Book Review: Taste

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Author: Juliet Madison
ISBN: 9781682300527
RRP: $4.99

The release of the fourth in The Delta Girls series snuck up on me and I almost missed it. As soon as it was pointed out to me I had to chase it down, to add to the ever growing TBR list. It seems I then found I couldn’t resist and it made it to the very top of the pile. I think part of that was the need to know what would happen next, but I have to admit that part of it was simply knowing that it would be quite a quick read.

Taste is Tamara’s story and we have gotten to know her relatively well throughout the series. Her extra sensory gift is taste and she is the Delcarta sister who loves to cook, and is crushing on the brooding neighbourhood chef Leo.

Throughout the series we have seen Tamara’s crush on Leo grow, and her envy of the relationships her sisters are in. Taste sees her finally come to his attention when a video of her cooking is posted on social media, and leads to her applying for a job as a kitchenhand at the restaurant Leo works in. Finally she gets to meet Leo properly and spend some time with him.

Tamara has the chance to immerse herself in a culinary environment, though most of her time is spent washing dishes, and meet new people and make friends with her workmates. The main storyline focuses on Tamara, her new job and her new friends.


Emilia is a little older and has had it quite tough. Her struggles have been very different to the Delcarta sisters, they have two parents who love them dearly and they never questioned that. Emilia had it tough at home growing up, her last breakup was messy and she is still recovering. Emilia warns Tamara about Leo’s moodiness and casts doubt on his character, she also slowly drops information about the relationship she had with him.

Tamara is loving her new job, juggling work and school as well as practicing for her entry in a cooking competition that may see her working on a TV cooking show. All is looking rosy, except for the concerning spate of restaurant poisonings and the premonition that something is going to happen at the restaurant Tamara is working in.

The gift the sisters share is something they try to keep to themselves, until it becomes a need to know situation; and Tamara is concerned that her gift may jeopardise whatever is blossoming between her and Leo.

Taste has a lot going on, there is the budding relationship between Tamara and Leo and the race to decipher the clues in the premonition before anything happens at Harbourside, as well as a spate of thefts in the area. Alongside it all is the ongoing quest to discover what happened to the Delcarta dad. More clues are unearthed every book but it has been a long road to closure, and Taste doesn’t give us all the answers. I can only hope, along with the Delta Girls, that Touch is going to tie up the disappearance and offer closure to the Delcartas and all readers of the series.

The pacing is great, with something always going on, and a blend of suspense with budding romance. The normal everyday life of teens with the responsibility of an extra sensory gift sent to allow the girls to stop disasters.

An enjoyable and entertaining read that leaves me eagerly awaiting the final instalment which is due in three short months.

Thanks Juliet for another great escape.

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