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The Dumnonian compass by Australian author S.B. Postlewhite is a wonderful novel full of adventure, fantasy and magic.

Darcy, the daughter of two eccentric, and obsessive archaeologists Tom and Pippa, dreams of a normal life. She loves her parents dearly even though she is embarrassed by them every day. Her mother’s obsession with Jane Austen, the way they dress, their fascination over people who have passed 100 years ago. Darcy feels if she were one of those people maybe they would take more notice of her.

The family embark on a holiday to Cornwall, they had holidayed there for the first-time in 1999 and Darcy persuaded her parents that it had been the best holiday she’d ever had. Her parents didn’t know the real reason why she wanted to go back but it was her birthday and her wish was granted.

As they sit in traffic Darcy reflects back on how it all started, she was trapped in a magical realm against her will and ended up on a crusade to find her way home. She soon realised that saving Dumnonian was also part of her journey when she met gatekeeper Mawgan. He explained that the evil Narcasta wanted control of the gateway and to rule all.

I loved how Darcy went from a child to a warrior having to push forward whenever an obstacle came upon her.She was a one of those main characters who developed as the story went on, and it made me appreciate her bravery and accepting all as they were, from pixies to wizards and odd looking creatures. The mix of sub characters names were enchanting; Hicca and Nex, Tryfena, Tintagel, Murwenna to name a few.

the dumnonian compass

The interactions between Darcy and all she meets along the way adds to the overall flavour of the plot. The good-versus-evil conflict is evident, and the importance of a strong bond’s shines through.

It is wonderfully enthralling novel from the first page and paints a world that you long to visit. There are enough twists and turns to keep the pace of the plot zooming along rather nicely.

Sharon’s story was written to spark the imagination of young people and to explore some of the darker aspects of humanity, such as prejudice and intolerance. I think she did a wonderful job in portraying no matter what you look like or how you are treated; understanding, friendship and love will overcome all.

Even though this novel was written for teens it can be enjoyed by adults who have a vivid imagination and like to get lost in a fantasy world. I would love a second novel to follow on the adventures of this quirky family.

Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Shawline Publishing for the opportunity to read and review.

Author: Sharon Postlewhite
ISBN: 9781922444776
Copy courtesy of Shawline Publishing

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17 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Dumnonian Compass

  1. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Shawline Publishing for my copy to read and review.

    The Dumnonian Compass is full of fairies, pixies and witches. Darcy, a 13 year old girl, ends up lost in this magic world and has quite an adventure. It is a journey of self discovery as well as a journey to get back home again.
    It is not my normal style of book but I found I enjoyed it. It was a very quick and easy read. The characters were all so different but all fit in to the story perfectly.
    Although targeted at the younger generation I think it can easily be enjoyed by anyone with an imagination.

  2. The Dumnonian Compass by S B Postlewhite and published by Shawline Publishing Group is written as a classic fairy tale. It is fittingly set in Cornwall a place of spectacularly rugged scenery and beautiful castle ruins, that has long been associated with mysticism, legend and Celtic folklore. Indeed Dumnonia was actually an ancient Celtic kingdom.

    Against this background, 14 year old Darcy, the daughter of two work obsessed archaeologists, is suddenly thrust into a magical parallel world inhabited by witches, wizards, fairies, pixies, mermaids and imps. Unwittingly trapped, Darcy is forced to rely on her instincts and find her way home whilst around her a good vs evil battle for dominance is waging.

    This is an easy to read, and very descriptive fairytale adventure that promises to be the first in a series of Journeys into Dumnonia. It will appeal to younger teens.

  3. Once started I couldn’t put The Dumnonian Compass novel down. Darcy who is a 14 year old daughter of two very eccentric archaeologists finds herself caught in a world of magic. Different characters enter her world, or she enters their world as she gets trapped in this world far away from home. With the assistance of pixies, imps, witches, fairies and wizards they find a way to lead Darcy through their mysterious world with the added assistance of a compass. To say much more would give some of the story away but I would love to have a teenage daughter to pass this book onto.
    Cannot wait for another book on Darcy’s explorations.
    A true delight of a story.

  4. Thanks as always to Beauty and lace for the chance to read this book, The Dumnonian Compass.
    Definetely not a book I’d normally pick myself as supernatural and sci fi are not genre’s I ever read but as it arrived I thought, ok I’ll give it a go!
    I really liked the story, it was well written and I loved the main character Darcy.
    As others have said above, the mixture of fairies, wizards, pixies and the like made it different and entertaining.
    I agree that I think its more suited to the YA group, and have recommended it to friends with younger teen girls, who I’m sure are going to thoroughly enjoy reading it 🙂

  5. I wanted to go on a magical adventurous journey and this book took me on one. I loved the easy to read narrative and the characters which all made the book a pleasure to read.
    This book would suit adults and also young adults as it flows easily from page to page with some laughs, thrills and excitement along the way.

    It was fun to go along with Darcy and it seemed like a movie with all the language, fairies and events happening throughout the book.

    Thank you BeautyandLace and Shawline Publishing for this book reading opportunity.

  6. The Dumnonian Compass by S B Postlewhite and published by Shawline Publishing Group.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace for letting me read and read this well written fairytale.
    My first thoughts on this book was it was for young teens but to my surprise when I started to read this book I could not put it down and at 53 I really enjoyed something different to read.
    I loved the main Character Darcy and her archaeologists parents who are a bit quirky in her mind.
    On Darcys 15th birthday the family decide to set of for Cornwall on holiday .
    But almost a year ago they had done this trip before she starts to remember what it was like it was 1999 and they were headed to Cornwall to watch the total eclipse it was busy traffic was moving really slow they stop for a rest and Darcy takes the dogs out for a walk to the shade of some trees, but she felt an eerie presence and she shivered and could see a man standing near her a glowing mist surrounded him he looked at her smiled then disappeared , weird .
    They finally make to Cornwall and stay in a smelly caravan were she meets the stranger again .
    she tries to forget him but unfortunately he keeps on appearing more and more .
    Darcy ends up lost in a magical world It is a journey of ups and downs of witches, pixies and fairies as she try’s to find her way back home again .
    What a fantastic book kept me intrigued right until the end .

    Cant wait for more books with Darcy as the main character .
    A quick easy read for any age group they will really enjoy

  7. The Dumnonian Compass had me at Archaeological dig in Cornwall!
    This is a thoroughly entertaining read that instantly reminded me of the The Hobbit and The Labyrinth retrospectively. It is fast paced and keeps the reader hooked from beginning to end.
    I really enjoyed delving into the world of Pixies, Faeires and Witches with Darcy, the teen protagonist.
    Set in Englands south, a young girl is fatigued by her parents transient lifestyle but finds herself hurtling into a wide flung adventure she never saw coming.
    A tale for all ages who love a bit of folklore and magic!
    Thank you Shawline Publishing Group and Beauty and Lace Magazine for this reading opportunity.
    Thank you to the Author and congratulations on your book baby!!
    Looking forward to more in this series!!

  8. I admit to struggling with this book and had to keep reminding myself it was aimed at a middle-grade audience who I am sure would thoroughly enjoy it.

    It had plenty to keep a younger reader engaged, with adventure, a quest, magic and magical beings. I did like that the author wasn’t afraid to kill off the ‘good’ characters in the struggle to beat the villains of the story. The world-building was well done and I liked how the world was accessed through one of the many archaeological ruins in the UK. I feel like this is not the end of the adventure for Darcy and her friends.

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Shawline Publishing for a copy of this novel in return for an honest review.

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