Book Review: Scattering Like Light

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Author: S.C. Ransom
ISBN: 978-0-85763-013-1
RRP: $15.99

Scattering Like Light is the final volume of the Small Blue Thing trilogy released earlier this year and it’s been sitting on my pile to read for a couple of months. Finally I could not resist its lure any longer and picked it up this week, and I am very glad I did.

The Small Blue Thing trilogy is a love story like no other, and one that looks set for a disastrous ending. There are elements that are common to the star crossed lovers romantic tragedies but much of this trilogy is entirely unique.

Those of you who aren’t familiar with Alex and Callum’s story can get a little background from my reviews of Small Blue Thing and Perfectly Reflected. Alex began the trilogy as an ordinary teenage girl, all that changed when she discovered a beautiful silver bracelet washed up on the banks of the Thames.

Scattering Like Light opens with Alex leaving for Spain with her family for a two week vacation on the beach with old friends of the family, friends they haven’t seen in a few years with children about the same age as Alex and her brother Josh.

As a ghostly Dirge Callum can’t travel far from St Paul’s Cathedral in London so Alex must leave him behind when she heads to Spain and as communication is only possible for them when their amulets are in the same space it will be two weeks of total absence from one another.

scattering like light

How will Alex cope for two weeks on a beach surrounded by tanned torsos and surfers, all of whom are easily in reach and come void of the complications her relationship with Callum faces?

Prior to her family vacation Alex was getting close to a solution to the restraints she faces with Callum and thinks she has a way to bring him over to her. Will the proximity to a challenger for Alex’s affections change things?

Max is a new character to the series and one Alex never gave a second thought before meeting up in Spain, she remembered the dorky, gangly young man she spent time with last trip but that is far from what will confront her this time round. Max has filled out, grown up and got hot, not to mention got his sights set on Alex. Alex is caught off guard by Max, largely because he wasn’t what she expected, and he offers a much more straightforward path than a relationship with Callum.

Scattering Like Light is the conclusion to the trilogy so it moves ever closer to the climactic ending, the main focus is whether they really can bring the Dirges over.

Alex faces a tough question in that the Dirges suffer a miserable existence and simply want it to end, more than happy to choose a final death over continued existence as a Dirge – and in some cases over the possibility of returning to a new life as a human. An interesting look at merciful euthanasia, of ghostly Dirges.

The most fascinating aspect I found of this book is the conclusion. I love the ending, things are tied up quite nicely with a sweet ending; though I would still love to know what happens next.

This volume also gives us a never before seen look at the very beginning which offers a complete understanding of how the entire story came to be, which was something I never thought we would get.

Apart from the added complication of Max’s ardor there were a few other unexpected twists that I never would have seen coming and added to the ‘just one more chapter’ mentality I could not get past throughout this series.

The one thing that kept pulling me up short was that these high school kids were able to get into pubs and bars because the drinking age is different. Not a big thing but something that certainly grabbed my attention.

The Small Blue Thing trilogy is a fantastic read and I can’t wait to see what S.C. Ransom has up her sleeve for us next. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to appreciate the story and read these books as well.

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