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The Rewilding by Donna M Cameron introduces us to Jagger Eckerman.

The character has carried a lot of emotional baggage around with him. There’s the feeling of being abandoned by his mother when she passed away and feelings of being unloved by his father. 

As a young man, he became aware that his father was dealing with some less-than-trustworthy individuals.  Now years on, he is working in his father’s company and Jagger is the one that gets to sign off on many of the various projects. 

He comes to realise that there are a lot of illegal things going on and he is the one who has signed off on them. He sees that he’s been set up and will be used as the scapegoat. His father doesn’t care and neither does his girlfriend who is only involved with him for the money. 

Jagger plans his escape, but before he goes he makes the wrongdoings of the company public.

He goes on the run and becomes tangled up with Nia who is a climate activist.  She drives him mad but at the same time he needs her to help him and she needs him for the money he can give her. 

The unlikely pair team up and are on the run together and this is when the real fun begins.

I really loved this book.  Jagger’s thoughts on Nia had me in giggles more than once.  I loved all the twists and turns and the fact that it wasn’t a perfect fairytale ending — but one that was very real.

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3 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Rewilding

  1. The Rewilding!
    A unique and electric story of Jagger Eckerman who, after blowing the whistle on a corrupt business run by his father’s associates, is now on the run, in hiding and fearing for his life.
    Of Nina, whose aim in life is to save the planet and is also in hiding for her own reasons. Both meet and are now on the run together. A dangerous situation for both who are pursued by Jagger’s father’s gangsters who want him dead. They must escape the many dangers along the way to stay alive. While doing so they develop a complex relationship. A quirky read.

    By Donna M Cameron.
    A exciting and fast paced story about a Corporate whistle blower named Jagger Eckerman run by his Father called Eckerman Constructions.
    Jagger must disappear otherwise he will be arrested.
    He leaves behind his girlfriend Lola and sells his beloved Porsche which he sells for a lot less then what he paid but he needs the cash.
    He takes Wills bike and leaves behind his ID and bank cards .
    Now he is on the run he boards a train with his bike and money .
    He wants to find the cave were he played as a teenager with Will but will he find it again were he can safely hide out.
    But the cave already has a habitat also hiding , her name is Nia and she is on a mission to save the planet .
    What a world wind of a story do the Eckermans find Jerry or does he manage to outrun them and does he fall in love with Nia?
    Certainly a thriller .
    Thank you Beauty and Lace for the chance to read this exciting book

  3. The Rewilding by Donna M Cameron is a fast paced thriller that has you sitting on the edge of your seat awaiting the next twist. We meet corporate whistle blower Jagger Eckerman as he is escaping the fallout of his whistle blowing. He takes refuge in a cave he remembers from his childhood which is where he meets Nia a hard core environmental activist.

    Both are running from their own demons, yet an unlikely relationship forms that sees them traversing the country together, endangering each other one minute then saving each other the next. Do they escape their demons? Does good triumph over evil? You will have to read the book to find out!

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Transit Lounge for the opportunity to read and review this page turner.

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