Book Review: Never Too Far

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Author: Abbi Glines
ISBN: 978-1-4711-1863-0
RRP: $17.99

Never Too Far is the second book in the Too Far trilogy by Abbi Glines and this trilogy, unlike many of the current YA trilogies currently on the market, is sequential. Many of the other trilogies follow three different couples in the same circle, the Too Far trilogy follows the same couple so I would suggest reading Fallen Too Far first. I didn’t read Fallen Too Far first and there really was quite a bit of backstory missing that would have helped me get completely engrossed in this novel.

Blaire Wynn found out something that totally crumbled her world so she raced back to her hometown of Sumit in Alabama and stays with the grandmother of her childhood best friend. She discovers that is not the only news that is going to rock her world to its foundations and is at a crossroad unsure of where to go next. A friend from Rosemary chases her down and convinces her to return with her, if only for a little while.

I don’t want to say too much because it will be difficult not to throw in some pretty major spoilers and I don’t like to do that.

Blaire heads back to Rosemary planning to take on her old job and figure out what she’s going to do with her future. She knows that she will run into Rush and his family and they will all just need to get over it. Blaire still wants Rush, still loves Rush but isn’t sure she will ever be able to forgive him; and she knows she can’t live her life always as a second priority.

Rush is a broken shell now that Blaire has run away and left him and he knows that he will never move on from her but he’s not sure what comes next. He has messed up badly and though he wants to put her first when it comes down to it he just can’t choose between Blaire and the sister he has spent his whole life protecting.


Never Too Far is another YA told in split perspectives alternating chapters between Blaire and Rush POV’s. This can be a fabulous tool to help you get inside of both protagonists heads and it is a tool very widely utilised in YA at the moment.

On the surface this is almost just another book where the rich country club boy falls for the beautiful girl working in the country club; two totally different worlds that are never going to be compatible, a fairy tale that just can’t last. It really is more than that though. There is a lot of angst from Blaire that she will never fit in with his crowd, there is a lot of her worrying that she’s not good enough or that he is ashamed of her so she backs away.

Rush on the other hand is the ultimate playboy with the list of conquests to his reputation that has finally met the one but is worried he’s never going to be good enough for her.

I liked that Blaire is independent and strong, she wants to stand on her own and do it her way. She’s in love but doesn’t think it will work so she’s willing to go off on her own and make a life for herself. She knows she can do it and isn’t a clingy, whiny princess. She doesn’t want to sacrifice herself and settle for second best just because of the situation she finds herself in and I think that’s admirable, she was a character I quite liked.

Rush is a rich, arrogant player who has fallen at the feet of a beautiful soul and he really knows how to say all the right things, and because we get into his head with half the story being told from his POV we know that he does mean them… But his actions often seem to demonstrate otherwise. He is very torn between a woman he loves, worships, idolises even and a sister who he has always been there for – always promised to be there for and because of the events in Fallen Too Far these two very important women in his life are at complete odds with one another.

I did enjoy the story, I think I would have enjoyed it more with all of the information from the previous book. There were some seriously steamy scenes and the chemistry between Rush and Blaire was certainly undeniable.

Never Too Far has left me wanting to know how things pan out in the final book of the trilogy so I think I’ll have my eye out for it, and even though I ended up basically knowing the big secret and conflict from the first book I think I would still like to go back and get the entire story.

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