Book Review: Beached

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Author: Ros Baxter
eISBN: 9780857991454
eRRP: $4.99

Beached is the second book of the Aegira trilogy and we pick up after Fish Out of Water with a new heroine and a whole new game plan.

Rania is still a central part of the trilogy but now she is joined by her sister, a native of Aegira and very unfamiliar with life on land. Princess Lecanora has only recently discovered her origins, and that best friend Rania is actually her sister. Lecanora was raised by the childless Queen of Aegira so hasn’t ventured onto land, adjusting to life out of water isn’t as simple as she had thought.

Aegira is in danger and the only way to save it is going to be from land so the Queen has despatched Lecanora to recruit support from the land to protect her beloved home from the crazed sorcerer Manos. Leconora is an eye catching beauty who isn’t used to causing such a stir. Her peaceful people aren’t prone to emotion the way humans are so the attraction she feels for a rough, tough and sexy land lover takes her by surprise.

The romance is much more pronounced in Beached though still more about the tension and the lead up than the follow through.

Beached is a much grittier read with the ancient evil controlling an army of young Aegiran men robbed of free will to further his cause. Manos wants Lecanora for his bride and Rania out of the way.


Lecanora’s mission on land is to rally the support of Presidential candidate Susan Murray, an enigmatic and charismatic woman who may just manage to win over the people and move in to the White House. Like many of Baxter’s characters there is more to Susan Murray than meets the eye and getting close enough to her to talk is going to be easier said than done with her entourage of over-zealous bodyguards.

Beached offers us a more in depth look at Aegira and a tour through the kingdom and expanded the world building. The fast pace built to a crescendo that is going to be difficult to wait for, I can’t wait to find out how it all comes together in the final installment.

Rania and Lecanora are total opposites. Rania is witty and has an answer for everything, usually a snarky one at that and there were moments she made me laugh out loud. She’s tough, she’s ready to fight for her homeland and she’s hiding something, those around her can sense it but no-one can discover what it is.

Lecanora is peaceful, naive and completely unaware of expected behaviour on land. She studied Land at school but that doesn’t come close to preparing her for actually being there. Clothing is strange and uncomfortable but food, food is amazing – except for that first fast food joint selling fish, or fish flavoured food products anyway. I have to agree with her complete love of french fries though.

Baxter has delivered again. Beached is witty, fast paced and unpredictable. An engaging read that I thoroughly enjoyed and has left me eagerly anticipating the final chapter. I hope it’s not another 12 months before that one is released.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Beached

  1. I’ve enjoyed the first two instalments of this series too Michelle and hope the wait won’t be too long until the last

    1. We can hope Shelleyrae but it was exactly a year between those two so I’m guessing that’s how long we have to wait… Bugga.

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