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By Danielle Steel
ISBN: 9781509877881
Imprint: Macmillan

This is another fascinating read from Danielle Steel, albeit she does stray from her usual genre.

Spy centres around Alexandra Wickham who lives a privileged but sheltered life in Hampshire, England in the 1930s. She has always had governesses and is fluent in German and English and resides with her 2 brothers and parents. She was presented at court to the king and queen in the hope that she would marry. Although she had many suitors, she felt stifled and was not ready for marriage and longed for adventure.

When war is declared and both brothers join the RAF, she sees this as her chance to escape and moves to London as a nursing volunteer. Alex is soon noticed by SOE a spy agency during the war. Because of her fluency in languages, they want to recruit her to do covert missions and gather information for them.

She can tell no one and cannot for 20 years afterwards. If she gets into difficulties, she has to fend for herself.

She thrives on these missions even though they are quite dangerous and travels to Germany and France frequently, never knowing if she will get out alive.

This book focuses on Alex right through the tragedies and heartaches that affect her deeply and the risks she takes for her country, and for her survival. She is a strong determined woman and very, very brave. Once the war is over she marries a wonderful man, and they travel all over the world when he joins the Diplomatic Corps. She thrives on this life but still has many challenges to face, losses to deal with, but also so much love with her husband and family.

This is a wonderful book and Danielle Steel writes eloquently of love and loss, tragedies and danger and finding happiness in the aftermath of war. I can honestly say I loved this book.

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9 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Spy

  1. Thank you beauty and lace for the opportunity to read Spy by Danielle Steele.

    I absolutely loved this book!! It keep me interested all the way to the end!
    I loved the character of Alex she is a strong, smart woman and resilient in the war.
    Alex has her whole world in front of her until war breaks out in Britain. She goes off to help her county by volunteering in nursing.
    She is later approached to become a spy. She loves the thrill of being a spy but it’s very dangerous.
    During the war she falls in love, they are constantly aware that neither of them may survive the next day.
    Alex is living a double life with a secret she must keep hidden from everyone including Richard.
    Can she balance both her lives and stay alive?

  2. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Macmillan for the opportunity to read Spy by Danielle Steel.

    Spy is a historical fiction and love story, spanning many decades.

    Alexandra Wickham comes from a privileged family. She has traveled and been tutored in French, German and Italian. Her parents wish for her to marry, she is not not yet ready to settle down. She has a rebellious nature. By 1939 Britain is at war and Alex joins the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry to do her part in the war effort. Her brothers have both enlisted as pilots.

    It isn’t long before she is approached to join the SOE and becomes a secret agent. She is forbidden to tell anyone about the work she undertakes , most of it behind emend lines.

    Alex meets Richard Montgomery, a pilot, they fall in love but plan to get engaged at the end of the war. That is provided they both have survived their dangerous missions!

    This book is Alex’s story. Her undercover adventures during WW 2 . Her life after the war is just as exciting! She does marry and lives all over the world with her husband a diplomat in the foreign service.

    Loved the book. Loved Alex and all the characters. A story of an exciting life lived with love, loss and her amazing courage and determination.

  3. Danielle Steel fans will be impressed with her new book SPY
    Historical fiction easy to read and such a fascinating book
    Readers will fall in love with all the characters
    Alex is such a strong young woman who knows what she wants to do in life
    Heartbreak love espionage this book has it all am not giving away any spoilers
    Thanks for selecting me to read 10/10 from me

  4. Thank you so much Beauty and Lave and Mcmillan for a wonderful book to read.

    Danielle Steele’s writing is amazing and Spy does not disappoint. She is one of my favourite authors for sure.
    Historical fiction has to be captivating to keep me interested and this story of love from a strong female character is a page turner.
    Nothing better than a story that spans over a lifetime and includes a secret spy.
    Alex was a wonderful character to follow. 10/10 for me.

  5. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and McMillan for the opportunity to read Spy by Danielle Steel. I loved this historical fiction as it kept me intrigued right through the whole story until the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed Alexandra Wickham’s character. She came from a privileged background and ends up being caught up in a dangerous double life on behalf of her country during World War Two. Her espionage career did not stop there as it continued well after and throughout the remaining of her life. After the war she and her husband led a very aristocratic and high society life with impeccable family values. Her husband was a kind and gentle man who had also played an important role in the war. The story held alot of suspense, sadness yet was full of Love and
    excitement. I really enjoyed reading this story also mainly because it portrays that a woman is capable of combating any challenges in life if they have the determination and will power to do it. I will certainly be reading more of Danielle Steel’ s book in the future.

  6. Thank you to beauty and lace and Macmillan for the opportunity to read SPY.

    Danielle Steele is a favorite author of mine and reading the cover i worried that this book would not hold up to her other books. I needn’t have stressed – what a great read!

    This story got me hooked early. It is the story of a young lady who grew up with a privileged background, but who was also headstrong, determined and fiercely independent. World War 2 bought changes to Alex’s world that allowed her to reach out and experience life and do things she would never have been able to prior to the war. From her involvement in the war effort to being sought after as a spy and living all over the world – Alex did it all.

    Alex experienced all that life can offer – love, family, travel – all whilst operating as a spy!

    Loved this book and I would high recommend it.

  7. Thank you BeautyandLace for this book reading opportunity.

    I loved this book once I got into it. It had me captivated and I loved the romanticised storyline along with adventure. It was exciting, sad, thrilling and kept me wanting to know more. The main character is a strong woman who has many dimensions and we follow her along her adventures, not knowing what happens next. We experience the thrills with her.
    Danielle Steel’s words were enchanting and transformed me to another dreamy romantic and mysterious era. Excellent read and thoroughly enjoyable, thank you.

  8. I have always loved reading Danielle Steel novels and the Spy is no exception to her great writing skill. I totally enjoyed this novel and would recommend to all.

    Spy is a historical fiction, full of romance and covers the life of Alexandra Wickham. She comes from a privileged family. She is well educated and fluent in French, German and Italian. Her mother and father would like her to marry but she has other thoughts. In 1939 when the war begins Alex can not sit back and do nothing, so she joins the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry. This is hard for her parents as her brothers also have enlisted as pilots.

    Due to her language skills and great work Alex is approached to join the SOE and they want her to become a Secret Agent. Once she has accepted the agency job she is sworn to secrecy and forbidden to give details to anyone about the work she undertakes.

    Not long after this she meets Richard Montgomery, he like her brothers is a pilot. They fall in love and start to plan their lives for after the war.

    When the war finishes Alex marries Richard. They live in many countries around the world as she follows Richard with his job as a diplomat of the foreign service. Alex always loves the challenges of life and is always by Richards side in his career. But does she still have a career of her own?

    A story that shows us all that we can all do whatever we want to achieve what we want and have a fulfilled life living life on the edge.

  9. Thank you for choosing me for Spy by Danielle Steel she’s a wonderful author.
    I loved Spy and felt like I was there with Alex through her highs and lows as she went through life, historical books are a thrill to read and especially a strong and independent character such as Alex and when she joined SOE and couldn’t tell anyone would be so difficult as her family are close. It was wonderful she did find love as well as I thought she might not, as always Danielle Steel doesn’t disappoint.

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