Book Review and Giveaway: Our Kind Of Love

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Author: Victoria Purman
ISBN: 9781743569443
RRP: $29.99

Our Kind Of Love is the the third book in the Boys of Summer trilogy by South Australian Victoria Purman, set along the gorgeous Fleurieu Peninsula.

Purman takes us back to the fictional town of Middle Point where we got to know Ry and Julia in Nobody But Him and Lizzie and Dan in Someone Like You. Middle Point may not be a real town but it isn’t far from the very real Port Eliot and Victor Harbor so slipping into these books is guaranteed to leave you hankering after a trip to the coast of your own, it does it to me every time.

Our Kind Of Love is part of a trilogy and it picks up just after Someone Like You ends, but it will stand alone convincingly as well. The books take place chronologically and each of them focuses on a different couple.

Fans of the series will be pleased to catch up with previous leads and see how their lives, and loves, are progressing while getting to know new leads Anna and Joe, both of whom we met in Someone Like You.

Joe is Lizzie’s older brother on hiatus from his life in Sydney after being made redundant and losing his wife. He came home to lick his wounds and decide what came next, after months of moping he still has no forward plans but he is starting to feel a little old to be bunking with his little sister. Especially considering she is so loved up.

Anna is a friend of Dan and Ry’s from University, she is an Adelaide GP with a thriving practice as well as a large and close-knit Italian family. Her marriage has just broken down and she’s not quite sure how to break the news to her family.

Our Kind Of Love opens with a lust hangover as Anna awakens in a strange bed in the aftermath of her drunken wedding hook-up. At the first opportunity she takes off back to Adelaide, hanging her head in shame but unable to erase the memories of her hot Middle Point night.

Anna is the eldest child in her traditional Italian family. She is, and always has been, a good girl who just wants to make her family proud. She is living in Adelaide which though still a relatively small city is huge compared to the likes of Middle Point. Purman makes it crystal clear that though a city girl Dr Anna Morelli is firmly ensconced in quite a tight community; they are very much like a small town, only situated in a big city.

Alternating chapters bring us closer to our hero and heroine, allowing us to get to know them much better. It is clear from early on that there is great chemistry at play between the two but chemistry isn’t always enough.

Anna’s history with Ry and Dan, and budding friendship with Julia and Lizzie, see her spending a lot more time in Middle Point. It becomes her little escape from reality, somewhere she can head to really relax and be herself without worrying what others are thinking. The only problem is the more time she spends in Middle Point the harder it is to ignore her attraction to Joe.

Purman writes the Fleurieu so well that I always want to jump in the car, no matter what time of year it is. It doesn’t matter the season, or the weather, Purman’s love of the area shines through with evocative descriptive language that leaves me craving the seaside; the beaches, the waves and even the sand and the storms.

Anna is discovering a new side to herself, a side that is not so determined to be the perfect Italian daughter. The more I learned about Dr Anna Morelli the more I felt for her. She placed so much pressure on herself to be the perfect daughter and member of the community that she was forever putting herself second.


I was strung along guessing for ages because I kept waiting for a particular something to happen and it kept not happening. I was hooked from the very beginning and found it very difficult to drag myself away.

Joe was a big shot journalist, he had covered huge stories and won awards but at the end of the day that didn’t save his job. Returning to his home town has opened his eyes to what’s really important, when he quit moping and decided to start looking to the future. He has been gone from Middle Point for two decades and no-one really expects him to stick around, his life and career have been in Sydney for so long. But with no wife and no job is there really anything to go back to?

Our Kind Of Love is a slightly unusual romantic theme, there is no friends to lovers or first love reunited here. Joe and Anna are the drunk and heartbroken hook-up, I love it. The fact that they seem to be so different also gives us an element of opposites attract, until we discover that maybe they aren’t so different after all.

I found this book to be both heartwarming and heartbreaking, full of wit and seaside charm. Curling up with Purman and the Boys of Summer was like catching up with old friends and I absolutely loved it. I can only hope that Middle Point keeps talking to Purman.

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97 thoughts on “Book Review and Giveaway: Our Kind Of Love

  1. I like a romantic theme that has me dreaming of exotic far away places. Descriptions of romantic meals. Relationships that weather the storm.

  2. I am a real sucker for good old fashion romance where the boy sweeps the girl off her feet – officer and a gentleman, as well as love that tugs at the heart strings – sleepless in Seattle! And of course the love that last a lifetime – the note book……. A hopeless romantic for sure!

  3. For a good romance novel there must be an excellent story woven around the characters, if it includes some truth in it such as Australian history, the better the story is. Every one loves a happy ending but intrigue and mystery are keeping the romance alive!

  4. Unexpected love. That crazy annoying banter that conjures up butterflies in your tummy and has you dizzy! Where the characters just refuse to call it what it is but fall deeper and deeper. Love hate!

  5. Twilight style, vampire with human, human becomes vampire and they live together forever in love. That’s my kind of romance :))

  6. I love a great romance where the leads are flawed, but willing to work at it and be faithful to the other, and somehow make it work for them. It always gives me hope.

  7. I love old fashioned stories like what our grandparents would tell us how they met at a dance then courted for a few weeks & eventually marry within ayear fast but very romantic

  8. My favourite romance theme is where love’s path isn’t simple. Obstacles and personalities cause difficulties and the love does not have to end happily ever after. A realistic love story.

  9. I like stories about forbidden love, where the guy is on the wrong side of the tracks and isnt approved of by the girls family or vice versa, and what they go through to be together.

  10. I love when there is a headstrong women being wooed by a cheeky guy with a good sense of humour. It’s fun to read the to and fro between them and the women trying to fight it even though she knows it should happen. It doesnt matter where the scenery is always a bonus.

  11. Being a South Australian resident, I can vouch that we have Middleton (a small town) and Middleton Point…….not “Middle”. While the name is fictious the description is accurate. Middleton Point is well known as a perfect location for Whale Watching and surfing. Fleurieu Peninsula has spectacular scenery and is in fact known as a great romantic getaway, away from the hustle of busy Victor Harbor a city to which many people retire. Some also commute to and from work in Adelaide daily. Many true romantic stories have emerged from this famous region so this novel is very appropriate. Romance is definitely “in the air”. A good romance story always holds my attention, making it difficult to put the book down. I feel that names may have been changed but the story is very close to the truth.

  12. I go for a good friendship that slowly changes into a true love without the couple involve being sure of what is and has happened to the great friendship.

  13. A fiery redhead meets a tall, dark, handsome man who is well above her status. Keeping his identity a secret they fall in love. He defies his family and crown to be with the one he loves. She refuses his love once she learns what he is giving up. They end up achieving both marriage and rule together in harmony. Oh a modern day Cinderella story. You can’t go past the romance of a fairytale.

  14. I always enjoy marriage of convenience stories. The reasons for the marriage fascinates and then the sparks & friction and finally the slow realisation that it was meant for the best.

  15. I love a book that takes me away, to a place so familiar I can almost be there. The romance I enjoy is that which the characters often don’t see happening, they try to deny it and brush it off but eventually that which is true finally comes to pass. Separation by place, time, age, occupation, race, place in life are all great romance stressors and I love them all.

  16. My favorite romance theme is the one where two very capable people – talented, efficient, successful – find that they can’t conquer love in quite the same way as they’ve conquered everything else. Steely determination and great skill are all very well, but it takes more than that to forge a loving relationship!

  17. Old world romance, where a man is a gentleman and a lady a lady. Think Gone with the Wind and that’s the romance for me.

  18. Mine would be the healing powers of love. When someone has been wounded before but ends up meeting their soul mate. They start to put trust in the person and open up. We get to read a love story unfolding while also finding out what’s happened in the past.

  19. My favourite Romance theme is where opposites attract and have to work so hard to make it work ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I enjoy the ones with strong, confident, capable women who realise that with the right partner, many more things are possible.

  21. I love it when someone falls in love with a complete stranger, someone they barely know but just have that intense chemistry that can’t be ignored.

  22. I love it when longtime freinds work out ths they are truly meant to be together. Corny I know but it does happen.

  23. I love the triangle affect, couple in miserable relationship, then one finds love with another. All the secrecy & lies & passion all mixed together makes for a good read.

  24. There’s a look between them but they ignore it then a few years later tragedy brings them together,they have that look again & the rest is history

  25. I am a sucker for the Enemies to Lovers Romance theme, as sometimes it comes as a total surprise within the story and others you can read into it right from the start, but I’m always hooked and wanting to see what happens and how it ends ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. There has to be a little angst in there so none of this meeting and falling in love instantly and everything is perfect stuff…thats just plain boring. Give me some sort of struggle and a battle for for the guy to win her over.
    Sometimes some sort of tragedy that has their lives move in different direction and then they meet again and the old feelings are still there.
    But of course the guy my be truthful and loyal. He has eyes for no other and he loves her not only for her beautiful heart but even her negatives to him are things that hold beauty.

  27. Getting deduced by a mean vampire but when we meet our hearts just collide into one big moment of everlasting lust

  28. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. There is an impediment. It all works out in the end. -an oldie but a goodie.

  29. Country romance, sexy alpha meets strong woman, lots of conflict to work through, happy ending with sequels to look forward to, plot.

  30. I love historic settings and also when two totally different people overcome their differences and get together for a happy ending that works for me

  31. I love any type of romance…..
    Yet to read one i haven’t been able to put down.
    Being single these days…. books are the only romance in my life these days. It’s nice to loose yourself in someone elses dreams ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. I am just a big sucker for any romantic book. I get totally lost in the story so much that I am actually in the book as if I am there with them all. I particularly love Aussie romances because I am from Australia and knows of places when they are mentioned. I love where you start off not being with that man and sometimes at the end of the book you end up with him. I am such a true romantic.

    When you have a first unhappy marriage, you just live and breathe romance through reading of romantic books.

  33. Marriages of convenience! A couple who marry not for love, but because of a business contract, an arrangement between families, or the order of a king. They start their married life as strangersโ€ฆ then sparks fly, love catches them by surprise, and their arrangement becomes much more. So often this type of relationship is frowned on or works out really badly so it’s heart touching to read of the success stories that result from this type of unfortunate or forced circumstance.

  34. It has to be the Rich guy falls in love with the middle class girl and gives her the life that she has always dreamed of.

  35. I loved “Nobody but him” so I would love to read this book as well! Coming from South Australia the descriptions of the towns and people make me homesick but also make me feel like I am again experiencing that SA summer and sunshine!

  36. “You Must learn to love your lover as they are ” is always true for a great romance, dont change a thing….

  37. My favourite romance is gazing at a chocolate, my eyes longing, my stomach yearning. My desires are clear, I have to get those layers off and gaze at the beauty before me. I can’t resist any longer. I must have it.

  38. My kind of romance is one where you can tell they are falling in love before they get together. It almost feels like you know before them and you are willing them to get together.

  39. I love all types of romantic themes, but the ones that are best aren’t always the ones that end happily ever after, as this is more to true life than anything else. Yes, we would all love a happy ever after, but that’s not always possible. Would definitely love to read and then review this book. Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. I love historical romances (everything seems romantic set back in the 1800’s.) Also forbidden love romances give that extra bit of excitement! I’ve read both Nobody Like Him and Someone Like You and really enjoyed them both so I’m crossing everything that I get to read this third installment in the series.

  41. romance makes u forget for a short time whats happening in your life and can totally and just drift into the wonders of romance until u finish the book and guess what back to realty

  42. I love a Romance when it’s mixed with a mystery, something to keep me guessing as the lovers discover themselves while unravelling the mystery

  43. My ideal romantic scene would be on a deserted beach camp fire burning with the love of my life , a nice bottle of wine snuggled up together watching the sunset going down and a long walk along the beach <3

  44. I love romances involving strong women, but where the romance doesn’t happen to quickly, I am all for stories that keep you guessing. My favourite romance author to date is Nicholas Sparks.

  45. I love historical romances where a strong woman is swept off her feet by a man of integrity and passion, and they live happily ever after, and raise strong , intelligent and wise women ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. My favourite sort of romance involves a plot where nothing is too obvious & the plot keeps me guessing – but with a happy ending too. A good romance is a great way to escape reality for an hour or three!

  47. Love romances that the heroine is a surprise, that is no one knows she will be tough, see it through. Males seem to think of her as helpless, she might ask for help but can get it done mainly by herself. You need to nuture the romance, have times when you think that it will not happen and wonder will it happen.

  48. As an avid romance reader I often have a romance storyline that I gravitate to. For me the two basic elements in a romance novel should include a central love story and an emotionally-satisfying and optimistic ending.” Both the conflict and the climax of the novel should be directly related to that core theme of developing a romantic relationship. The novel should have either a tormented hero or an unrequited lover filled with feisty, sexy and likeable female characters. I also gravitate to 18th century romances such as Jane Eyre; such a great historical romance novel. I love these sparkling romance gems and always look forward to them eagerly.

  49. In my younger days I loved the romance novels set in the 17 and 1800’s loosely based on factual periods in those times.
    These days I love the everyday romances that are not totally out of the realms of possibility. I especially love family sagas with intrigue and family secrets where characters grow and learn about themselves through their experiences and where things don’t always end as expected!

    Romance novels set in Australia (again, plausible) grab me and I’ve been a fan of Monica McInerney (currently reading her latest) for many years always awaiting her new creation.

    Victoria Purman’s ‘Our Kind of Love’ sounds along similar lines (so I know I would love it) and your write up has definitely grabbed my attention and I will be sourcing out her two books prior to this one.

  50. My favourite theme is one of turbulence! Any love story should have betrayal, hardship, deception, twists and turns that have you screaming at the pages and your own inability to read faster. I also love a love story that keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the moment when they finally get together …… only to discover on the last page that they dont! Ahhhh the tension! Fantastic!

  51. I absolutely devour romance novels that leave you expecting the unexpected – boy and girl meet,fall in love, split up and continue as though they never recconect and then boom!They’re back together and all is well in the star crossed lovers world.

  52. My favourite theme is fairly standard as far as recipes for romance go – boy meets girl, girl doesn’t like boy, something happens, they fall in love, something happens, they break up, everything is resolved as a misunderstanding, they reunite – happily ever after. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Love a good romance story, this I relate too, as I loved a boy in my late teens, we parted ways, met up again in our 50’s and are now happily back together,

  54. There is nothing like curling up with a romance novel, unless of course you are curling up with your partner. That is truly “Our kind of Love”, a love that everyone dreams of.

  55. I love the romance stories where they knew each other when they were young and always harboured their own secret loves & desires towards each other, unbeknownst to the other person.
    Then years later, when all grown up, they meet again and that bond and love they once felt is still there. A passion that burns deeply and is communicated through the eyes and the little brushes of skin-to-skin contact that produce electrifying sensations…….getting to know each other all over again, falling deeper in love every second until the overwhelming hunger for one another explodes into a very raunchy sexual episode.

    1. Juanita, it sounds like you need to read some Rachael Johns, she loves first love reunited.
      The Next Season (ebook)
      Tease Me Cowboy (ebook)

  56. I read ‘Nobody but Him’ and found it a very easy pleasant read as it was easy to get lost in a ‘coastal romance’. The author makes her words flow in this light romance and I would now love to read her latest book and compare it to the one I have already read and reviewed

  57. the they don’t like each other but because of some dangerous situation they are forced together but they fall in love with each other

  58. I am a sucker for those romances of when they meet, one doesn’t really like the other (and I’m reading along, saying…..Noooooooo you would be great together). You know that they will eventually get together but you have to go up and down ant hills to actually find if they do.

  59. I absolutely adore romance stories that also have an underlying humorous storyline. I devour stories like that, as they make me laugh and brighten my day immeasurably. I also love stories set in areas that I know well, and as I grew up in Victor Harbor, I’d really love to read this book.

  60. The love that can exist between 2 women but not necessarily physical or sexual but definitely emotional. It is still not really acceptable between 2 males even though there are many more males in a long term de facto sexual physical relationship I believe. Queen Victoria could never imagine two women together.

  61. I sit and i read all on this site but still i can never find where to put my name down to review a book so if any one can tell me i will love you forever thanks

    1. Hi Lesley,
      I’m sorry you haven’t been able to find that.
      The link to sign up for book club titles is:
      When you fill in the form be sure to tick the box at the bottom asking if you want to review books.

      This one is just to win a copy, you don’t need to review it – but we would love you to come back and tell us what you think if you do win.

      I hope this helps, have a great day.

  62. My ultimate romance novel is where there is an estranged character/ bad boy and the good girl falls in love with him and fights his hardships and they all live happily ever after.

  63. The one where the couple has loved each other since they were teenagers! I think it is incredibly powerful and romantic to see when relationships last the test of time. It also shows love can conquer all when they come through the hardships.

  64. A Mr.Darcy type story…misunderstood..handsome..trustworthy..falls for misguided, confused, kind hearted girl! Timeless story!

  65. I’ve always enjoyed ‘fish out of water’ stories. Throw a city girl/guy into the outback and watch them flounder, fail & ultimately triumph. Finding love along the way of course.

  66. I absolutely loved this book, and am waiting to see if I get given the first two in the series for my birthday soon (I’ve dropped hints to family & friends). Victoria Putnam writes in a way that draws you into the story, and the characters are totally believable. I made the mistake of starting this book after dinner last night, as there was nothing on t.v. I finished reading the book at 3 a.m. this morning, but it was worth it. I have a new favourite author, and her name is Victoria Putnam!

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