BOOK GIFT: The Kaboom Kid #7 Test Match

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I believe that every child is a reader, but some need a little more encouragement to find the right book. I also believe that Christmas is the perfect time to experiment with that because no child should miss out on a new book at Christmas.

Some kids are much more active than others and they prefer sports to books so The Kaboom Kid would make the perfect gift for those kids that love cricket.

David Warner is one of Australia’s most influential athletes and one of the world’s most explosive batsmen so it stands to reason that when he put pen to paper it would be about kids who love cricket.

The Kaboom Kid series is about an eleven-year-old cricket mad boy called…. yup, you guessed it, Davey Warner. It’s a series that tells the stories of a growing boy and his friends that love to play cricket and would do so all day long if they could, a little like author David Warner.

Just in time for Christmas we have the release of books 7 and 8 in the series, Test Match and Captain’s Knock. The books are written with a primary school audience in mind and are sure to capture the imagination of aspiring cricketers.


The Kaboom Kid books are a little under 200 pages with relatively short chapters, nice sized text & spacing and a few illustrations to keep the book eye catching and attention grabbing.

Many children these days are not as active as they used to be, with screen time much preferred to either reading or being outside and active. The Kaboom Kid is set to inspire the sedentary readers to get up, get outside and pick up a bat for fun and for fitness, and for the future of the sport.

The Kaboom Kid #7 Test Match sees Davey Warner and his friends set off to the beach for a weekend of test match cricket, or that’s the plan…. but we all know that things don’t always go to plan.

The writing is fluent, the story engaging and the pages are eye catching. The Kaboom Kid illustrates the fun that average kids can have when they get out and active with their friends. No super powers, no heroes, no special gadgets, no spies… just all Aussie kids heading out for some old fashioned fun with a bat and ball and I just love the premise. I am not a cricket fan, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I would much prefer to sit with my kids and read about The Kaboom Kid and his cricket loving friends than some of the other offerings on the market.

The Kaboom Kid is available now from Simon & Schuster, Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

RRP: $14.99

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