BOOK CLUB: The Farm at Peppertree Crossing

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The Farm at Peppertree Crossing is the latest book by Leonie Kelsall.

Roni has always had to stand on her own two feet and battle her way through life.  Her childhood was spent feeling that no one really loved or wanted her as she went from one foster home to the next. She found that sadly not all foster carers are in it for anything more than the money. 

Now as a young adult she sees that she has just finished a dead-end relationship and she needs to rethink her entire future. Now it’s not just going to be about her.  She needs to think about how she is going to support the baby that the two lines on the pregnancy test have informed her will be entering the world within months.

After receiving what she believes to be a scam snail mail, and deciding that she should at least inform the solicitor that someone is using his details to scam people.  She discovers that what she thought was a scam is indeed real, but her inheritance is not to be handed to her without her putting in some effort. 

It means uprooting from her life in Sydney and moving to Peppertree Crossing in South Australia.  The city girl is suddenly thrust into country life where she finds that what she thought she didn’t need, is what she does need.  She finds family, love and belonging.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club Members are reading The Farm at Peppertree Crossing by Leonie Kelsall.  You can read their comments below, or add your own review.

ISBN: 9781760877804 / Publisher: Allen and Unwin

21 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Farm at Peppertree Crossing

  1. Thank you to Beauty and Lace, Leonie Kelsall and Allen & Unwin for the opportunity to read The Farm at Peppertree Crossing.

    This book flowed well and was easy to read. I was unable to put it down once started. I really enjoyed this book.

  2. The Farm at Peppertree Crossing by Leoni Kelsall
    Roni is a likeable protagonist from the very start of this book. We meet her as an adult and learn that she was raised in foster homes with no knowledge of her ancestry until, out of the blue, a letter arrives that will change her life. Roni who likes repetition and routine lives in a flat in Sydney with her quirky cat Scritches, has a long-term job at a takeaway in the CBD, having worked for the same boss for many years. This sense of security that Roni has created in her adult life helps her manage each day after such an unpredictable past. Following the letter, a phone call and a meeting, Roni travels out to the property she is set to inherit, off an Aunt she didn’t even know existed. On the trip to the farm, the author refers to Roni’s journey with ‘There was far too much….country out here for her liking’ and her mind is made up to sell the property and return as quickly as she can to Sydney. This, however, is not a straightforward inheritance and she learns that to gain ownership, she must undertake a series of tasks set by her aunt.
    Leoni Kelsall does a brilliant job with portraying the lead character as strong, yet vulnerable. Roni wants to be loved despite not always showing this on the surface. We feel for Roni and it is easy to see her issues are deeply rooted. She has done the hard yards as a child but despite this, she is a kind person and this is reflected with the way she helps the elderly residents in her block, dropping off supplies and the love she shows to the cat she rescued from abuse. Roni makes it clear she has learned not to expect anything from anyone and there are barriers of steel that need to be broken for her to change her beliefs. This books takes us on Roni’s journey from the city slicker she is when she first arrives at the property to a young lady who takes time to adjust and relax into a new setting and learn to embrace it. It was a book I found hard to put down and I would highly recommend it.

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