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Author: Felicity McLean
Illustrator: Georgie Wilson
ISBN: 9781760640132
RRP: $24.99
Publisher: Black Inc. Books – Piccolo Nero
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Picture books are a wonderful way to foster a love of reading in little people and in the current climate of technology at the fingertips it can be quite difficult to attract them to a book if they think there’s a device on offer. Sometimes this can come from what’s modeled at home but I think it’s more than just that because my children see a lot of reading at home and still love the idea of devices.

This Is A Book! centres on the love of electronics as it illustrates the amazing things that can be found within the pages of a book. Children will love all the little things they can find in the illustrations and parents will get a giggle out of the humour.

I loved this book, disguised as an iPad, and I actually keep mistaking it for something else on the desk beside me.

My 3 yr old and I sat to read This Is A Book! and he is a boy who is rather attached to the tablet at the moment. We enjoyed looking for the dinosaurs on the pages and both found the humour in the the book the characters are reading – Which Came First? Dinosaurs or Books.

Apparently books are boring, they are for babies and old people; an opinion I’m sure my children share a lot of the time. Books have been around forever, they are even older than Grandpa. That was a line that did make me laugh because it is such a common joke. It was something I used to say to mum and it’s something my kids already say to me.

The book comes in at 32 pages with only a small amount of text, this offers a great opportunity to talk to your children about the story as you read while still staying within the relatively short attention span many young children have for story-time.

This Is A Book! has quite a classic illustration style I think. The colours are eye-catching but not vibrant and overly in your face. It’s a more classic colour palette and even the style of illustrations has a much more classic feel. It kept us both engaged and I hope that it will become a favourite that we read again and again, always finding new things to excite within the illustrations.

This Is A Book! is published by Black Inc. Books and is available through Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Black Inc. Books 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club members and their children will be reading This Is A Book! and I look forward to hearing what they think, and our reviews may be written by our young readers.


11 thoughts on “Book Club: This Is A Book!

  1. Thank you Beauty and Lace, and Black Inc. Books – Piccolo Nero for the opportunity to read and review This is a BOOK! I absolutely loved this book!

    The book cover has been made to look like an iPad , but with the disclaimer “no wi fi needed”!

    I have always loved children’s books which combine fun text with quirky illustrations, in this book the illustrator Georgie Wilson has “hidden” within each picture a small brown mouse adding an additional dimension to the book as you try to find where the mouse is and what it is doing on each page.

    Text in the book has been used to reflect speech volume by its size , and use of capitalization, assisting the early reader to understand where emphasis is being made.

    As well as the story line, which works to encourage the love of books in young children, the illustrations provide a plethora of topics for children and parents to search together to find all the hidden things, from the patchwork inside covers at front and back enabling you to search the book to find all the different materials represented, to the different sorts of dinosaurs throughout the book.

    I loved the concept of Grandpa reading a book showing “how to clean unsightly broccoli from your falsies” and the child reading a book entitled “Which came first? Dinosaurs or Books, All the Ferociously Fun facts”.

    This book will have wide appeal to children and adults alike and I would highly recommend it.

  2. This is a Book (no Wi-Fi needed) written by Felicity Mclean.

    What a delightful children’s book, it made my heart smile!

    I read this book to my 4 year old daughter. She pointed out the dinosaur animations (as she is a huge dinosaur fan) and we talked about how we love to read and go to the library together. Even though she did declare at the end of the book she does still like IPads!

    This hardcover book has a vibrant mix of graphic and animation illustrations created by Georgie Wilson.

    As the saying goes “there is no app to replace your lap” -reading is so important. I love the message of the book and think it would make a great Christmas gift for any toddler to pre-schooler!

    Thanks Beauty and Lace and Black Inc. Books – Piccolo Nero for this reading opportunity.

  3. I love the sound of this book. The cover art shows a good sense of humour that I think even small children will understand. I will be buying it for my Ipad and book loving Granddaughter.

  4. This Is a Book (no wi-fi needed)

    Was a great book, was very well illustrated, Mr 7 could read along with me which was fantastic.

    Even Mr 1, Mr 7 and Mr 10 loved it 🙂
    They all giggled at the words of the noises and safe to saywe have re read it so many times I know most of the words off by heart.

    This particular book got our home talking about why and how books are important.
    The boys have been super excited to have story time after school and before bed since reading this story.

    Highly recommend this book as it’s a wonderful way to get children to understand and appreciate books and reflect on how much fun you can have by reading a book.

  5. This is a Book (No wifi needed) by Felicity McLean arrived on my doorstep today. It grabbed my 6 and 8 year olds attention straight away because the cover makes the book look like an ipad. (Very clever)

    My 8 year read it before I even had a chance too and then asked if she could take it to school for news. She thinks her friends will all love it because of the tricky cover.

    Later My 6 year old grabbed it for me to read to her before bed. She even chose it over a favourite novel we are reading at the moment. The bold font caught her attention straight away and she loved that she could read along with me. The story itself is short and encourages kids stop and think about the value of books over ipads. I dont think it would change a kids mind about their love of ipads but its a great way to grab that ipad-loving kids attention to sit and read a book!

    This book would be a great gift idea for kids aged 4-9.

  6. Thank you to Beauty & Lace Book Club and Piccolo NERO for the opportunity to review this book.

    This book encourages children to dispel the myths that books may be boring, they are for babies or old people and they don’t make noises or light up like iPad’s do. This is cleverly written as it initially attempts to understand the opinions of young children and their supposed hatred for reading, only to then encourage the imagination of these children, to show that their are such adventures to be had in reading and to show them ‘A kid could get lost for days in one of these things’.

    There is a clever use of graphics to keep the kids engaged, with big, bold writing and comical characters. The characters seem quite similar to the cartoon Charlie & Lola which may then be relatable for some children.

    On the other hand though, I do feel that although this is written with a little tongue in cheek humour, I do find it a shame that we need to explain the value of books instead of screens to young children. If a child needs a book to look like an Ipad to gain their interest, well that’s quite unfortunate really.

    I applaud Felicity McLean for her efforts in encouraging young children to read and hope that this book has its desired effect.

  7. Thanks Beauty and Lace and Black Inc. Books – Piccolo Nero for the opportunity to read this book.

    I asked my 7 year old daughter to help me review this book, as I thought it would be a good exercise for her. We read it together (with the 2 year old coming and going!). My daughter’s comments were as follows:
    “This book is excellent. I like that it looks like an iPad, but is actually a book. The best part was when she said ‘WOW’ and realised how amazing books are”

    I also really enjoyed reading this with the kids. It was quite humorous, and gave me a chuckle. While it is aimed at 3-6 year olds, it would appeal to slightly older kids too as they could read it themselves, and would find humour in it.

    A wonderful book, that is both funny and educational.

  8. I kindly received this book from beauty and lace to read to my kids.
    My children are at the age where they continually ask for the iPad, it can be a challenge at times to try and pique interest in other activities, as when one says no, they both say no.
    I found the book was good as it looks like an iPad, it immediately drew their attention as to what is this, let me see.
    Once you have them sitting down and reading it is much easier to give them a second or third book to read.
    Both my boys got a kick out of this book and where happy to read it several times during the two week trial period.

  9. We all loved this book, and needed no wifi!! My children love the they loved the colours, designs and the iPad border definitely charmed them also! They were definitely happy to read multiple times! Would recommend it!

  10. Thank you for letting me read tgis fabulous book with my daughter. This Is A Book, super lovely and the perfect connection with the reader. She really enjoys that it looks like an ipad but isnt and gets to read though the pages instead.
    As a teacher and parent i loved this book. It is totally relevant to todays children who often ask for online and onscreen rather than a book and some quoet. The connections were fabulous and i have a feeling that many children and parents will commect to this book and love it as much as we do.
    Again thankyou for allowing me to have a copy.

  11. This is a Book (no Wi-Fi needed) written by Felicity Mclean is a lovely book and the child that got to read it loved it! She was loving that it looked like an iPad. Although she is a book lover, she also loves the iPad so it was great to connect the two in one way!

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