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Woman on Fire by Lisa Barr is a fast-action, suspenseful thriller taking you back to the past, the world of art stolen by the Nazis during World War II. While in the present two teams race against each other to locate the missing art, both believing they are the rightful owner.

Jules Roth is a journalist. She has her heart set on working for well-known investigative journalist Dan Mansfield. Impetuously she turns up at his office and barges in to present her case as to why he should employ her.

Impressed by her initiative and determination he gives her a job.

His close friend Ellis has asked for a favour and Jules is given an unusual assignment. She is to locate the last painting painted by Ernst Engel, “Woman on Fire”. The painting had been stolen by the Nazis during the war.

Jules meets Ellis and his grandson Adam and on understanding the importance and history connected to the family, she is determined to locate the painting and write the story.

Margaux de Laurent, the heir to her family’s millions, is also searching for “Woman on Fire”. The painting was briefly in her grandfather’s possession.

Now with the family galleries struggling, bills not paid and her reputation crashing, she is desperate to acquire the painting.

Margaux will do anything. Her resources are not conventional, she has a hacker, the dark web and if murder is needed to get what she wants, so be it!

Who will get to the painting first and who will survive?

Wow, what a story! It is one you can’t put down! Twists and turns galore, secrets and lies, a touch of romance, a journey into history and the world of art, plus a cast of strong characters all make this book an excellent read.

It is no surprise that Sharon Stone has optioned this book for a film.

Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Welbeck for the opportunity to read this book.

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7 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Woman on Fire

  1. Characters you’ll love and characters you’ll hate, all surrounded by magnificent pieces of art and the mystery of what actually happened to the art that the Nazi’s stole during the war. ‘Woman on Fire’ by Lisa Barr is so well written you won’t want to put it down, so clear your schedule as you’ll be in for the ride of your life. Thank you so much Beauty and Lace for letting me review this book. I have already looked up other books by Lisa Barr and they will be next on my reading list >:o)

  2. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the chance to read this thrilling book about love, secrets, mystery and great works of art. I absolutely loved it, I couldn’t put it down. I will definitely be reading more books from this author.

  3. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the offer to review Woman On Fire by Lisa Barr.

    The novel revolves around Jules Roth an ambitious journalist who has just landed a job with Dan Mansfield, an investigative reporter from Chicago. She is given a secretive assignment to find a painting that was stolen by the Nazis at least 75 years before. It is an international art scandal with secrets, sacrifice and the inhumanity of war.

    I enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to everyone.

  4. Thankyou so much for the opportunity to read Woman on Fire by Lisa Barr.
    I really enjoyed this book and found it to be full of emotions.
    A romantic spark at first site. Curiousity and determination. Sorrow secrets and memories. And of course Greed Anger and intrigue. The Art world was new to me and hints of history left me looking for more information. Definitely recommend this for all.

  5. The flamboyance of this novel grabbed me from the get-go, a distinct international flavour, private jets, flitting between, Berlin, Chicago, Illinois, Munich, Manhattan, Miami, Montana, to Correns nestled in the French country-side.

    Throw in Margaux, a glamourous sex siren who will stop at nothing or no one to get exactly what she wants, Adam, a brilliant artist fresh out of rehab, desperately attempting to get his groove back, and Jules who is not afraid to risk everything to get the story.

    With decades old friendships, between Jews, and Nazi’s, no shortage of skeletons in the closets, lies and cover-ups, deals sealed with a kiss, and teetering too tall stilettos, this is a roller coaster of a novel, a plot full of suspenseful twists and turns, revenge, greed and lust, and those sex scenes.

    This is the first of Lisa Barr’s books I’ve read, I look forward to reading more in Lisa’s back catalogue, thank you, Beauty and Lace and Welbeck, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Woman on Fire.’

  6. I loved this book so much! While at the beginning it would have been easy to get lost with the number of characters, Lisa Barr reminded the reader who was who and how each one was related to others.
    Based around Jules, a young journalist with a mission to go beyond the story, she pairs up with her mentor Dan who brings her along for the story of a lifetime.
    I have read a number of stories based around World War II and this story is written with a different spin and seeks to answer what has really happened to some of the world’s most famous artwork that was stolen or misplaced during this time period and how it continues to be bought and sold on the black market.
    There is enough in this story for everyone, mystery, intrigue, romance, loyalty, betrayal….
    Thank you to Beauty and Lace, Lisa Barr and Harper Paperbacks for the opportunity to read this book.

  7. Woman on Fire is the first novel by Lisa Barr and it won’t be the last! It is well written, fast paced and has very interesting characters. I also learnt quite a lot about art and what is involved in the sale of art. Such a great story!

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