Book Review: Don’t Fence Me In

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Author: Rachael Treasure
ISBN: 978-0-7322-9904-0
RRP: $19.99

Rachael Treasure is a bestselling Australian author with a fabulous sense of humour. She is passionate about many things and has an extremely positive outlook which shines brightly through in Don’t Fence Me In; a collection of down-to-earth country wisdom, inspirational quotes, quirky tales and life lessons.

Rachael herself recommends that you don’t devour this book in a sitting, though it could so easily be done. She says it best so I’ll quote:

This book is best consumed like rich dark chocolate.

Don’t eat it all at once. Savour little pieces over a number of days.

At the moment my reading time is rather limited so I’m reading as I feed my gorgeous new baby, perfect little snippets of time to savour Don’t Fence Me In. Otherwise I could have scoffed the entire book – kind of like I do with chocolate.

dont fence me in

Recently Rachael has had a rough trot, facing lots of upheaval and change in her life and she says writing this book has helped her find balance. Reading some of the trials Rachael has faced it amazes me that she can still find such a positive outlook and it is inspiring that she has chosen to share some of her wisdoms to help others reach that place of equilibrium.

The country is firmly embedded in Rachael’s heart and so it is only fitting that her wisdom has an extremely country feel to it and to a large extent revolves around cowgirls and their big cowgirl boots. The message of Don’t Fence Me In is exactly that. Open the gates in your mind, discover what is holding you back and let it go. Chase your dreams, turn away the negativity and see the beauty in every day. If things are getting you down then you need to find the spark of positivity and breathe new life into it to make it grow.

Rachael’s sparkling wit is ingrained in every page, her positivity is infectious and she makes some very valid points. It’s a timely reminder for me to look for the positives. I am in a good place right now, I’m soaking up the time with my gorgeous new boy and actively trying to make the most of being home with him. Still there are times that there just aren’t enough hours in the day and I have to remind myself that instead of bemoaning what I can’t find time for (usually housework) I need to be happy that I have a beautiful distraction who will only be this tiny and dependent for a little while.

One of Rachael’s passions is farming, and going one step further than sustainable to make it regenerative. She talks a bit about our relationship with the land and changes that are being made in farming practices to impact the health of the land less.

A great book to have by your bed or in your handbag so that whenever you need a little motivation to find the bright side, a little pick me up, a reminder to free your mind and go after what you want it is right there beside you. You don’t need to read it in order you can open to any random page for a Treasure, and it might be just the piece of wisdom you need at that moment. It’s serious, it’s touching but it’s also witty and light-hearted. A great addition to every woman’s collection.

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