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The Deep by Kyle Perry is a book packed with twists and turns.

Forest Dempsey went missing six years ago and was presumed dead.  Now aged thirteen, his family is stunned when battered and bruised he walks from the wild waters of the Tasman Peninsula. 

It’s obvious he has been abused and is suffering from emotional trauma. He refuses to talk about what he has been through.

Mackerel Dempsey is an ex-ice addict and is out on bail.  This time he will make sure that he does things right and does not end up back in jail.  

Ahab Dempsey removed himself from the family business many years ago.  His mother was an ice addict and seeing the damage that drugs can do to a person he refused to be involved in the families drug supply business.

Forest’s return pulls both Mackerel and Ahab together and back into the drug world that they both so desperately want to stay away from.

At each turn, another secret is unearthed.  This book will keep you on your toes and questioning everyone and everything.  Who can be trusted and who can’t? 

This was an awesome lockdown read.  Every time you think you have it worked out you discover you don’t. It wasn’t predictable at all.

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ISBN:  9781760895716

Copy courtesy of Penguin Publishers

8 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Deep

  1. This is a wild ride of a book. Set aside a couple of days to sit and read because it grabs you and doesn’t let you go until the last page, a true adrenaline ride. It’s fair to say the Dempsey family has got the drug trade under wraps at Shacktown, situated on the sea at the Tasman Peninsular. They use abalone diving as their front. Lots of drops at sea have been done in places where the abalone divers just so happen to be diving, and so they find a lot of things that aren’t abalones… But there’s rumours around town that the famous pirate Blackbeard is trying to muscle in on the iron grip the Dempseys have on the drug trade. How is the family going to react when their Business is under threat? Suddenly, in a shocking turn of events, fifteen year old Forest Dempsey, missing for seven years, walks out of the ocean. He can’t tell anyone what’s happened in the years he’s been gone…but everything changes in the Dempsey family in a flash because he’s the heir to the family Business. This book will do your head in. I can’t begin to tell you the astonishing twists and turns that occur through the book, and even the Dempsey family reel as they struggle with what’s right and what’s dreadfully wrong, and whether they can have the courage of their convictions to take a stand and do the right thing as evil exposes itself right amongst them. The sea and the Black Wind also become characters in themselves, horrifying and beautiful at the same time. And what’s with that last, gob-smacking sentence?! Omigosh!
    Thanks so much to Beauty & Lace Bookclub and Penguin Australia for the review copy. A wow of a read.

  2. Wow. What an incredible read. One minute you think you know where the story is going, turns out there’s a lot more ways the tale is going to turn!
    I enjoyed reading about the loveable Mack and the harsh steel of the drug barons, all set in Australia. A book you struggle to put down.
    What a triumph of a novel.

  3. Wow! This book was well researched, I feel like I have a better understanding for how drug dens work. I felt like I was there in Tasmania, twist’s and turns totally unpredictable. This is one family you won’t forget reading about for a long time. A really fantastic book.

  4. I’m a big fan of Kyle Perry! I loved The Bluffs and I loved The Deep even more.

    He so effortlessly draws you into the story and has you completely hooked from the first page until the last. I also find being Tasmanian, knowing the landmarks he is describing just brings it to life even more.

    Kyle has fast become one of my favourite authors and I can’t wait until his next book comes out!

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Penguin Publishing for the chance to read and review this fantastic book which I have been recommending to everyone!

  5. I have seen many things about Kyle Perry but this is the first I have read.

    It had so many twists and turns my head was spinning. I wanted to read faster to keep up.

    Who would of thought a drug ring family in Tasmania could get up to so much. I had sympathies for many in this book as the description of what they had been through was fantastic. The characters had real personalities which means a lot in a book like this.

    Well done and look forward to his next book.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Penguin for this copy to read and review.

  6. Wow what an unpredictable read! I really enjoyed this book and although it did take me a little while to get into it, am so glad I persevered as it was definitely worth it!
    The mental health and trauma aspect had me hooked and made it feel so much more realistic and incredibly ‘now’. A huge hats off to Kyle’s work background having a big impact which meant it was well researched and this made it really enjoyable to read.
    I would have loved more on Mack’s story and a bit more of a description of him, as I just could never quite get a good picture in my head of what he looked like. A little more background on Ahab too would have been welcomed too as they were 2 of the main (and my favourite!) characters. This didn’t detract from the storyline though, more for my personal pleasure I guess!
    I found the whole storyline fascinating and really exciting. I loved the twists and turns and the ending was incredibly satisfying. The epilogue though, whoa, I LOVED it!
    Thanks so much to Beauty & Lace, Penguin Random House and to Kyle Perry for the opportunity to read this terrific book! I am tracking down his first book ‘The Bluffs’ immediately!

  7. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Penguin Publishing.
    What a book!! It had me until the very end and then some. The storyline was incredible and the characters were well thought out.
    A definite must read and I would recommend this book easily to anyone. Great book!!!

  8. Wow what a ride! This book was fantastic, I didn’t want to put it down.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Penguin for the opportunity to read this book an experience that I will definitely be repeating!

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