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Author: Lauren Weisberger
ISBN: 978-0-00-830367-9
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: 5th June 2018
Publisher: Harper Collins
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

So, I had heard of The Devil Wears Prada but I have not read the book or watched the movie. It’s generally not my genre. When Life Gives You Lululemons is the 3rd in the series and from a quick Goodreads glance seems to be the highest rated.

Emily Charlton is an in-demand image consultant who is called away from a New Years Eve party to deal with a celebrity publicity nightmare, in another city. She drops everything to fly cross country and go into damage control. Unfortunately she was called by the agent and the actual celebrity has been approached by someone else. Emily loses another celebrity client to a much younger rival with her finger on the social-media pulse.

A string of client losses sees Emily take a hit to her confidence and hide out in the suburbs with her best friend Miriam, a place she never thought she would spend any prolonged amount of time.

I went into this one with a pretty open mind and not much in the way of expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. The entire premise of this story is so far out of the realm of anything I would experience in my life that it was like a fairytale. Weisberger is certainly up with the celebrity current affairs and she’s not afraid to name drop and litter her narrative with celebrity scandals that you may remember from the headlines, though always quite vague and brief.

There are a few universal themes of friendship, parenthood and the loss of your sense of self with big changes in life.

Miriam is a mother of three, newly SAHM in the suburbs after a high-powered legal career in the city. She made the choice so she had more time to spend at home with her children but we can see that she’s missing her work and floundering a little in this new life she’s made. She loves her children and spending the extra time with them but is losing that sense of self that is apart from her roles of wife and mother.

Life in Greenwich really seems to me like life in a different world. SAHM’s who fill their days with exercise classes, coffee catch-ups and early cocktails. A suburb rife with gossip and crazy behaviour.

Karolina is married to a senator and wealthy in her own right thanks to a lucrative career as a model, until her world crumbles around her following a questionable DUI charge that made headlines.

Miriam and Emily approach Karolina to offer support and the three build on their connections to forge a friendship, and offer their expertise to help Karolina recover from the very public dumping by her husband.

When Life Gives You Lululemons is a story that I really enjoyed. I think it’s one that you can enjoy as a light and amusing fun read, or you can look at it in a lot more depth and explore all the issues going on that tell a terrible story of the world we live in. The wit was razor-sharp, and it certainly had pointy edges that cut sometimes.

I enjoyed a lot of things about this one and I actually loved all three main characters, even though they wee painfully irritating at times. I loved the way each of the characters grew throughout the story and came out the other side completely different people.

Weisberger paints a disturbing picture of suburbia and the things that money and influence can buy, but also the fickle nature of ‘mum friends’ and the importance of those deep and true friendships that we couldn’t survive without. A story rife with deplorable behaviour, a couple of predictable twists and some surprises.

Witty, sarcastic and a reminder that wealth doesn’t necessarily bring happiness or buy good sense or decency. Definitely worth a read.

Lauren Wesberger can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their website.

When Life Gives You Lululemons is published by Harper Collins and is available now from Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Harper Collins 30 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be reading When Life Gives You Lululemons so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

31 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: When Life Gives You Lululemons

  1. Right, this is the second time I’ve written this review because the first one somehow got erased ☹️ I really loved this story, ‘When life gives you lululemons’. I found it a quick, easy read that I polished off in two days while I was home sick in bed. It was a story that was a breath of fresh air after the heavy, thrillers that I’ve been reading lately! The story line was one that you would see in a movie, or in a celebrity magazine and is so completely different to my life.

    I really enjoyed the three main characters and how they developed during the story all changing so that their lives were happy in the end, but not in a sickeningly sweet way. I feel that there could be a follow up story and I wouldn’t be sad to read another part. I enjoyed how the author peppered the story with enough current events and real life celebrity names to make it feel like the story was something happening in real life.

    I’m frustrated because my other review was so much better. But I can’t recall what else I wrote. Thank you Beauty and Lace for another great book >:o)

  2. When Life Gives you Lululemons is cleverly written and very hard to put down!

    The story starts with the life of Emily Charlton, a popular image consultant for celebrities. When she starts losing her clients to a younger rival, she really starts to doubt herself and her abilities. Her best friend Miriam is struggling with her choice of new lifestyle change and leaves her successful career to focus her time on family. And then there’s Miriam’s friend, Karolina, who is married to a high profile politician and is wrongly accused of Driving Under the Influence.

    This is a very refreshing read with a few surprises and plenty of sarcasm. Congratulations to Lauren Weisberger for a wonderful and light hearted look at modern life when being wealthy is not all it seems, and the importance of women staying strong through life’s ordeals. I absolutely love Lauren’s humour and strongly recommend this book.

    Thank you very much Beauty and Lace for this opportunity. Now I need to read “The Devil Wears Prada”!

  3. When Life Gives you Lululemons is a good read of the up and downs of life when your husband wants to trade you in for a better model. So a DUI is in order for Karolina so the senator can end the marriage without looking bad.

  4. Loved, loved, loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. Has everything – gossip, humour, politics, money, family, the perfect career and how easily it can be all lost with lies and greed. Alternating between each personal story of three close friends and their strive for happiness. Finding out everything you believed was perfect now vanishing in the blink of an eye thanks to some media hype. A story you can relate to. Great friends who support each through a life of ups and downs, triumphs, overwhelming heartache and loss. How they rebuild and change their lives in the most personal and dramatic way possible. Its a story about how stepping out of your comfort zone could be your only option.

    I really enjoyed this book and will now go back and read the other books written by Lauren Weisberger.

  5. Easy to read book! The storyline has lots of ups & downs, sarcasm & shows how important good friendships can be.

  6. Well first thing I read this book in 3 nights! I haven’t read a book that quick since the lemony snickett and harry potter books came out when I was a child. I couldn’t put it down it had me captivated from the start and I was willing to give up my sleep (which I love) to read this.
    The book follows the lives of 3 ladies who are friends. Each having their own battle in their lives. When Karolina has something dreadful happen to her it brings them closer together. Emily working as an image consultant works to rebuild Karolinas image whilst trying to help Miriam sort out her home issues.
    Following the twists and turns and ups and downs. I really loved this book and I hope that the writer does a sequel. I am definitely going to read all her other books because I seriously loved this one!!
    5 out of 5 stars.

  7. The follow up from Devil Wears Prada, follows Emily as she progresses in her life & career beyond the days of Runway (some small references to Andy and Miranda) and focuses on her PR business and what seems like a fragmented personal life. Her career is slackening as she struggles to keep up with social media advances and she takes some time out to realign her goals by meeting her old friend, a once city career driven woman in NYC now a stay at home mum in Connecticut. The author shines a light on those rich stay at home mums who brunch and lunch and what they really get up to (bored and lonely) while their husbands are at work (or having affairs). It also delves into the power struggle between men and women and how hard it is to repair a damaged reputation. I liked the story overall, but felt it could have had more pace throughout. Would recommend for anyone that likes an easy read and stories of female retribution.

  8. This is definitely a “lie by the pool” holiday read with classic themes of female friendship, marriage, parenthood and aging. Lacked depth initially but gets better as the story and characters develops. I have never read Devil wears Prada but I can see how they would make this into a Hollywood movie. Light, easy reading, particular if you are interested in celebrity news.

  9. From the author of The Devil Wears Prada comes the next outrageous book, When Life Gives You Lululemons. The Devil Wears Prada was Lauren Weisberger’s break out novel, starring Anne Hathaway as Andy and Meryl Streep as the iconic Miranda Priestly in the blockbuster movie. Three standalone novels followed before Lauren took readers back to Andy’s world in Revenge Wears Prada. With mixed reviews, Lauren’s next book took fans into the hedonistic world of professional tennis. Now Lauren is back with Miranda’s assistant story, Emily Charlton. She hasn’t forgotten longtime fans of Andy and Miranda though. For Andy, it is right that she does get the briefest of mentions as this isn’t about her while Miranda is regularly mentioned. Surprisingly, Miranda plays a greater role towards the end in Emily’s journey.

    When Life Gives You Lululemons is set in New York at least 10 years after the Devil Wears Prada. Told in the first person through alternating chapters, it follows the path of not one, but three very different women; Miriam, Karolina and of course, Emily. At 38 years old, Emily has left the fashion world commanded by Miranda Priestly behind and is now an image consultant to the stars. With her blunt yet professional manner, Emily is a career woman who has it all, including a loving husband who regularly travels for his job. Until she starts losing jobs to Gen Y. As one by one Emily’s clients leave her to turn to others to clean up their mess, Emily turns to her friend Miriam for solace.

    Miriam was a strong woman who is now the polar opposite of Emily. Like Emily, she too was once a career woman until she gave it all up for her family. Two children later, Miriam has swapped city life for suburban life. Miriam is the much needed character that readers can relate to as she provides normality in the crazy world inhabited by her friends. Loving, affectionate and supportive to those that are a part of her life, Miriam is a longtime friend to Emily. As a good friend, Miriam is able to see the strengths and weaknesses in Emily. Most importantly as a friend she can tell Emily the truth when it is needed. This also applies to Karolina, an acquaintance from the past who doesn’t know the impact that both Miriam and Emily will have on her life.

    Karolina is the former Polish model who appears to have it all. A loving husband and a step son, she is also wealthy. Despite all her riches, Karolina is not the typical cliché, She has not forgotten her roots and remains a modest woman who puts her son first. Until it all comes crashing down when her husband, Graham, sets her up for unknown purposes. Still in love with her husband, Karolina is not able to see the truth of the situation until Miriam steps in, with Emily tagging along. Miriam provides the comfort that Karolina needs, it is Emily’s honesty that opens Karolina’s eyes to the truth about Graham. With her friends help, Karolina becomes a stronger woman as she fights for what she believes in.

    Reminiscent of The First Wives Club, When Life Gives You Lululemons is a novel about the importance of friendship when times are tough.

  10. When Life Gives You Lululemons

    Thanks to B+L and Harper Collins for sending this book, I really enjoyed it. I had no idea until it came that it was from the Author of “The devil wears Prada” and I certainly didn’t expect familiar characters like Miranda and Emily to pop up frequently through it

    Its an extremely well written story about what happens when your husband decides he’s not in love any more told by different women (as pertains to their circumstance). To begin with I didn’t like that each chapter was from a different character but I found after a few chapters it flowed much better and the stories became deeply intertwined

    It gave an interesting look into the life of a privileged Stay at home mum , I love the fact some mystery was thrown in….“what happened to Karolina, was she really drinking and driving with her kid in the car?”

    A great read and a nice relaxing weekend get away type book ☺

  11. Thanks to Harper Collins Australia and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read ‘When Life Gives You Lululemons’.

    The book takes us back to a character fans of The Devil Wears Prada, already know – Emily Charlton and – briefly – Miranda Priestly. Set a number of years later it also introduces new characters in Miriam and Karolina. The relationship between Emily, Miriam and Karolina comes together over Karolina’s husbands desire to divorce her for a newer – and more ‘First Lady’ suitable – model.

    This is a ripping story – great believable characters living in a world that most of us will never experience (millionaires row, high fashion magazines, PR, former international models), funny asides and intrigue. I LOVED it.

    Highly recommended!

  12. This book was a very contemporary novel – at least in terms of its setting and feel – by the author of “The Devil Wears Prada.”

    Karolina is the wife of a senator who has been publicly shamed by being caught while driving under the influence. But there’s a lot more to this story than initially meets the eye. Luckily she’s got two besties- a lawyer-turned-full-time homemaker, Miriam and media queen, Emily to hold her back.

    Em has had extensive experience working with the likes of Miranda Priestly so no job will faze her, although babies could very well be her kryptonite. But that’s another story to be found within these pages. ..

    This book is a well-written and fun one for fans of Sex In The City and The Devil Wears Prada.

  13. This book is technically the third in the Devil Wear Prada Series however it can be read as a standalone book. Though most people have seen the movie and would recognise the main Character in this book is Emily who was the other assistant played by Emily Blunt.

    This book is a three person point of few book and I loved all the characters. There is Emily, Miriam and Karolina who we follow after drama goes down at the start of the book.

    This book is a good chick lit which is a very fun and fast read.

    I would highly recommend this book and plan to force all my friends to read it.

  14. I found the book a little hard to read at the start as it bounced from character to character. Once I got into it though and the characters really developed, I found it hard to put down.

    It’s a great story, with current references, that really draws you in. I loved that it was about women looking out for each other who achieved results by working together.

    It’s definitely a book I’ll share with friends as I think they’ll enjoy the modern references and the female empowerment.

  15. When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger is right up my ally for light hearted, witty and sarcastic reading.
    This was a real favourite for me to read, I could really relate as I love all celebrity news and gossip. The story shows what can happen when you dont keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to career. It shows the depth and meaning of friendships, and it shows that not all that appears on the surface, is really what is going on underneath.
    Three women who come together for very different reasons, look after each other and come out on top.
    As all reviews pretty much state, it is very hard to put this book down, and I read it within a week.
    Thankis to B&L for the chance to read and review this book.

  16. A very modern story with modern issues and a great swing on things. Join Emily, Mirium and Karolina as they fight their modern day battles,
    Emily works on keeping peoples images, stars images, positive, fixing the mistakes and fo-pars they make to have a positive spin on them. But her business is not going as well as it once was, seems she’s being overtaken by a young, social other person. Her hysband has overseas commitments and they make that work… dont they.
    Mirium quit working her very long weeks as a lawyer to become the stay at home mum. With 3 children born close together this was a challenge she was up for. But something in life is missing, she isnt getting the buzz she used to and is her husband cheating? He seems to no longer have interest in her!
    Karolina lives in the public eye, the wife of a US senator and potential president candidate. Her life comes tumbling down when she is arrested for a DUI while travelling with her son (his son) and his mates. but how was she drunk when she’d only had half a glass of wine some hours before? No breath test or blood test despite her begging. Something was fishy here. Its times like this, when the walls come tumbling down that you need your friends, the real ones, by your side. Can Emily and her person skills and Mirium and her legal skills get Karolina her life back?

    Not a bad read, thanks for the opportunity.

  17. This was an awesome book to read. Not only was it a great story line (one that grabs you from the get go) but is cleverly written and ensures you cant put the book down.

    This was an easy to read, able to be read in a few days and outlines the story a woman whose husband wants to trade his wife in for a younger model. Its full of ups and downs and curves which keeps you well entertained and wanting to find out ‘What happens next’.

    A fun and light read guaranteed to bring a smile to you lips.

  18. This is a modern day book about love, hate , deceipt and rejection. What we do for a
    Little attention and to stay afloat in today’s modern world.
    It was a funny book at times and portrayed modern day families and their problems.
    I enjoyed reading this book although not my select genre.
    Congratulations Lauren Weisberger on a successful book.

  19. I loved this book far more than I expected to. Thanks Harper Collins and Beauty and Lace for the chance to read it.

    While I knew it was by the same author as Devil Wears Prada I didn’t realise that this book was part of the series. Now I want to go back and read the others.

    I enjoyed all the characters but I related more with Miriam the Mum who is trying to juggle being a Mum but also being herself (and being a wife).

    I enjoyed the storyline and the elements of New York celebrity life that are so far removed from my life it was an escape.

    I really recommend this book for a great weekend read.

  20. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins for gifting me this book to read.

    What a wonderful fun read.

    If you were wondering what happened to Emily from the Devil wears Prada then this is it.
    Emily Charlton was an assistant to legendary fashion editor Miranda Priestly in New York.
    Now she is married to Miles and works as a stylist and image consultant to the stars.

    Miriam is married to Paul a mum to three kids and Emily’s oldest friend.

    Karolina is married to Graham a senator with presidential ambitions and he’s just publicly dumped her. Karolina is friends with Miriam.

    The three girls get together to help get back Karolina’s reputation and her son.

    Here begins the fun.

    Every chapter has a title of the name of the woman you are reading about. This means that you are following each of the girls stories as you read through the book.
    Lauren Weisberger has shown each of the girls weaknesses and also their strengths and shows what happens when life gives you lemons.

    The story of each of the girls is full of twists and turns and some laughs along the way.

    When Life Gives You Lululemons is a story of friendship, love, loyalty and choices.

    Such an entertaining book that you just don’t want to put down. It will have you laughing, cringing and maybe even an acknowledgement of having done some of those things.

    An amazing read and one I can’t wait to see as a chick flick.

  21. I read this book whilst on a girls weekend away & I loved it! I can only hope that my life is as exciting when I’m a mid-thirties super stylish mum in gym gear (in the near.. but not too near future).
    I have no read the first two books in this series, but I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything by not doing so. I love Emily’s character and yes I pictured her as Emily Blunt throughout reading and Miranda Priestly as the lovely Meryl Streep!
    So much drama and excitement I got through this so fast. I had a few laughs during this one and it prompted a few hilarious conversations between myself and my friends about sex parties and getting your vagina ‘done’ as featured in the book!

    I recommend this for anyone looking for a lighthearted, fun and dramatic read!

  22. A really easy read that you wont be able to put down.
    What are lululemons? Well once I figured that out it made alot of sense. For those who dont know, look at it this way, ‘when life gives you active wear’. Being in the same age category as the three main characters ( 31 and currently sitting here in my activewear) this story really hits the mark for me. It is a story about three women who are all at different points in their lives but at the end of the day still need their friends. These girls have alot thrown at them and there are ups and downs throughout the whole book but aslong as they support each other we know there will be a happy ending. I like how each chapter follows a different character but sthe story still flows well and interwines each storyline.
    Highly recommended!

  23. If you want a great easy to read (don’t want to put down) book, then look no further!
    3 wonderful characters with lots of money and a lifestyle to match, come together to entertain you!
    Emily, whose business isn’t doing as well, will make you laugh at her bold and sassy ways. After loosing yet another client decides to visit her friend Miriam, who now lives in the suburbs with her children and ever growing waist. Emily’s overextended overnight stay introduces her to a new client and a new friend Karolina, who just got done with DUI.
    Emily and Miriam band together to clear Karolina’s name…. but it’s not as easy as they thought.
    I loved this book and would recommend it to all my friends.

  24. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Haper Collins for letting me read this book.
    I read it very quick and found I couldn’t put it down.
    The book comprises three wonderful strong characters. Each chapter tells you whose story you are reading at the time.
    Emily is a style and image consultant to the famous.
    Karolina is married to a senator who wants to be president and he dumps her.
    Miriam is a married mum and Emily’s oldest friend.

    All of the girls have their own stuff going on which I don’t want to spoil but Miriam and Emily band together to clear Karolinas name but along the way find it’s not always that easy with a lot of hilarity ensuing.
    I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a good read.

  25. While I do not read much chick-lit these days, I do have fond memories of The Devil Wears Prada movie years back. Pleasing to hear the razor sharp wit is still a feature… Great to hear other’s positive experiences with this one, given the author is billed as one of the international guests for our local writers festival,

  26. When Life gives you Lululemons – When Life gives you Lemons, buy Tequila and this is exactly what Miriam and Emily did to help Karolina when her husband set her up. They banded together to get Karolina’s life back on track but also built a beautiful friendship that the three of them never expected and gave her the confidence and strength to stand up to him and every other person that believed she was guilty. This book is serious chick flick stuff and i have to admit had me in laughter of some of the subjects in the book. Karolina seems to have lost her confidence and Miriam and Emily help her to get it back. Miriam is the level-headed one of the group. While Emily is a little bit wilder not scared to say exactly what she thinks and definitely has no filter which i found absolutely hilarious. I couldn’t put this book down definetly had my 100% attention and totally loved it.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins for gifting me this book to read.

  27. When Life Gives You Lululemons, by Laura Weisberger, is definitely a fun read. I absolutely loved this book. It was fun, quirky, entertaining and definitely an enjoyable read. Definitely a book I needed after a couple of very stressful weeks at work.
    I loved the way the three female characters Miriam, Emily and Karolina come together. Emily and Miriam come together to help Karolina get her life and ‘son’ back after her devious husband plots to not only discredit her but trade her in for a younger, much more ‘connected’ model.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Harper Collins for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

  28. When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger is a light and fun read about the ups and downs of three different womens lives, and them coming together to help a friend. Emily has left Miranda Priestly and life at Runway behind and is a consultant to the rich and famous, but unfortunately things aren’t working out for her in that department. She finds herself unknowingly landing herself in a job to help Karolina who has just been suspiciously pulled over for a DUI as her husband is going after the presidency and also after another woman. Miriam is a stay at home mum, who brings these two women together and they all start a plan to help clear Karolinas name.

    The story was light, funny and gave some interesting insight to the rich, wealthy and famous. The parties definitely seemed so far fetched but completely believable with that sort of money in a family. The mystery surrounding Karolina and her being set up was nicely unfolded, and I thought it came together well in the end but not in a big climatic ending, just a sort of well it’s over sort of way. I didn’t even realise the jump in time at the end of the book until you realise how far along Emily is. They all had interesting relationships with their husbands, friends and together. I liked Emilys hard determination and I don’t care attitude; which was then nicely alternated with Miriams low key life but she was also a stresshead about her husband which was understandable; and then you had Karolina who just wanted her son back, and to hear the vile things her husband did to her – I felt like she had been hurt and betrayed and deserved to get her good life, it was just a shame the whole children of her own situation.

    Overall I liked the book, it kept me wanting to know more, however it was a little slow at times. But in the end it came together and all worked out. Thanks to Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to read When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger.

  29. When life gives you lulu lemons is an easy read and I found it very easy and likeable to enjoy!

    I read it easily and it was a great follow up to devil wears Prada.. in fact I enjoyed the characters more and the story line more interesting! Would recommend

  30. When Life Gives You Lulu Lemons may not have been my first preference in a bookstore but I am glad I read it! It was very easy to read and I found it hard to put down!

    This story took me on a rollercoaster of emotions, happiness, sadness, fear, & most of all the importance of good friends!

    Really hope there is a sequel!

  31. In ‘When Life Gives You Lululemons’ Lauren Weisberger uses Emily Charlton, previous assistant to the one and only Miranda Presley in The Devils Wear Prada, as the main character. Emily is finding herself in a rut in her work and connects with an old friend, Miriam, a mother who has lost her career when moving out to the suburbs and marriage has lost the spark.

    They are all connected when Karolina, wife to a senator is incorrectly charged with a DUI while driving her son and his friends. This brings media attention to the family and this is where Emily steps in to assist with managing Karolina’s image in the media. The ladies all spend some time in the suburbs together and I found these parts to be my favourite in the book.
    It was well written and I enjoyed it.
    Thank you for the opportunity to review ‘When Life Gives You Luluemons’.

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