are ones most of us wouldn’t choose for our children, like World Domination and how to perfect your evil laugh, but the developmental lessons required of the students are ones that are very important for all children.

Demon Kid is trying to demonstrate his super power by fending off robots with fireballs but his temper gets the better of him and he loses control, his teacher coaches him to control that temper and focus the energy on what he’s trying to achieve –  a lesson that is extremely important for all of us to learn.

The Riotous Rocket Ship Robbery is a fun read that I think I might try on my young son at bedtime for the rest of the week for something new and different, seeing he knows our books well enough to have been reading them to me this week.

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  1. I have just received word that the price has been dropped on this e-book so head out and check it out. You never know how much you’ll enjoy it. And for a small 99c US (depending on retailer) isn’t it worth a try.

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