Book Review: Pregnant by Mr. Wrong

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Author: Rachael Johns
ISBN: 798-0-373-62336-5
RRP: $11.50

Pregnant by Mr. Wrong is the second book in The McKinnels of Jewell Rock series set in whiskey country and centring around the McKinnel distillery and the family that built the brand.

It’s Not You, It’s Her (also published as A Dog and a Diamond) began the series with the story of Callum McKinnel and introduced us to all of his family.

Pregnant by Mr. Wrong is the story of Callum’s baby brother Quinn, and his ex-fiance Bailey. Just from that you should gather that we are in for some fireworks. Quinn and Bailey were both secondary characters in the first book so we know a little about them but we certainly don’t know them well. We don’t know about the baggage they are both carrying around that is destined to create major obstacles for them now that they have moved into the limelight.

I don’t want to give you too much story so let’s just say that Bailey finds herself pregnant after a single passionate encounter and it’s left her reeling. She always wanted children so there is no question of whether or not to keep the baby but she’s not sure what to do about the father.

Bailey has some strong ideas about family and what she does and doesn’t want for her baby. Ideally she would love a happy two parent family but that’s not likely so she is better off doing it alone. Unsure of what to do she writes a letter to the local advice columnist hoping for some insightful perspective but her letter never makes the paper.

Quinn has an aversion to commitment and is quite the player so he gives Bailey the big brush off when she approaches him to talk about what happened between them. It’s quite a shock, to both of them, when he has a change of heart and approaches her to organise a surprise part for his mum.

The two spend a lot of time together and the chemistry between them is strong, but a physical attraction isn’t enough; especially in these circumstances.

We slowly uncover the past that shaped these characters and discover why Bailey is so unsure about revealing paternity and we discover the reasons behind Quinn’s aversion to commitment.

Quinn is a totally underrated character, he has been stereotyped by his family and the town his entire life and for the most part he just turns the other cheek but by the time this story starts you can see the burn he feels when he is dismissed by the family or dissed by the town. His playboy reputation doesn’t do him any favours and almost creates a major rift between the two matriarchs of the families, who also happen to be best friends. I really enjoyed getting to know the Quinn that no-one ever bothered to see.

The road to happiness is never smooth so sit back and get ready to traverse the obstacles that are sure to stand in the way of happiness when you end up with your big brother’s ex-fiance.

Pregnant by Mr. Wrong is a quick read, being a special edition it has a smaller format and a smaller word count. It was entertaining and amusing while still offering quite a lot of depth and tugging the heartstrings. The romance had a little more heat than some of Rachael’s other work and the physical attraction was more pronounced but the emotional connection was strong and well developed.

I am left looking forward to the third in The McKinnels of Jewell Rock series and hoping to check in on the progress of our first two couples.

Rachael Johns can be found on Twitter, Facebook and her Website.

Pregnant By Mr. Wrong is available now from Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

One thought on “Book Review: Pregnant by Mr. Wrong

  1. Rachael Johns is an awesome writer and always leaves you wanting more, Which in my opinion is the sign of a good author. The old standard always leave them wanting more.

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