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The Silk Scarf by Frances Dall’Alba is book three of The Australian at Heart Books. It’s not at all necessary to have read the previous books. This is Melita and Luke’s story. 

This book is filled with suspense, crime, community acceptance, family relationships, romance, and second chances.

Melita Van Der Meeliko has been searching for her dream location to sell her designer swimwear range in far North Queensland. She stumbles across a building in a great location.

It was built in the 1930’s, and she purchased it at a great price as it has been vacant for many, many years. Melita has plans for the restoration and the only builder she trusts with her vision is Luke Harvey.

Three years prior, they shared a kiss. It was one she has never been able to forget! If she can persuade Luke to be her project manager, maybe working together would give her the chance to see if that kiss could lead to something more.

However, Melita is unaware of the dark history associated with her house.

Luke hasn’t forgotten that kiss either and he decides to take the position. He would love to explore his feelings for Melita but, his concern is they both come from different worlds.

Melita is from a high society Boston family with a seemingly bottomless trust fund. On the other hand, Luke has to work hard for his living.

During the renovations a locked metal box is discovered. A red silk scarf covers the contents of the box. The contents are kept a secret while the police work out who is the legal owner of the contents, quite possibly it will be Melita, as she owns the building.

Sometimes it is hard not to give all the secrets away and fill a review with “spoilers”, so all I will say is…

  • Just what is inside the box that puts Melita’s life in danger?
  • Will Luke and Melita’s family be able to protect her?
  • Will Luke and Melita be able to move forward in their complicated relationship?
  • How does the red silk scarf draw everything together?

I enjoyed the story. I  liked the characters, and enjoyed the emotional growth of Melita and Luke. There is even romance for an older character, as Luke’s grandfather meets someone special.

The style of writing makes this an easy book to read.

If you love a book with many twists and turns, action and suspense to keep you engaged – this is the book for you.

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11 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Silk Scarf

  1. I thought I left my review but can’t see it anywhere.
    I really enjoyed this book I like that it’s part of series but you can follow the story without having read the previous books in the series. Very well written and easy to get lost in, I will look into reading the other books just so I can get the whole picture and see where it all starts and how the characters change and grow.

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