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Author: Danielle Steel
ISBN: 978-1509878338
Copy courtesy of Pan Macmillian 

Forced by their parents to marry when they were young because Eileen was pregnant, both Paul and Eileen have their regrets for what their lives might have been.  Eileen wonders how different her life would have been if she had followed her dream and become the Editor that she had so wanted to be. Paul holds a deep resentment for the different paths his life took also, but unlike Eileen, he lays the blame right at her feet.

He is now stuck in a job he hates, in a marriage to someone he feels resentment for, finds boring, and is a Dad to 3 kids he loves but never wanted. When the young and very attractive Olivia comes into his life he finds the excitement that his marriage had been lacking.   His world is turned upside down when Eileen discovers his affair and demands that he move out.

Eileen takes some time but decides on a plan to move her life forward. Olivia learns more about what she wants and what she doesn’t want in life, and she also follows her dream.  

Pennie, the teenage daughter of Paul and Eileen, dearly loves her boyfriend Tim and she is crushed when Tim ends their relationship. Things happen that force them back together and there is a battle between what Pennie feels is right, what Tim feels as right, and what everyone else feels they should do.  They all fight for how they feel things should be handled.

This story shows us how quickly and without real warning, life can change but somehow we all come out the other end.  Often changed but with a new normal.

This is a very easy book to read and I found the characters likable and easy to understand, even if there were times I wanted to slap Paul for trying to force others to make the same choices that made his own life miserable.

A lovely book to add to your Covid-19 lockdown reading pile.  

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10 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Numbers Game

  1. I used to read a lot of Danielle Steel books but stopped quite a few years ago as I was finding them to be quite repetitive so I requested this book to see if things have changed and to give her another go. The Numbers Game was a quick and easy read bit it was very repetitive with a familiar and predictable storyline. Mid-life crisis, Affair with a younger woman, every character described as gorgeous, money seemingly no problem and everything resolved for all of the characters except for Paul, the only ‘baddie’. This was ok but I won’t be rushing to read any more of her books as her writing style does not appeal to me.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace Book Club and Pan MacMillan for my copy for review.

  2. Thank you for the chance to read The Numbers Game by Danielle Steel.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book which was a timeline of life events.
    It starts with Eileen Jackson and her husband Paul. They have a daughter about to go to college and twin sons a little younger. The question is, are they both happy and do they really want to delve into it? Also, how are they going to react to Pennie’s news given their own situations?
    From there the web extends to Paul’s girlfriend Olivia and her famous family. They are all lovely and accepting of everyone and all situations. It was nice to read about a world of arts, the arts and grounded people.
    I loved Eileen’s journey through her marriage and her personal journey of discovery about her life and what she may like.
    We can all change things at any age for ourselves a nice, positive book.

  3. I am a fan of Danielle Steel so was excited to read The Numbers Game – it was an easy read in this weird time we find ourselves in. The story centres around 2 families Eileen and Paul and Paul’s mistresses family Oliviia, Gwen and Gabrielle and how the woman become strong in the face of the revelation of Paul and Olivia’s affair
    I would rate this book 31/2 stars..

  4. A good read with easy to follow switches between perspectives. This is only the second book I’ve read from this author, I did find them both a bit frustrating with lots of ‘beautiful people’ characters with plenty of money. Some angst is told of but it was easily dealt with.
    A good book for a quick read

  5. Thank you BeautyandLace for this book reading opportunity.

    This book reads like other books by Danielle Steel, it is easy to read, comfortable, and takes us on an exciting reading adventure. The characters are beautiful and busy people, which I noticed is her style of writing, it seems like romance and life thrown together in a whirlwind.
    I thought the book took us on a reading journey of discovery and we travel with the characters as they learn and discover what lies within themselves. It gave me a positive feeling and it seemed to say that change is a good thing afterall.

    I found the book a good read with a positive message of hope and good which can be found in our lives. The book was a good enjoyable read, which I can depend on the author for.

  6. I only got into Danielle Steele books relatively recently, which is surprising given she’s written so many. I’m loving her modern stories, though! ‘The Numbers Game’ was one of my favourites – an easy read, enjoyable characters that I loved finding out more, and a story that saw me wanting to keep reading. I recommend this one – it’s a light, enjoyable read, with an underlying story that makes you think.

  7. I hadn’t ever picked up a Danielle Steele book before, despite her being one of the bestselling fiction authors of all time, so I requested this book to try something different. I had in my mind that she wrote mills and boon-style romance/soft erotica but this was more a story about interpersonal relationships than your usual straightforward romance novel.

    I admit I found the book a little slow to get started but once I was a few chapters in it was an easy read. Centering around the relationship of Eileen and Paul, along with their daughter Pennie and twin sons, and Paul’s mistress, Olivia, it switches perspective between characters in a way that is easy to follow.

    Eileen’s growth from a bored suburban housewife, to broken-hearted jilted woman, and on to empowered businesswoman is probably relateable in some sense to quite a lot of readers. I found the characters a bit trite only in the fact that they were all either rich, famous, gorgeous, or all three, but it was an easy read and nice for a bit of escapism during our currently curtailed lives.

    While I probably won’t be seeking out more Danielle Steel if another comes my way I’d be happy to read it.

  8. A numbers game by Danielle Steel

    Thank you beauty and lace for giving me the opportunity to read this beauty by Danielle Steel.

    This book entwines modern relationships coming together, falling apart and everything coming together as should.

    This is a story of a family, Eileen and Paul who have a baby young in life and their career dreams are halted by the birth of their daughter. Six years later along come twin boys.

    As their daughter enters adult hood it is not without trials and tribulations that cause the start of things falling apart.

    As this book unravels quite quickly. The story line captures you and wanting to read what journey lies ahead. Eileen is one heck of a woman.

    I enjoyed the book, felt a lot happens with not enough pages to read. But all in all a good book.

  9. Thank you for the chance to read The Numbers Game by Danielle Steele.
    As with all of Danielle Steele’s novels, this book was a quick and action packed read that you find once you delve inside the cover you do not want to put it down until you reach the final word.
    I had to re-read this novel as it got lost during our interstate move and I felt that I had forgotten some of what had happened at the beginning of the story.
    The interpersonal relationships and inter-workings of the families in this novel do not disappoint. I really enjoyed the depth that was covered within the novel and how Danielle shaped the novel to portray the real decisions, difficulties, indiscretions, repercussions and finalises of our choice.
    Being older does not make you wiser. Eileen and Paul (together a long time, forced together by teenage indiscretion forced them to be resentful, spiteful and sneaky. Their oldest child Pennie and her sweetheart boyfriend.
    Olivia- young and vibrant with her famous family. Her mother and maternal Grandmother and her long term partner play roles within the transient story that switches between perspectives for the duration of the novel.
    Situations cause further suburban life to dishevel and with leave the characters questioning their lives, the future and the pasts.
    The novel cause on wistful thinking and fairy-tale belief as it forges a new and very beyond simple, beyond normal path into the future. Eileen is left making decisions she didn’t know she needed to make. Paul is left creating a new way forward with their younger twins causing him suffocation, yet bringing to his character a great breadth and repeatability.
    The story-line flows and ebbs gently through the novel and concludes in a spectacular fashion, further from where you believe things will go at the beginning of the novel.
    Thank you for this opportunity, I really enjoyed it!

  10. Have loved Danielle steel books from way back and this was a very enjoyable read as always. Sends a strong message of age is only a number and life is to be lived at whatever age … don’t leave fulfilling your dreams til it’s too late .

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