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Author: Tonya Alexandra
ISBN: 9781489246950
RRP: $19.99
Publisher: HQ Young Adult
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

The Implausible Story of Olive Far Far Away is the conclusion of a duology that began with The Impossible Story of Olive In Love and follows the young life of Olive Banks.

Olive is under a gypsy curse that rendered her invisible; she found love with Tom, who was the only person who could see her. Now that she’s been dumped by him she’s set herself a new mission – to have fun.

Her best friend in tow, Olive sets off to see the world despite her invisibility and along the way she discovers that there is another boy who can see her.

Olive has her work cut out for her on her travels between juggling her friends and sorting out her feelings for the boys, her biggest hurdle is trying to defeat her own self-loathing. This story is entrenched in magic and superstition that takes Olive all over; from the Himalayan peaks to New York City and an Irish shore where she just may find her freedom.

I am looking forward to this one, it sounds like a lot of fun. I’m not sure you could write a story like that without wit and a bit of intrigue.

The Implausible Story of Olive Far Far Away is published by HQ Young Adult and is available now through Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to HQ Young Adult 20 of our Beauty and Lace Members are already reading The Implausible Story of Olive Far Far Away and you can read what they thought in the comments below. Please be aware there may be spoilers.

19 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Implausible Story of Olive Far Far Away

  1. This is a sequel to “Olive in Love”, which I haven’t read. There’s enough information in this novel about what’s gone before, though, that I didn’t feel it mattered much. I was still able to enjoy “The Implausible Story…” and feel there was a complete story.

    This is a novel that crosses genres. In many ways it’s a young adult “chick lit” novel, but with one very significant difference – our heroine, Olive, is invisible. Only her true love can see her. And as the novel opens, she has split up with her true love (Tom), and is travelling the world with her best friend, Jordan.

    Being invisible has its’ advantages – you can sit in first class without a ticket, for example. But also significant disadvantages – who’s going to carry your luggage without freaking out everyone you pass? Small things that Olive touches – like her clothes when she’s wearing them – are invisible, but larger items are visible.

    One thing that I found was a bit distracting was that I immediately started thinking things like “how did her mum change her nappy when she was a baby? How did she see the poo to wipe it off her? How did she know she was in a safe sleeping position?”. That’s probably just me, though. Alexandra doesn’t attempt to answer these sorts of questions. She’s kept the details of Olive’s situation simple, and is consistent throughout the novel.

    So, Olive is 19 and off to see the world. Stunningly, she finds another boy who can also see her. Does she have two true loves? Or is there something about her curse she doesn’t know? Olive finds herself on a quest to understand the curse, work out who she loves, and most importantly, work out who she wants to be.

    I enjoyed this novel. It’s well written, and although it canvasses a lot of issues very commonly touched on in other novels, the device of Olive’s invisibility gives it a freshness and a dash of humor that helps it stand out a little. It’s not astoundingly original, but it’s well handled and enjoyable to read.

    It’s a young adult novel – aimed at the older end of that spectrum – but enjoyable for adults too. There’s a warmth and perceptiveness here that will appeal even to readers who think they’ve got their lives sorted out and that they don’t need to relive teenage angst.

    This is a well written, enjoyably quirky novel that draws you in and is easy to read.

  2. Thankyou Beautyandlace and the Publisher for the opportunity to read “The Implausible Story of Olive Far Far Away” by Tonya Alexandra.
    This is a book written for young adults but as a “mature” adult I enjoyed it very much..

    Olive is invisible owing to a gypsy curse when her grandmother was romantically involved with a gypsy and became mother to Olive’s own mother who is deceased.
    Olive has a sister Rose (not affected by the curse) and Olive’s grandmother is still living but in America.
    Olive has recently broken up with Tom her boyfriend and has a very good friend who is blind called Felix, all living in Australia where Olive has been living.
    She also has another great friend a girl, Jordan, who she relies on because Jordan is not invisible. They are travelling together for an adventure and visiting different countries. They are having so much fun, each meeting male friends.
    The story is great, almost a travel documentary as they explore the world together taking in Vietnam, Tibet and New York.
    Olive decides she’d like to go to Ireland where she believes her grandfather is living, this because she wants to discover more about the curse which involves the fact that only her true love will be able to see her.

    The humour in the book is “wicked”, I had lots of laughs at Olive and her antics and her comments and actions.
    The book is different but oh so good, thoroughly recommended!

  3. The Implausible Story of Olive Far Far Away follows the life of Olive, a 19 year old girl whom has had a gypsy curse placed on her that makes her invisible!
    Been invisible has advantages, riding in first class, never ending pranks and the fun that comes from knicking the odd pint from the pub, disadvantages are aplenty as well. Who would choose to be invisible? I would think no one.
    The gypsy curse placed on Olive means only her one true love can see her, but what happens when a pale, scrawny “nut” can see her as well as the person whom she thought was her one true love.! Split from Tom , Olive believes no one will ever be able to see her except Tom, however on a trip with best friend Jordan a handsome young man catches her eye.Enter Dillion. Dillion can also see Olive and the pair get up to lots of mischief together. Who is Olive’s true love, Tom or Dillion?
    In the search for answers Olive wants to find her granddad and see if he knows how the curse can be lifted.
    Derry Nial McDonagh is discovered to be living in Ireland so in amongst the confusion on picking who really is her one true love she decides to visit her granddad and see if he has the answers.
    The invisible curse can only be lifted if Derry choses his love Muirgheal, and ultimately “kicks the bucket”.
    Will the curse be lifted or will Olive forever be cursed to be invisible!

    I loved this book, it is a Young Adult read but i’m a mature reader and absolutely loved it. I’m already wanting to read it again!

  4. I enjoyed this book. Olive is a, real character. I guess being invisible helps. Would recommend to young adults. A five stars.

  5. This book was a fun read and part of this can be chalked up to its interesting premise. This is a story about Olive Banks, a girl who has been subjected of a gypsy curse. This means that Olive is invisible to virtually everyone. This is only a minor setback for her though, because she has managed to find love and constantly makes her presence felt at various points.

    Readers were first introduced to her in the title, “The Impossible Story of Olive In Love” and this book is its sequel. The current story sees Olive travel through different countries with her friends. They are a fun bunch who deal with various relationship and friendship dilemmas. Their jokes and humour certainly share a few things in common with Marian Keyes’ work.

    “The Implausible Story of Olive Far Away” is an enjoyable romantic comedy and slice of escapism that includes a barrage of jokes and a hefty dose of globe-trotting. Pack your suitcases now!

  6. Olive is cursed, she’s the grandchild of and Irish woman cursed when pregnant. This means Olive is invisible, except to her true love. A difficult life to be lived, but it can also be so much fun.
    Jordan was thought to have a problem letting go of her imaginary friend, Olive. Little did her parents realise that Olive was the real deal!
    Finally adults, Jordan and Olive travel about, a holiday between studies/work. Olive ensures they have good acommodations by her skills of not being seen. She sneaks great meals and rearranges things where she goes to make life a little better not only for herself and Jordan but also some of the locals. But the wheels seem to fall off this fun wagon when Jordan finds herself falling for Simon and Olive is SEEN.
    Tom was supposed to be her true love, wasnt he? He was the boy that could see her, although they had broken off their relationship… But now another sees her!
    Follow their journey as they drift apart, as Olive learns to find herself and the curse that she’s under.

    Great characters and although I wasnt sure at the start of the book if it was really my “thing” I did end up loving this book and its quirks.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I loved this story! It follows Olive a 19 year old woman cursed to be invisible and her adventures around the world hoping to let go of the man she thought was her one love and falling for another in the process. Although it took me two chapters to figure out if she was Actually invisible or in a metaphorical sense I still really loved it!
    I read this book over two days, I simply couldn’t put it down. Hubby giggled at me because he hadn’t seen me read a book that intently for a while.
    When I finished I was a little disappointed. I really enjoyed following the story, I was super excited to see there is another book that was written before this one so we can keep reading about Olive but at the same time a little sad I didn’t read that one first.
    Thanks B&L I absolutely loved this book!!!!!

  8. An intriguing and light hearted story about Olive and her family and friends. A unique and sometimes funny story of Olive who is travelling from Australia with her best friend Jordan. Meeting of like minds changes plans and Olive decides she wants to follow her roots and find out more about her family and why she is invisible and if the spell can be broken.
    Falling in love is part of the travels along with meeting of her Grandmother who had the spell placed on her by her Grandfathers mother. Friends gather, misunderstandings and true love are all part of the equation and the trip that takes Olive to her Irish roots and the meeting of her Grandfather.
    I don’t want to say more as I will break the spell of you enjoying this delightful story and character.

    Don’t pass this book up as you will love this story.

  9. I really loved Olive Far Far Away. Upon initially discovering the premise that the main character is invisible, I wasn’t sure how the book was going to go. But all praise to the wit, dark humour and endearing charm of Olive (and skill of Tonya Alexander) which quickly won me over and I was drawn in to the emotional yet entertaining story of the travels of Olive with her friend Jordan, and then solo. She has a small band of great friends and I have to say I’ll always be a sucker for an Irish charmer!! I didn’t feel like we got to know Tom very well in the current book but I’ve just learned it is actually a sequel so no doubt the first would fulfil that role.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this creative and enjoyable book and will be recommending it to everyone I can! Thanks for the opportunity Beauty and Lace and HQ Young Adult.

  10. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be invisible? Follow the story of Olive, a 19 year old girl who is cursed to be invisible for all of her life. This book dwells on the fun side of being invisible but also points out the possibility of being alone for ever and never finding your future love/partner.

    Olive has broken up with her boyfriend Tom so she decides to explore different parts of the world with her best friend Jordan. Their journey is filled with fun and adventure as well as some heartache. Along the way, she falls in love with a new boy.

    It’s when Olive decides to continue the journey on her own that she discovers more about herself, her family, her friends and love.

    A well written book with a good dose of humour – this is a great read especially for the young adult. I highly recommend it!

  11. This story follows a 19 year girl called Olive who has been cursed to be invisible for her whole life. When I first read this I was intrigued how the story would pan out and wasn’t sure if it was going to be enjoyable. The story follows Olive as she travels overseas with her best friend to try and find the gypsy to remove the curse. The story also touches on the fear of loneliness and never finding ‘the one’ and shows a girl trying to find herself and be confident and comfortable with who she is and the decisions she makes.

    The book is written with a great sense of white and sarcastic humour which made it enjoyable to read.
    I did enjoy this book, it is an easy read and easy to follow the storyline. It is the second book to ‘Olive in Love’ however as someone else above mentions it is not crucial to have read that book already.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace and HQ Young Adult for the opportunity to read this book.

  12. I didn’t realise until after I finished this book that it was a sequel, but it doesn’t matter as this book provides enough information that you can read it alone and fully understand and enjoy it.

    This book is aimed at young adults but I still enjoyed it even though I’m a bit older than the target audience. It’s easy to read, and the chapters are fairly short.

    The book is set apart from others by the fact that the main character – Olive – is invisible. Olive can only been seen by her true love Tom who broke up with her, hence she is trying to have fun travelling around the world with her best friend. Travelling is good when you are invisible as you don’t need to pay for things or a visa or passport! Olive is caused a lot of confusion when she discovers a 2nd boy can see her, does this mean she has another true love?

    I found the main point of the story was that Olive has trouble liking herself and the book follows her on a journey of self-discovery. It has a bit of a message there about self-acceptance.

    Some parts about the book have me wondering about small details of how being invisible works, why she does certain things because of being invisible, how things in her past were etc, but the book doesn’t really go into the finer details.

    The ending was a little different to I expected but it was quite good despite a few things not becoming clear. It was a good read, and great for something a little different.

  13. The Implausible Story of Olive Far Far Away is the sequel to The Impossible Story of Olive in Love. I can happily say that you can read this as a stand alone novel.
    I really enjoyed the light way it read, it took me just under 6hrs to finish and was thoroughly enjoyable. It took me back to my travels in my twenties, memories were flooding in by the truck loads whilst reading. So I loved it for that. It was fun and I was equally drawn to all the characters.
    Thank you HQ Young Adult and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to have read Tonya’s latest release. I am definitely tempted to go back a book!! I am absolutely positive that this will find a wide audience with YA and Chick Lit Fans, It has depth and is full of quirks that will resonate warmly to readers.

  14. Don’t ever let romantic relationships define you…….. this i think is the key message in this wonderfully enjoyable read.

    Being invisible due to the curse has its pro’s and con’s but at every turn it has fun moments.

    Olive sounds like the kind of girl i would love to be at times

    Great YA reading even for an oldie like me I’ve passed it on the my niece so lets see how it resonates with a younger audience..

    And I will admit to having the first book ordered at our local bookshop

  15. This book reminds me of my teenage years (feels like yesterday lol), a young invisible girl torn between two guys because they can see her, a best friend who puts up with her crazy and sometimes selfish antics and family which is always complicated.

    Her journey to find acceptance within herself and to discover her life’s path is a great read. A definite must for young teenage girls who can relate to young loves and friendships.

    5 Stars from me : – )

  16. What a fun book. A great storyline that is most definitely implausible but a whole lot of reading pleasure. Poor Olive will have you laughing and crying.

    An easy read that I really enjoyed spending a weekend with.
    I would absolute recommend it to YA readers and anyone after a healthy dose of escapism!

  17. I loved this book despite it being written for “young adults”. The Implausible Story of Olive Far Far Away is a story about a young adult named Olive Banks who is invisible thanks to a gypsy curse that was placed on her unborn mother back in Ireland. Somehow the curse has been passed on to Olive and the only person who is ever supposed to see her is her ‘true love’. This book is the second in a duology so the first story followed her romance with Tom who she is now no longer together with. Because of Olive’s invisibility very few people knows she exists so she gets up to a lot of mischief which I think we all would if we were invisible.
    This story is really a trip around the world from Asia to New York to Ireland and England as Olive tries to find her place in the world and accept herself for who she is. On her travels she meets another boy, who can see her which surprises her as she thought she would only have one true love. A rivalry between the boys ensues and it really is a entertaining story.
    As implausible as the story was it was fun to read and I enjoyed following Olive on her journey around the world and would recommend it to anyone who wants a fun light read.
    Thanks to HQ Young Adult and Beauty and Lace for another great read.

  18. The Implausible Story of Olive Far, Far Away by Tonya Alexandra is about a 19 year old affected by an old gypsy curse that makes her invisible.

    After a recent break up Olive decides to travel with her friend Jordan. During their exciting journey, Olive meets another potential.

    The book is the perfect mixture of romance and comedy. Along the way Olive has to deal with the dynamics of different relationships, as well as being on a path to her self discovery.

    I would recommend this book to young adults, as the figurative themes throughout are relatable.

    Thank you to Harlequin Publishers and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read this entertaining book.

  19. A big thanku to beauty and lace for letting me review The Implausible Story of Olive Far, Far Away by Tonya Alexandra.

    I didnt realise this was a sequel till after reading it and wish i had of read the first book to learn a bit more about tom, however u can read this without having read the first. Admittedly i have ordered the first book now and look forward to reading it.

    This book was great. Lots of funny moments and thouroughly enjoyed all the mischevious things olive go up to . I found the characters personalities of olive jordan and simon all very relatable and thouroughly enjoyed reading.

    I did question at the beginning weather or not olive was truely inbisible or just felt that way but found clarity pretty quickly. I found myself very curious as to what being invisible was like in her younger years growing up and for this reason i am lookimg forward to reading the first book.

    Overall it a great read about love
    Friendship and finding urself.

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