Book Review: Chasing Impossible

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Author: Katie McGarry
ISBN: 9781460390672
RRP: Exclusive Giveaway

SO, I’m not sure whether I should be reviewing this one. To be completely honest it feels a little mean, if you haven’t got it already you can’t get it so if you read this and decide you have to have it you will be sorely disappointed.

BUT, I absolutely loved it and I can’t remember the last time I read a book I didn’t review. It was beautifully written with deeply flawed characters and took me back into the lives of all the characters I’ve loved throughout the Pushing The Limits series and I can’t help it. So, sorry in advance to those who fall in love and can’t get no satisfaction.

Chasing Impossible is the full length story of two secondary characters that have popped up in previous books, which is the way all of this series has played out. Abby has been popping up since the beginning because she knows Noah (Pushing The Limits) and Isaiah (Crash Into You) and Logan is one of Ryan from Dare You To‘s best friends.

The story is told in split perspectives with alternating chapters, both Abby and Logan letting us into their heads as they tell their story in the first person. We have met both of these characters before as secondary characters in someone else’s story but we never got to know them. We learned just enough to become intrigued by them and want to know their stories. Finally we get an indepth look into their very different worlds and their very different lives, but will they finally let those around them see beyond their masks?

Abby is a street smart and sassy 17 year old who scares even grown men. She has learned not to trust, not to let anyone in, but somehow there’s a few have started to sneak in under her defences. They know she deals drugs but they don’t know why, and that is her closest held secret.

Logan comes from a totally different way of life but still has closely held secrets that no-one knows. He’s a bright kid from an average family, his parents are divorced and he lives with his dad. They don’t do a lot of talking and Logan is fine with that.

Abby and Logan have been dancing around one another for months but neither of them do feelings, they flirt and they play but neither of them feel. Or that’s what they would like the world to believe anyway…

chasing impossible

McGarry’s characters are rough around the edges and gritty, often they are on the outside or outcast; or they feel that way. They are all a little different and in that difference they find each other and find a place where all their differences make them the same; give them an understanding of each other that they haven’t had before.

Logan is an adrenaline junkie, his friends think he’s crazy but don’t really look any further than that. They accept the crazy without looking beyond to see if there might be a why. Logan has his reasons, and his secrets, and he has spent the majority of his life protecting those secrets from everyone. He seems to drift in and out of interests with those around him but had never found his passion. He spent so much of his life running from parts of himself that he never stopped to find himself.

Abby has spent so long keeping everyone at arms length and playing the part of ice queen, staying safe in the life she leads that she hasn’t given much thought to who she wants to be. She likes to re-imagine her past instead of looking to the future, until she finds herself making friends and wishing for something more.

McGarry puts her characters through hell and it isn’t your usual run of the mill teenage angsty hell, this is dangerous in-too-deep not sure I can ever get out kind of hell.

Yet again McGarry took a character she had built up with a tough and impenetrable exterior and showed the pain and the vulnerability those walls had been hiding.

Abby and Logan, with the help of their friends, navigate the minefield that is their complicated lives to try and chase down the dream of a different future for themselves. It is a roller coaster ride I was happy to go on with them.

Chasing Impossible demonstrates that nothing is impossible when there’s love. And there was love… I love this book, I love these characters, I love their struggles and their journey. Of course, I also love getting to check in on all the characters I’ve fallen in love with before.

At this point there are no plans to release Chasing Impossible to the public but I really hope that changes. I would love to see Chasing Impossible out in the world and from a purely selfish point of view I want it in print to sit on my shelf with the rest of the collection.

To learn more about Katie McGarry and the Pushing The Limits series you can find her on Twitter, Facebook and her Website.


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