BOOK CLUB: The Day the Lies Began

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Author: Kylie Kaden
ISBN: 9781925700381
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: 19th August 2019
Publisher: Pantera Press
Copy: Courtesy of the publisher

Australian writer Kylie Kaden has produced a very good novel with twists and turns throughout.
Abbi and Blake have been brother and sister for a long time – but not in the traditional sense. Abbi is now married to Will – a local doctor and they have a 5-year-old daughter Eadie.

Hannah has returned home to teach at the local school after an extended absence away overseas. She has always had a crush on Blake who is the local cop from their school days. She has a younger sister Molly who is a troubled teenager and she hopes to rekindle her romance with Blake.

On the night of the Moon Festival, Eadie goes missing and everyone is looking for her. What they find will devastate all concerned and opens a tangled web of lies between these four characters.

I really enjoyed the setting and my only criticism is that at times it had a little too much descriptive narrative when telling the stories of the 4 main characters and this section dragged a little. However, once you get through that the story really ramps up and keeps you guessing throughout the remainder of the book – even down to the last page.

This is the second book of Kylie’s that I have read – looking back at Missing You I also rated it 4 stars – I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading thrillers and books in the domestic noir genre.

Thanks to Pantera Press, 25 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be reading The Day the Lies Began. Please note the comments may contain spoilers.

15 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Day the Lies Began

  1. The Day The Lies Began is a recent release from Australian author Kylie Kaden. This is the first novel I’ve read of hers, and I can already say I’m a huge fan.

    The cover of this book is what drew me in; and the premise had me very excited to read it.

    From the very first page, I was enthralled. I needed to know what had happened so badly, I finished this novel in one sitting.

    The text itself has the perfect amount of detail. It covers all it needs to cover, without going overboard.

    The characters were likeable and relatable, and this novel really made me think about what I would do if I were in their shoes.

    Overall, it’s a twisty thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

  2. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Pantera Press for my copy of The Days The Lies Began by Kylie Kaden.

    I just finished and wow it had me hooked and guessing to the very end where everything was revealed and pieced together perfectly. It was written so well you never really knew what secret was going to be revealed next.

    I loved the characters even though some were frustrating at times. They were all so different but everyone has to secret to share.

    It covered many different topics, questioning morals and raising issues some may find sensitive.

    I enjoyed it thoughly and would recommend it. I look forward to more from this author in the future.

  3. The Day The Lies Began by Kylie Kaden – Thanks to Beauty and Lace Book Club
    Abbi and her (Foster) Brother Blake are hiding a big secret!
    Keeping quiet and pretending nothing happened is harder than they thought.
    Abbi’s seemingly idyllic life with her Doctor Husband and 5 year old daughter, living by the water in a small, laid back town is rocked by an incident that occurs on the night of the Annual Moon Lantern Festival.
    When a severed foot inside a Nike sneaker is found washed up by a local resident, suspicions are raised and Abbi feels its only a matter of time before her secrets, and those of the people she loves are uncovered.

  4. It has been awhile since we heard from Kylie Kaden, the author of two novels I have rated highly, Missing You and Losing Kate. The Day the Lies Began heralds Kylie Kaden’s return to the literary scene, and her first domestic noir release, a sub genre that is really gaining momentum, both in Australia and overseas. As the title suggests, The Day the Lies Began is a twisted and tangled tale full of truths that have been withheld for various reasons. I was very much taken by this slow burn domestic fiction title.

    Revolving around the Moon Festival, a pinnacle event on the calendar of all residents of the small coastal Queensland town of Lago Point, The Day the Lies Began concerns itself with the relationships, friendships and dark truths of a group of individuals residing in this small town locale. This is also the story of a tragic and defining event, the cover-up, acts of deceit, the protective lens and the power secrets have to transform lives. The Day the Lies Began is defined by a crime, striking at the heart of the lives of key members of the Lago Point community,  with the town’s police officer, doctor and teacher among this crowd. Kylie Kaden’s third novel considers the slippery slope of lies, deceit and the impact of withholding the truth. When a secret can no longer stay buried, it forces the group to consider where their loyalties lie.

    The domestic noir sub genre is really on the rise and it is a category of fiction that I personally enjoy very much. When I discovered that Kylie Kaden, the author of The Day the Lies Began was launching in the domestic noir market with this novel, I was very pleased. The Day the Lies Began is a slow burn style novel from this genre, it left me hanging and it afforded plenty of opportunities to speculate about the core secret that runs through the course of this book.

    Kaden devotes plenty of air time in the first half of this novel to foreshadowing. The atmosphere is intense, tight, swirling, complicated and convoluted. I really appreciated the small town setting and the world building Kaden conducted to help orientate her reader in the upcoming events of her story. Lago Point, the central locale of this novel, is vividly portrayed. Thanks to Kaden’s involving prose, I often felt like just another resident of this town the entire time I spent with the book. Kaden’s descriptions of this setting are a joy to immerse yourself in. I also got the strong feeling that this was a close knit town, where it would be impossible to keep secrets and withhold information. It adds another level of complication to this already complex and morally polarising novel.

    Kaden’s character development is impressive, despite that fact that a number of the key characters in this story will earn the reader’s ire. I didn’t particularly warm to any of this cast, nor did I feel sympathy for them. I questioned their decisions and intentions. It did seem like I was overly critical of their actions, but they seemed to take the wrong path, or the complicated road to solving a problem. I apologise if this is an evasive approach to discussing the plot, but I am mindful of retaining this information for the reader to discover themselves.

    I appreciated the structure of The Day the Lies Began, the pacing was reduced in the first half and then by the second half it really it ramps up. The adrenalin rushes through you as you reach the bitter end of this surprising story. The drip feed style approach to the narrative and the central mystery worked well to hold my interest. The events of The Day the Lies Began pivots around the town’s local festival showcase, the Moon Festival, where something big occurs. I enjoyed being thrown again and again into the series of happenings around this festival, it was a great approach. It sure sucked me in and I was more than a little surprised by the final curtain call.

    There are some weighty themes in this novel, which may be a struggle for some readers. I appreciated the way these issues were tackled by the author and with the central focus on lies, I found this to be a book I couldn’t resist reading in a couple of short bursts.

    If domestic noir is you preferred genre, The Day the Lies Began will definitely satisfy your reading preferences. I look forward to another foray in this field from an author I have come to admire very much. 

    * I wish to thank Beauty & Lace Book Club and Pantera Press for a copy of this book for review.

  5. This book starts out with vague explanations of something which happened at the local Moon Festival. It keeps you guessing until about halfway through the book where you find out part of what happened. The story though only wraps up in the last pages – for this reason, I read it quite quickly. I had to know what happened. It reminded me of the structure which Liane Moriarty uses, of whom I am a huge fan!
    The story centres around Abbi and Blake (and their respective partners Will and Hannah) who appear to be brother and sister, but they aren’t related – just very close. The story is set in Lago Point, a small coastal town in Australia where Blake is the town policeman. He and Abbi declare never to speak of what happened the night of the Moon Festival. The secrets and lies begin to fester in their lives and start to impact everyone around them.
    The book flicks between two time periods – in the lead up to the Moon Festival and days post the Moon Festival. This helps to paint a picture of how ‘the event’ all came together.
    There are some sensitive issues – a possible trigger warning for some. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys ‘domestic noir’ and for those who have the patience to wait to find out what happened!
    Despite reading a few negative reviews and having read her previous two novels, I personally think this is Kaden’s best one yet.
    Thanks the Beauty and Lace and Panterra Press for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  6. I can honestly say I struggled with the first 100 pages of this book
    I just couldn’t see where the story was heading
    Abbi Will Blake and Hannah are the main characters
    The Book certainly turns into a real page turner so glad I kept reading
    The title is apt as everyone has told lies and we all know lies
    eventually catch up

  7. Thanks the Beauty and Lace and Panterra Press for the opportunity to read and review this book.

    I had not discovered Kylie Kaden but I will now go and track down her previous books.

    I didn’t always like/enjoy the different characters and at times I wished parts would hurry up and move on. But overall I found the twists and turns that left me guessing right up to the last page enjoyable.

  8. Lago Point is a seemingly quiet and close-knit coastal town. As we see in the The Day the Lies Began by Kylie Kaden, not everything or everyone is as they appear. It is on the day of the Moon Festival, the main event centered in the novel which the reader jumps back and forth through the story to, that the secrets begin to unravel. The Day the Lies Began tells the story of Abby and Will, and Blake and Hannah two couples with a whole lot of history, bringing in strong themes of manipulation, loyalty, honesty and self-reflection. Kegan uses Australian colloquialisms that allow the reader to somewhat relate to the characters yet we are also left questioning how we would react in the various situations they face. The novel is fast paced with many twists that ensure interest is maintained and makes for a quick, easy read.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Pantera Press for the opportunity to read The Day the Lies Began by Kylie Kaden.

  9. I really enjoyed The day the lies began
    I must admit it started off very vaguely and I found the first half a little hard to get through.
    Once I was into the second half of the book it took off
    Was an excellent read and kept me enthralled and guessing to the very last page.
    I couldn’t put it down and read the second half in a night.
    Great story
    Thank you for the chance to read it.

  10. Thank you for the opportunity to read The Day The Lies Began.

    I’ll admit this wasn’t the sort of book I normally read.

    I was also a bit confused at the start as the story went back and forth a bit from incidents involving the local Moon Festival, to then events after and preceding. Once I had all the main characters in place in my head it got a bit easier.

    There are Abbi and Will and their daughter who have a seemingly perfect life together, Then there’s Blake and Hannah. There lives are all intertwined and it’s the unravelling of their stories plus other folk in the town which make the book interesting. It centres on the Festival, but the why’s come in from before and after.

    I actually enjoyed this book as a lesson in relationships of all kinds and how they affect lives. Nothing is as it seems and people don’t always react how we would expect. Interesting.

  11. Kylie Kaden’s The Day The Lies Began is my favorite kind of thriller suspense: a slow burn, plenty of twists and turns, a bunch of flawed characters and an adrenalin pumping, fast paced climactic ending. I was intrigued from the start and gripped by about half way, both needing to find out what happened and not wanting it to end! Everyone has something to hide and it all comes out in the end. Always a fan of Australian fiction and even more so when it’s good like this, I’d highly recommend this as a great read. Thanks to Beauty and Lace as well as Pantera Press for introducing me to this great book and for supporting Aussie authors.

  12. This one took me a bit to get into but I persisted with it and was glad I did . I really enjoyed reading this book . The twists and turns were great and very well written . Thank you for the chance to read this . Would I recommend this yes I would

  13. Thanks the Beauty and Lace and Panterra Press for the opportunity to read and review this book.

    This book took care to give a lot of background and an in depth description of each of the characters. In parts it did go fairly slow which did not give credit to the eventual storyline that evolved. A good intriguing storyline ensured which led to a real page turner of a story. The story encapsulates the main characters well and gets you wondering about the lies and who and what will be revealed as result of these lies and who will remain loyal to whom.

    The center of the story is based around the Moon Festival as this is the pinnacle turning point in the book and when this event arrives the story really starts to pick up pace. A few moral questioning and sensitive topics are touched on but for the most the book was quite enjoyable.

    What it does highlight is a lie is only a secret… until it isn’t…. and the insight into how, why and what they all did and handled the situation makes you wonder how the lie remined silent for so long.

    Certainly a story with lots of loose details tied up toward the end of the book.

    An interesting read, thank you.

  14. Thankyou BL and Pantera Press for giving me the opportunity to read this book,

    By reading the blurb I thought this book was going to be right up my Ally. Unfortunately it was not. I really struggled through the first 100 or so pages, it was really slow to get started. Once it did I was a bit more drawn in and reading much more often but around halfway through the book I got bored again and felt that the book was dragging on

    Sorry to say in the end I got so bored I had to force myself to read it, seemed a very laboriously written story

    I usually power through books in a few days but this took over 2 weeks, Glad to read in the reviews above that some really enjoyed it

  15. The Day the lies began is a very well written Aussie drama that I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Author Kylie Kaden has created a believable, suspenseful and interesting story, centred around Mum Abbi and her ‘brother’ Blake.

    After Abbi’s daughter goes missing at the annual Moon Festival (the only entertainment in their small, beachside town), it opens a chain of events that turns their world upside down.

    The characters are very well developed in this story (it does get a tad wordy in some parts but not enough to detract from the main themes). I enjoyed turning the pages seeing what was coming up next.

    A great read!

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