Book Review: The Rebel

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Author: Victoria Purman
ISBN: 978-1-943963-03-4
RRP: $3.99

The Rebel is the third in The Millionaire Malones series by talented South Australian author Victoria Purman.

There are three Malone brothers, heirs to the family fortune, and the family business. We met the brothers in The Millionaire and The CEO and now it’s time for Cooper to have his chance to shine. We have learned a little about the professional surfer and baby of the family Cooper and now it’s his turn to shine.

Cooper seemed to have run from his family and been living a nomadic life chasing the perfect wave. He returned briefly for his fathers funeral in The CEO and we learnt there was a friend in California that he wanted to get back to.

The Rebel opens with Cooper waking up in the hospital after one too many surfboard crashes. He has ruptured a ligament in his knee, and sprained it, leaving him a little worse for wear and unsteady on his feet. He isn’t ready to go back to living on his own, not quite ready to fend for himself though stubborn enough to try. Best friend Maggie insists on taking him home so she can look after him, and make sure he’s following Doctors orders.

The page count on The Millionaire Malones is small and that makes them a very nice light read, easy to knock over in an afternoon. It’s great for a little escape but it’s over way too soon. With a page count this small there isn’t the same time for scene setting and back story but Purman has given us enough to really get a feel for these characters.

The Rebel

Cooper Malone we have met and we know his family so we have a bit of his back story. Surfing is his life, it is how he has defined himself since the loss of his mother as a teen and an injury that could prove to be career ending calls into question all he knows about himself.

Maggie MacLean was an adventurous traveler until a Bali bar meeting changes the course of her future. Six years later she is a work from home mum to a gorgeous five year old boy, terminally single and dedicated to putting her son first. She is happy with her life and thankful for the friendship of Cooper, who she met in Bali as a spontaneous traveler.

The Rebel is a little bit the one that got away and a little bit friends to lovers with complications. It’s a beautiful tale of family, of home and of love. A story of becoming the family you felt you missed and of the bonds of love sometimes being stronger than the bonds of blood.

The Malones are a band of brothers who drifted apart after the loss of their mother and have found themselves growing closer again after the loss of their father. I have enjoyed getting to know them through the trilogy and will be wondering what comes next for them.

The Rebel is book #47 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2015.

Victoria loves to hear from her readers and you can find her at her Website as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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