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The Vet’s Country Holiday is the fourth book in the Chalk Hill series by Australian author
Lily Malone. It is a modern-day country romance fiction, rich in self-exploration.

Isabella Passmore, Izzy to her friends, was run off her feet at her Perth veterinary practice when her friend Taylor asked if she would like to house sit. Part of the deal is to look after Bruno, his beloved dog, for a month in the country town of Chalk Hill. She grabs the opportunity for a well-deserved break.

Elliot Field, an accountant living in Brisbane, has been asked to return home to Chalk Hill by his parents Wendy and Dylan. They own a ski park on the outskirts of town and are having financial difficulties.

With Elliot’s background in finance, they are hoping he’ll be able to sort out their books and save their business.

Izzy settles nicely into the quiet country town, but after three days she becomes restless. Walking Bruno through the streets every day she sees the same sights and people. She’s drawn to the quaint second-hand bookshop and is asked by the owner, Irene, to help out while she is away visiting a friend. Izzy takes up the challenge.

From the day Elliot walks into the second-hand bookshop to buy a mug, there’s a spark between him and Izzy. Even though their lives and personalities are so different, they challenge each other, and a budding romance beautifully grows.

The characters are full of life and well developed, with distinct personalities that win you over instantly. Izzy is a likable protagonist who is dynamic, cheeky, and easy to root for. Elliot at first seems serious and straight to the point, but his warmth comes through.

I thoroughly enjoy animals in stories and this one had a nice mixture of the Bruno and Bertie, and the mischievous ducks, and chickens.

The Vet’s Country Holiday is a joy to read. The story is engaging with plenty of humour, and you’ll be egging the characters on to get together.

The dialogue is simple, easy to follow, and hits every aspect of a true romance story. Lily Malone is an acclaimed author of sweet, heart-warming stories that are full of romance and drama – with an abundance of inspiration mixed in.

She’s known for her charming small towns, following your dreams, and love blooming when strangers become friends, and friends grow into family.

While this is a stand-alone book, readers will want to read the earlier novels of this series. I highly recommend it.

Thank you, Beauty and Lace and HarperCollins Publishers, for the opportunity to read and review.

ISBN: 9781867223931
Copy courtesy of publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

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8 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Vet’s Country Holiday

  1. I absolutely loved this book! I couldn’t put it down and I was sad when I finished it.
    This book is about a girl, vet, who finally has a holiday. Whilst she is house sitting she meets a man named Elliot. Elliot is an accountant with some emotional baggage, but nothing scared Izzy.
    From the beginning you can see the love story unfold, but not in a predictable way, rather I beautifully layered story of finding love.
    Highly recommended and looking forward to reading more from this author.

  2. This is the first book I’ve read by Lily Malone, and it’s always nice to discover another new-to-me Australian author. The story is apparently #4 in The Chalk Hill Series, but it didn’t matter one iota that I hadn’t read the previous three – which is always the sign of a good author. I managed to ‘get’ the community without volumes of explanation about the place and various other characters. Perth vet Izzy is bored after 3 days of her ‘holiday’ in rural Chalk Hill while house/dog-sitting for a friend. She wanders into a second-hand charity shop and ends up volunteering. It’s there she meets Elliot, hot-shot accountant, who’s come back to look through his parent’s book. They run a water ski park and it’s not doing well financially after the Covid-19 lockdowns, so they’ve asked for his advice. Elliot’s a bit of a mess, actually. Since a tragic event in his childhood he rarely comes home, and his still-grieving parents can’t see what pressure and guilt they put on him. Still, he wants to do the best for his parents, and then get out of Chalk Hill and back to his life. Being attracted to Izzy is not in the plan, especially when they’re both only there temporarily. I enjoyed watching their romance play out, and the other story lines come together – especially the tender one about his childhood. I also truly enjoyed the dogs, duck and chickens who all had their part to play. Izzy is a vet, after all. A charming, heart-felt read.

    Thanks to Beauty & Lace and Harper Collins Australia for the review copy.

  3. Loved loved loved this book!
    Another wonderful read by Lily Malone.
    Izzy, the busy work driven Vet agrees to house and dog sit for her friends while they are away. She thinks a country holiday is just what she needs. Boredom wasn’t on the cards but like many others, the small country town is not what she expects. 3 day and she is bored silly.
    Izzy helps out in the local Op Shop where a handsome stranger comes in to buy a cup. he walks into a disaster of the reddest, inkiest situation he has ever seen. Izzy has had a malfunction trying to refill an ink pad. His name is Elliot and he rescues the damsel in distress.
    Sparks fly and the old adage of opposites attract is true here.
    There is romance, laughter, a historical disaster, fraud, stealing and dysfunctional family all tied together to create an unputdownable book that I really enjoyed.
    I highly recommend The Vet’s Country Holiday.

  4. Thankyou Beautyandlace and HarperCollins for the opportunity to read and review ‘The Vets Country Holiday’ by Liliy Malone.
    Isabella (Izzy) Passmore is house sitting in country Chalk Hill. It’s for her friend Taylor and her partner as it’s the first opportunity they’ve had to get away since covid restrictions.
    Izzy used to her Perth lifestyle and bored welcomes the chance to help out at the second hand shop in town.
    Through this volunteer work and in the most unexpected way she meets Elliot Fields an accountant from Brisbane, who is in Chalk Hill to assist his parents. They are requiring help to solve financial problems in their business which is a Waterski Adventure Park.
    Izzy is a confident 35 year old (almost 36) vet whilst Elliot is struggling with the death of his brother and this is affecting his relationship with his parents.
    Izzy knows what her goals in life are, she’s honest and forthright.

    This is a good story, interesting and romantic with insights into the veterinary practices which Izzy is familiar with.
    I enjoyed this, just a bit different from the run of the mill romantic novel.

  5. Izzy Passmore is house-sitting in Chalk Hill. Thanks to boredom, she ends up working in the towns second hand store. Eliot Fields has briefly returned to Chalk Hill to help his parents sort out their water ski park. The need for a decent mug for his tea sees Eliot in the second hand store. After their hilarious meeting, Izzy is no longer bored and Eliot isn’t in such a hurry to leave. Sparks fly as these two work out they belong together.

    This is a great read, full of laugh out loud moments, loveable characters and with sweet animals thrown in for good measure.

    The Vet’s Country Holiday by Lily Malone is the fourth book in the Chalk Hill Series. And, while it is book four it easily reads and can be enjoyed as a stand alone book.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace Book Club and the Harper Collins for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  6. The ideal relationship romance with that dash of controversy.
    The enticement of a good looking farmer lead Izzy to house sit for her friend in country town Chalk Hill, taking a holiday from her Vet Practice…. Enter Elliott, back to his home town from Brisbane, with the memories of the past nagging at his mind.
    Boredom risking to spoil her fun, Izzy helps out at the local second hand store, fighting a losing ink battle, when first she meets Elliott. His trip to town for a mug that doesnt taste of memories brings Elliott into Izzy’s world.
    Enjoy the read, feel the fun, this was a good fun read. The history, controversy and backstories only adds to the tale.
    Thanks Beauty & Lace and Lily Malone for the warm fuzzy romance I needed.

  7. What a great story about a vet and an account .
    Izzy a vet from a busy vet practice in Perth was asked by her friend Taylor to come to Chalk Hill and house sit and look after her dog Bruno for a month a chance for Izzy to have a well deserved break .
    Along comes Eliot an accountant who has come to visit his parents and sort out there accounts as they are running a waterskiing business but Chalk Hill brings back haunting memories of his brother Dan who was killed in an accident when they were younger.
    Izzy and Elliot meet at the local Op shop in a funny circumstance and they each take a liking to each other .
    So will Izzys break, end up with falling in love with Elliot and will Elliot fall for the cheeky fun Izzy.
    I loved this beautiful, funny, story I loved the characters and animals along the way I could picture them perfectly in my head.
    Thanks beauty and lace for the opportunity to read this book by lily Malone I really enjoyed it from beginning to end.

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