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Author: Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus
ISBN: 9781925640298
RRP: $29.99
Publication Date: 1st June 2018
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

The Book Ninja is unique, it’s witty and it’s intriguing and there was a lot that I loved about it. I am now sitting here trying to work out how to tackle a review, how I felt about it and what I want to say. There are a lot of elements that I adore but when it all comes together and I look at it as a whole I have mixed feelings and I can’t convincingly put my finger on why.

Frankie and Cat are best friends, have been forever, and they share everything with one another… until they don’t. Their relationship dynamic was fun, there is a lot of banter and good natured ribbing but there are an inordinate number of nicknames. I thought that was quite a quirky touch and it amused me because I am one who loves to have a long list of nicknames up my sleeve, unfortunately my children don’t agree. Not only are they best friends but they also run a Melbourne bookshop together, inherited by Cat’s husband.

It has a bookshop, what’s not to love. It is a story inhabited by book lovers of every shape, size and genre and the literary title dropping is epic. The bookish banter is non-stop from quotes to comparisons and, of course, nicknames. This is one of the elements I loved. Bookshops are my happy place and I loved the literary name dropping because I wanted to know what would be next.

The premise is actually pretty novel, (hehe) and I enjoyed it. It is something I hadn’t heard a lot about but random acts of book sharing are becoming quite popular. There are little roadside libraries popping up all over the place that offer free book swaps, movements that see the book you finish on the plane being left for someone else to come along and find and the Books on the Rail movement founded by Ali and Michelle in Melbourne (which is now spreading it’s carriages across the country). In The Book Ninja there’s a twist to the random book dropping, it’s not just to share great literature but to help tragically single Frankie Rose find a boyfriend.

The characters, now here’s where my mixed feelings come in. The characters were an endless source of entertainment, they amused me, but I just didn’t like them very much. Their behaviour throughout the book was dishonest, secretive and selfish. They seemed to be connected only to their own best interests and they frustrated me no end.

Frankie Rose is a little lost in her life, she has had two novels published and the second one amassed some pretty nasty reviews which saw young Frankie put down the pen and walk away from her dreams, all her literary passion to be quenched by reading the never-ending supply of new material constantly arriving at the bookstore. Her long term relationship is over and she’s almost ready to get back out there but nothing she’s tried has worked. Inspiration strikes and she embarks on an experiment that sees her leaving copies of her favourite books on trains with her contact details printed in them; in the hopes that likeminded men will find them and get in touch.

All good social experiments require recording, and in this case Frankie decided to put fingers to keyboard and begin a blog, which gives us a fabulous format for the book. It’s told through a range of storytelling mediums from narrative, emails, message interaction and blog posts. The mix of mediums keeps the story fresh and the wit razor sharp. The issue is that the behaviour of the characters is less than desirable.

I read an uncorrected proof of the copy and I’m not sure what changes would have been made between my reading and the printing of the book so I’m not sure if I should even mention it, in case it’s gone, but the timeline just didn’t seem to flow the way it should. It almost seemed to me like all the different events seemed to happen on their own timeline and they didn’t always run together. I completely lost track of the narrative and one of the characters for a while and then just as I started wondering what was going on, she was back.

As I was reading I kept wondering just how much the book has in common with the lives of the authors because there are some similarities there but I think that was just me wandering off track for a while.

The writing flowed beautifully, but you do need to make timeline allowances, the prose was punchy and engaging and the basic premise was intriguing. The characters were at times painful and they’re behaviour was pretty deplorable, I wanted to like them but they just did some pretty selfish and terrible things that I couldn’t get past.  The secondary characters were all as quirky as they come and it was amusing trying to juggle the sheer volume of quirky in one, relatively small, group of people. The behaviour wasn’t bad enough that any of them were irredeemable but I couldn’t be in their corner cheering them on for their happy ever after.

Another of the elements I loved is the organ donor plotline that explores the need for more publicity so that more people will become organ donors and potentially save lives. What I really loved about it was the way it was done. Graphic imagery, with literary ties, that will jump up and down to get your attention and remind you of the importance of organ donation.

The Book Ninja is a story that I would recommend, I did enjoy it; just be aware that the characters behave pretty badly. It’s a light-hearted read that’s good for a giggle; with a splash of romance, a dash of banter and a bucketload of bookishness.

The Book Ninja is book #25 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2018.

Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their website.

The Book Ninja is published June 1st by Simon and Schuster and is available now from Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster 30 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be reading The Book Ninja so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

28 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: The Book Ninja

  1. This has got to be my favourite fiction novel from this year. I’m a frequent visitor to Melbourne so I loved all the local references and the idea of a love story with a bunch of literary references thrown in for good measure? I’m shocked that this hasn’t actually been done before.

    What a novel book with an interesting protagonist named Frankie Rose and her unique approach to finding dates! That is, until one Sunny Day turns up with his YA fiction in tow and knocks everything on it’s head. They say love comes knocking when you least expect it and for Frankie and Sunny that is certainly true. And the clever little twist at the end was absolute gold.

    Thank you ladies for such a fantastic book! 😀

  2. I’d seen this book across social media a lot, and liked the sound of it, so was happy to be selected as a reviewer thanks to Beauty & Lace and Simon & Schuster Australia.
    Needless to say, being a book blogger, I adore all things book related, so I found the many bookish references throughout The Book Ninja delightful, and quite a few of the titles and/or characters were familiar to me, which made me connect with the book more.
    The two main characters are Frankie Rose and her life-long best friend Cat.
    The two work together in a bookshop in Melbourne.
    Cat is married to knitting-obsessed Claud, and pregnant with her first baby.
    Frankie is single, but keen to find love. She decides to embark on a love experiment; leaving some of her favourite titles (with her contact details added) on trains to try and hook the man of her dreams.
    She meets Sunny, and the two hit it off, but it isn’t long until problems arise! You will need to read the book to see what happens as I don’t want to spoil it for others.
    The story was highly entertaining; I enjoyed some of the characters more than others (some of the characters were quite selfish and did some things that I didn’t agree with). I especially liked Frankie’s quirky mum.
    I’d recommend this book for those after an easy and enjoyable read, and I think that book lovers in particular will find this story really entertaining.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to read this book. I loved so many things about this book – the title, the many literary references (I actually started keeping a list of the books mentioned that i’d love to read), the story line about the bookshop and its readers, the idea of meeting people by leaving your favourite books in public places with your contact details. All these things had me hooked!

    This was an easy book to read and it got me hooked early on. There were some great characters and interesting and diverse story lines. I did find myself some what frustrated by some of their behaviour but maybe that was a sign of how connected to the story I was.

    I enjoyed the different mediums used in the book – blog posts, emails and reader comments.

    I would highly recommend this book, especially for any book lovers!

  4. This was so much fun for a booky person (like me) to read! It was pacy and entertaining, and had quite a few surprises. The exciting thing is that I’ve actually already been a ‘Book Ninja’ – another booky friend gave our entire book club some stickers from Books on the Rail, to leave two books on public transport for others to find. Sydney Rail got two great books from me, and I truly hope they found happy readers.

    The main character here, bookseller Frankie, is forlorn and loveless. Most of her romance comes from Jane Austen, and other classic romances. So she decides her love life needs a boost – as does her writing life – and she begins her secret book ninja activities. She drops books on trains and buses and trams around Melbourne, leaving a note on the 7th last page of each book, asking the readers to email her for a date. You never know, she might find the love of her life through mutual book love. When they do email her and a date happens, she blogs about it.

    The books she drops are fantastic, often fond favourites of mine. Please one day, let me find one!

    But love isn’t that easy, even with fellow book lovers. Then she meets Sunny, who mainly reads – gasp! – young adult books. Yes, Frankie is a little bit of a book snob. But even so, Sunny has megawatt appeal. Actually, there is a passionate passage about how fabulous YA books are in ‘The Book Ninja’, which really resonated with me. Don’t think I didn’t notice, Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus.

    I loved Frankie’s small circle of friends, particularly the crazy, pregnant Cat. I loved the different ways the book is presented, not just through ‘normal’ print but also through tweets, texts, Facebook comments (often Facebook stalking), emails, Frankie’s blog, and funniest of all, the blog comments which also unfold as a little romance between two blog commenters happens right there…

    Naturally everything goes pear-shaped in Frankie’s life before it can get better. But along the way, right to the great ending, you get to enjoy a fresh, funny, booky book. What are you waiting for?

  5. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Simon and Schuster I was selected to review “The Book Ninja” by Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus. A funny, lighthearted and easy read.

    Frankie is a romantic at heart and a lover of Jane Austin books, works in her pregnant best friend, Cat’s, bookshop and is looking for love. She was once a writer but after some bad reviews turned to writing a blog instead.

    Frankie and Cat come up with an idea to start leaving messages in books then leaving the books on trams and trains on the Melbourne lines for people to find in the hope she finds the “one”. This is where she becomes “The Book Ninja”. Once found the finder of the message would email her and set up a date. This is where her blog really takes off, writing about her dates.

    She eventually finds the one she truly loves in Sunny but struggles to fully open up and all in the meantime gets carried away with the “dates” to continue on her blog writing, which all takes place without Sunny knowing until one day he finds out in an unexpected way. Will this damage her relationship with Sunny forever and will she lose the one she loved so dearly?

    If anything Frankie begins to learn who she really is and what it is she really wants. Can she end up getting everything she wants?

    It refers to lots of books and lines from books throughout, which I got a little lost with at times as I wasn’t familiar with all the references but I thought it was a very clever idea. I liked it being based in Melbourne as I was familiar with the majority of the places. I did have a giggle a few times throughout and I do like how they list all the book titles that were referred to at the back of the book.
    Id definitely recommend it.

  6. 5 out of 5 ! I laughed, I cried, I snorted into my cup of coffee- this such a fun book for a book lover.
    Thanks so much to Simon Schuster Australia and Beauty and Lace of course for the chance to enjoy another fun and different book.
    The story, evolves around Frankie and Cat who together front desk a book shop while Claud, the knitting accountant (his knitting makes the book worth reading on its own if you are a crafter like me) works in the back. Frankie looks for love amongst the book lovers by leaving copies of her favourite books on the train with contact details- the hillarious stories that result from these communications form into a blog, which goes on in parallel to a love story with Sunny, and Cat’s story leading to the birth of the new baby. Well written, engaging and fun, the story travels well and there is a list of all the book references in the back (as well as book club questions) which I enjoyed immensely as I knew some but not all. As a book lover it is great that feeling to know the characters as they are referenced, another boon of the book. I am tempted to go fill in my gaps in young adult reading…

  7. This book was a really easy and fun read. It had some really unique ideas and I loved all the book references throughout, I started a list of ones of I thought I might like to read at some stage. The characters were quirky and I really liked some of the minor characters more than the main ones.

    As Frankie trys a different way of finding love by leaving books on trains, As she goes she documents it in a blog, I was always happy when it got to a blog entry as I was guaranteed a laugh.

    At times the characters acted in ways that I struggled with and other parts if the story that I just didn’t understand why they were included. But overall I did enjoy this book as an easy weekend read.

    Thanks to Beauty & Lace and Simon & Schuster Australia for giving me the chance to read this book.

  8. I loved this book! Anyone who loves the classics would appreciate the many references.
    The beautiful love story between Frankie and Sunny is sweet and pulls at the heart strings. Although the betrayals (both from Cat and Frankie) are something I’m not sure I could forgive as easily as the characters in the book.
    I loved the romance of finding books on the train and was so happy to see that this is something the authors did actually do. I have signed up for the stickers!!! Watch out for books on the trains!

  9. The book ninja is a nice, breezy read that centres around a little book store in Melbourne and the quirky loveable characters that work there. Frankie is in the search for love and looks outside the norm for a way to meet a man who has a shared love of the same books she adores. Chaos ensues when she falls for someone that has the complete opposite attraction in books and she will have to decide whether not having a love of classic literature is a deal breaker or whether she can see past her book biases and fall for the man instead. Would recommend for anyone that’s in need of a fun read and who love books which reference other books. Ps. There’s also a great reference list at the back for anyone that needs a list of great contemporary/classic fiction reads.

  10. The book of ninja is a good read I would not take dating advice from Frankie she was dating a guy called Sunny he was for her but her blogging dates stop the relationship in its tracks. You will; have to the book to find out what happens.

  11. This is a book written by two authors and it is written about books and finding love. I wondered if it was from their own experience on where the journey for this book was going.

    The character of Frankie Rose wanted to be a writer but her plans to become one became squashed.

    Her life-long close friend Cat owned a bookshop and Frankie worked there. I began reading the book and thoroughly enjoyed the light- heartedness of their bantering with each other.
    It’s not hard to really enjoy the character of Cat who is married to Claude and expecting their first child.

    Watching her friend with happiness, Frankie is desperate to find love too. Frankie is a blogger and decides to find the true love of her life by leaving books on trains but with special messages inside the books that would also have her contact details.

    Frankie meets a few people and then meets Sunny and there are ups and downs in this relationship.

    Another character that is annoying is Frankie’s mum. Gosh, the antics of her interfering mother certainly reminds you of your own (in some cases) but of course, she is just looking out for Frankie.

    For myself I sort of lost interest in the book but I continued to read and it wasn’t until I came to the part of Winnie the Turtle that my senses kicked in with the book and it was from then, that I started to enjoy reading the book. This then became a page turner and I really wanted to know, did true love exist from finding a book on a train?

    Throughout the book there are references to other novels that have been around. I was totally amazed at a lot of them as I had never heard of them. Then there are the classic novels that I do know and loved.

    At the back of the book, the authors have put in all of the books and who they were written by at the end of the book for great reference if you wanted to read them.

    I would say that this book is probably more suited from your 20s to your 40s. In saying that though, I did enjoy the storyline once I realised what it was about and it was a fun book to read.
    It will make me wonder if I see a book lying on a train now and think of the person that owned it.

    Thank you to Beauty & Lace and Simon and Schuster for an interesting unusual read.

  12. The Book Ninja was a wonderful, witty and heartwarming story of love, being quirky and the adventures we face daily.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the character Frankie Rose and her struggle to write again while cocooning herself in a bookshop with best friend Cat. Cat who has her own outrageous personality and secrets.

    The charming character Sunny with his beautiful charms, looks and very different perceptions adds such a lovely twist to the Frankie’s world at exactly the right time.

    The witty idea of leaving books with notes around the city in the hope of whats to come allows for a compelling look into the world and what it is like to to feel that some times normal isn’t the same for everyone and that is quite alright.

    Dramas unfold, worries and confusion become life and the quite book life is flipped for one of blogging, emails and remorse as the main characters control the wonderfully created roadblocks in their lives.

    Reflecting on this novel I love that it is quirky and outside of the box as I think it is parallel to real life and he realities we must face- regardless of what we want out lives to be like often it takes a lot of twists and terms to get ourselves there.

    I couldnt put this book down. it was delightful!

  13. I was very pleased when The Book Ninja by Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus arrived at my door. This book was a fantastic read. I enjoyed reading about the perils of Frankie’s love life. For me personally the book had multiple modern aspects, including the blog Frankie wrote about her daily life and the mention of current pop culture.

    I think that her new approach to dating was refreshing and interesting, to follow along with, throughout the book. It was extremely entertaining and used humour to make light of the situations Frankie found herself in. I would recommend this book for anyone who is interested in a light hearted, funny read about modern day dating. Thank you to Simon and Schumer for the opportunity to read this fantastic book!

  14. I recently finished readying The Book Ninja by Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus – what a wonderful book! It was fun, witty, easy to read and kept me wanting to keep reading to find out the ending!

    The story follows Frankie who has not been on a date in a while, she is also a writer, blogger and works in a bookshop with her best friend Cat – so she comes up with an idea – dropping her favourite books on public transport in Melbourne with her details. I thought this was such a fun story to follow – and laughed at the amusing dates she went on.

    Then we meet Sunny – and oh he seems so perfect, but has a little darkness from his past shadowing him. It was a joy to see him come out of his shell and develop as a character, but also how he and Frankie evolved together (and the turtle was just gorgeous!) I just loved these two together, and I was very pleased with the ending. The supporting characters are also wonderfully written – from her pregnant best friend Cat and her husband, to the school boy who has a crush on her, to her over the top mother and quiet dad. It all just ted together so well.

    Highly recommend The Book Ninja and am so glad I was able to read it to review thanks to Beauty and Lace.

  15. The Book Ninja. By Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus. 7.7.18

    The authors of this book are the ones who began Books on The Rail, ( , an Australian idea of leaving books on public transport for others to pick up and read. I have been following this idea on Facebook for a while, so to be able to read this novel by the authors was a thrill for me.

    And it is SUCH a quirky read. Two women, Frankie and Cat, are best friends and work together in a Melbourne book store. Cat is married and expecting her first child, but Frankie is single, so they devise a way for her to meet someone who would share her love of books. She begins to leave well read books on trains, with her contact details hidden near the end of the book, so only those who are reading the book will find this. She asks them to contact her, and for them to go on a date together. This leads to some very different meetings!

    When Frankie meets Sunny Day on a train, she begins to fall for him. But he hasn’t read her favourites, he reads Young Adult books (shock, horror for Frankie) so can a romance ever work between them?

    I enjoyed the Melbourne setting of the story, with lots of locations that I have heard of, and I liked the many references to lines from books, and a list at the end of all books quoted from. The character of Frankie was warm and real. The ending was a brilliant twist that I did not see coming. An enjoyable read.

    Thanks to Beauty and Lace Book Club, and to Simon & Schuster for the chance to read this entertaining book.

  16. I loved this book but I do have to agree that the characters behave pretty badly. The story follows Frankie and Cat who are best friends and work in a Melbourne bookstore together that Cat’s husband owns. Frankie is an author herself but after writing 2 books and getting some terrible reviews she has decided to stop writing. Frankie’s love life is also not great at the moment so she decides to try and meet guys by leaving her favourite books on trains and trams with her contact details inside in the hope she finds a guy that loves books as much as she does. This concept of leaving books on the train was actually started by the authors of this book and is called Books on the Rail.
    Frankie starts a blog writing about her dates which is interspersed throughout the book along with emails and texts. Frankie ends up meeting the perfect guy but he loves Young Adult novels which she hates so it’s not smooth sailing. Unfortunately we then see Frankie doing some pretty bad things and her best friend Cat is even worse. I still loved the book though and enjoyed the amount of book references and the long list of books to read at the end. Also because it’s set in Melbourne it references so many places I know so well. It’s a silly fun read with a love of books and I loved reading it. Thanks to Simon & Schuster and Beauty and Lace for this wonderful read.

  17. Firstly, apologies this review is so late, I’m afraid life ( or should i say everyone else but me sick at work) got in the way.

    I was intrigued at Frankies idea of dating, but what a wonderful idea, find people who love the same kind of books you so…surely that means a match made in heaven…

    Great quirky characters getting themselves in all kinds of situations, some believable some not so…

    Love can be found in all kinds of places, I suppose the pages of a book shouldn’t surprise me

    A great Saturday afternoon read, fun, quirky, romantic…..but with a slightly surprising ending…

    4 stars

  18. Thankyou for letting me read this book, after reading the blurb I was very excited to get going!

    Unfortunately I found the book very slow to get going and that it didn’t “flow” so well at the beginning. I didn’t start really enjoying it until half way through part one of two, Even once I started to get into the story I still didn’t enjoy the “blog posts”, I guess it was that I don’t enjoy switching up the formats im reading after each chapter or so.

    I did love reading about Frankie’s interesting way of trying to find the perfect date. I simply love that in the back of the book the Authors referenced every title that appeared throughout the book in a list and I’m going to read them all.

  19. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Simon and Schuster for gifting me this book to read.

    This is
    a book about love,
    a book about the love of books.
    a book about a book helping to find love.

    This is a book about not judging a person by the book they read.

    Frankie is looking for love and working in a book store has given her an idea.
    An idea to find love, the man of her dreams or a semi-normal person at least.
    Her idea is to leave copies of her favourite books on public transport with a little note inside towards the back of the book letting the reader know how to contact her for a date.

    Before any of these novels are read she meets Sunny and begins to fall for him but his reading material is not the same as hers. She prefers the classics and he likes Young Adult.

    The books are found and dates are made and men are met and Frankie writes all about these dates on her blog.

    The use of the blog in the book was a wonderful way for us to see the date as she described it to her readers.
    Her blog writings are funny and give us a look at the date and what happened.

    Frankie’s friends are fun lovable characters that we meet along the way.
    Cat and her husband Claud are having a baby and this story line is a nice little side story to Frankie.

    The characters in the story are full of warm and I wonder which characteristics of themselves the authors put into the characters.

    This book was amazing and fun from start to finish and I had such a great time reading it.
    Even a tear was almost shed for Winnie.

    Thank you Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus for writing such a great story.

  20. Thank you so much Beauty and Lace and Simon Schuster for allowing me to read this book.
    I finished it about a week ago but wanted to do the review justice.
    The book centres around Frankie, a young woman in her twenties who works in her best friends Cat’s book store.
    Cat and her husband Claud get pregnant and Frankie and Cat come up with a great idea to get her a man. She puts her favourite novels on public transport with her contact details at the end. Most who read them contact her for a date. With these date experiences she writes a blog on them.
    Complicating things is the fact she met a man called Sunny who she ended up falling in love with despite keeping up the books on the train and the dates. Inevitably once Sunny finds out the relationship is over.
    Not accepting this Frankie puts books from Sunny’s favourite genre on all of the public transport lines he takes. She thinks it does nothing until one day she gets on a train and see hundred on A A Milne books (a book they both love) and in each one of them is a note from Sunny to meet him. They meet up and end up together again.
    I love it and the blog posts really broke it up.

  21. Thank you Simon & Schuster, and Beauty & Lace, for the opportunity to read “The Book Ninja”..
    I was like a few others, and found it didn’t flow very well in the first 1/2 or so, and the fact that blogs were being written. wasn’t really evident.
    The behaviour of some of the characters is quite appalling, yet also funny at the same time.
    It really is a quirky sort of ‘looking for Mr Right” love story, focusing mainly on Frankie, the main character, but also on her best friend, Cat.
    Twists and turns, and some hilarious antics and first dates, make for a fun read.
    I just might try this method of looking for Mr Right myself!
    Not my favourite book, but an easy read and a bit of fun.

  22. First up i would like to Thank Beauty and Lace and Simon Schuster for allowing me to read thos book.

    I quite enjoyed reading the book ninja although it took me a few chapters to get in tune.

    I thouroughly enjoyed the plot of frankie trying to find love by leaving her details in books on trains in an effort to meet someone with the same taste. The characters were great, funny and alot of the time selfish but relatable to some degree. Although admittedly i probably wouldnt forgive as quickly or easily myself.

    I especially loved the fact that texts and facebook posts etc were included as it made it feel more modern and realistic to the times.

    This book is very easy to read, and i think ideally would suit an age group of between 20 to 30 years.

    Only negative would be that i think the timeline was a bit off in the beginning but otherwise a great read.

  23. Thanks beauty and lace and Simon and Schuster for the opportunity to read The Book Nijnja.
    I loved this book from start to finish it was a 5 Star read. The references of novels was fantastic. Having the list at the end of the book for future reading was a bonus!
    This was a quick moving, entertaining and humourous story. Loved the characters and was sad when I finished it.
    Highly recommended

  24. The Book Ninja was a very enjoyable read. The main character is Frankie, who is an an author of two books, gets awful reviews and decides to give up writing.
    She has a love of books but lacking love in her life, so decides to leave books with her contact details on the trains. Through this she goes on many dates and adventures.
    A lovely easy read, with an interesting ending!

  25. The Book Ninja – I loved this book ! Very entertaining light hearted reading, I found it hard to put down. Would recommend to everyone

  26. Now I need to be honest and say that The Book Ninja probably wasn’t a book I would have chosen on the shelf but after reading it I’m sorry I judged a book by its cover!

    From the very first page I was hooked. I loved the references to local areas and classic novels. I felt like I was part of the story, like it was me finding the books. The story line was magnificent and I couldn’t put it down! I spent far too long reading this book at night (lots of coffee needed the next day!)

    I would love to read more by Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus – thank you Beauty & Lace and Simon & Schuster for the opportunity to read this amazing book!

  27. This book was a lot of fun and I really liked the characters. The books, the dates, the knitting, the pregnancy, and all the different quirky family members made me smile and on occasion, laugh out loud. Also made me have that little yearn for a bookstore that occasionally creeps up on me.

    I would love to have Frankie and Cat in my life as two friends you catch up with once every couple of months to just regale in their antics and their very lovely lives.

    Thanks Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read. Not one I would have necessarily purchased so really glad I had the opportunity to read and review.

  28. A light-hearted and entertaining read with a cast of quirky, funny and at times exasperating group of characters. I enjoyed the use of mixed social media to tell The Book Ninja’s story and found myself laughing out loud throughout. Loved the literary references, with many of my favourites getting a mention. Perfect travel or holiday book or when you just don’t feel like getting into something too heavy but still want to get the feels.

    I read Book Ninja independently after seeing it on social media and I’m glad I did!

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