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Author: Karly Lane
ISBN: 978-1-76029-689-6
RRP: $29.99
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

Someone Like You is the latest release by Karly Lane, an author I have been following for a few years now. I haven’t read all of her books but I have tried to keep up with the ones which have been released since I discovered her.

I have always found Karly Lane novels to be a little quirky, contain more than a hint of humour and often draw inspiration from Australia’s history. In these respects, Someone Like You fits perfectly in the Karly Lane catalogue, but this one has something extra, something deeper and I was completely enthralled.

Hayley Stevens is a Sydney author who is recovering from the breakdown of her marriage and suffering writer’s block with her agent calling to chase the opening chapters of the new book. She decided that a fresh start was in order and ended up buying a house in a small country town basically on impulse. She had stayed in the town as part of a Writer’s Festival and fallen in love with it.

I really liked Hayley as a character but I think one of the things that really drew me to her was she’s an author who has just moved from the city to a small country town. She gave us an insight into the publishing industry and the writing process, and I couldn’t help but draw comparisons in the early chapters. I couldn’t help but wonder how much of Karly Lane found her way into Hayley Stevens, how much they had in common and how much of what frustrates or drives Stevens are issues Lane has. It certainly kept me thinking as I was sinking deeper and deeper into the narrative.

Karly Lane writes beautiful small towns and she loves a small town with history which can be woven into her contemporary storyline. Lochway is a tiny town with a huge history that is explored thoroughly. It is a town in close proximity to St Albans, which Lane discovered and was enchanted by, that was settled around the time of the first settlers.

What we know of history is only what has been recorded and what’s been passed down through the generations. There are no eyewitnesses left to attest to the truth so how do we truly know that recorded history is correct?

There was so much to love about Someone Like You and I really did. The characters are lovable and diverse, there’s some definite quirkiness happening here, and not all of her characters are people.

Hayley is a city girl through and through but she moves to the small town and starts collecting animals, even before she checks out whether she has anywhere secure to keep them. Quirky personalities aren’t limited to the human characters either, the menagerie that Hayley collects is filled with personality and she talks to them all.

The romantic storyline also contained its fair share of humour, and tragic near misses. The chemistry sizzled off the page but Lane reminds us that sometimes chemistry isn’t enough to ensure a happy ever after. Lane writes great steam without gratuitous details and a minimum of questionable language; which is something I wouldn’t usually even notice unless it was excessive but it was brought up as a discussion this week on Facebook.

I am struggling with this review because there is a whole element I don’t want to touch on so I am not quite sure what to say. An element that is a little out there but I really enjoyed and one that has always fascinated me. It was interesting to come across it and I really enjoyed the way that Karly Lane explored it.

Someone Like You has past and present colliding, an exploration of history, a tree change and an amusing and insightful look at the life of a work-at-home-full-time-author. Lane shines a light on small town gossip, PTSD in returned servicemen and reserving judgement to make up your own mind rather than being turned off by gossip.

I love this story, I love these characters and though we have an epilogue I would love to see this town and these people revisited so I could learn about the fallout and all the things that came about after the events of Someone Like You. I would recommend this one to anyone who loves some humour with their romance and doesn’t need a HEA Guarantee.

Someone Like You is book #20 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2018.

Karly Lane loves to hear from her readers, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her Website.

Someone Like You is published by Allen & Unwin and available now from Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to Allen & Unwin 50 of our Beauty and Lace Club members are reading Someone Like You so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.


49 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Someone Like You

  1. Karly Lane has become one of my favourite authors after receiving Third Time Lucky as a Beauty and Lace Book Club read way back then. I have now read everyone of them and this one would have to be one of my favourites.
    I love how Karly Lane transports you to these beautiful towns out in rural Australia and makes them seem like a dream place to live but still shows the reality of country living. This book is set in the small town of Lochway which is a small town with a lot of history dating back to the settlers 200 years ago.
    Someone Like You follows the story of Hayley Stevens who is a writer of crime novels and has had a lot of success in her career but not so much in her personal life so she decides to make a change and buys a beautiful country property when she comes across it for sale after having stayed there previously. Its a big move but it’s the change she needs to take hold of her life again. An unfortunate incident with her adopted donkey in a neighbour’s dam means that she makes a startling introduction to her next door neighbour Luke Mason who’s family have farmed the land since the original settlement of the area. The chemistry between them is instant but their romance is far from smooth sailing. This book explores so many interesting topics and themes and I was so in love with it that I read it in less than a day. I also loved all the characters human and animal alike.
    I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good rural Aussie story with a bit of romance.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Allen and Unwin for giving me the chance to read this great book.

  2. ‘Someone like you’ was a lovely story to read. It wasn’t just your average romance novel because there was also the story about the past life experiences. I loved the characters of Hayley and Luke – they weren’t flaky and just seemed like normal people, unlike sometimes when authors make characters who sound so out of touch with reality. Jason’s character was intriguing and I’d love to hear more about his side of the story and what happens to him in the future. We got a small taste of what happened between him and Luke, but it wasn’t enough for me.

    I really appreciated that there was an epilogue because as I was getting towards the end of the story I could feel myself getting prepared to be disappointed. You know, happy ending and the suddenly the story stops and you think to yourself that you just wanted to know what happened next. I would love to read a second follow-up story about Hayley and Luke to see if there were any more past life Karly Lane, Jason’s story could be included in that too!

    Thanks Beauty and Lace for another great book to read >:o)

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to read Someone Like You by Karly Lane.

    This is an Australian country romance set in the town of Lochway. Hayley Stevens used to live in Sydney but with a huge life change she made one of her own by moving to the country. She picked a place she’d only been to once before, and when the place she’d stayed at came on the market she took a chance. Hayley seems to take very well to all the animals she accumulates by chance, but not so much to other changes that are happening.

    Then she meets her neighbour Luke Mason in different circumstances. From the start it seems they’re meant to be, but they almost miss the mark many times. It also seems they don’t learn each time and even though they have chemistry will it be enough?

    I enjoyed reading about the town, the quirky animals and Luke’s family who could be called the same. It was interesting to read about their farm’s diversification, the family history and how everything affected everything else.

    I would love to see another book on these characters and revisit the town again.

  4. I LOVED IT – Someone Like You is just delightful and so easy to read with a wonderful sense of history and humour. I love Australian historical fiction and while this definitely isn’t historical fiction, there is a lot of history in the novel. The way the area of St. Albans is portrayed is lovely – you get the feel of the country atmosphere and the wonderful Australian bushland woven with the well drawn characters.

    I knew I was going to love this book when I read the Acknowledgements first and read “The old inn at St Albans is a truly remarkable building, and I swear I could hear the walls whispering their stories to me the moment I walked inside.” I can relate so much to that so I had no difficulty with believing Hayley’s visions and her link to the past.

    I loved the stories within the story. I loved the information about the difficulty Hayley was having getting her new novel on track and the way Karly Lane let us into the world of an author. It really is a very satisfying book, wonderful from the first glimpse of the lovely cover through to the last word. I loved the way Hayley wasn’t daunted by the off hand treatment from some of the local inhabitants and especially the way she accumulated her animal menagerie.

    There was absolutely nothing in this book I didn’t enjoy and I thank Beauty and Lace and Allen and Unwin so much for the opportunity to read and thoroughly enjoy this Karly Lane masterpiece. It’s wonderful to have Australian women writing so beautifully about the Australian landscape and characters and bringing history into the mix. Karly Lane, this is a fabulous book. Thank you!

  5. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Allen & Unwin Publishers for sending this book out for review. An out of the ordinary tale of country life was told lovingly by author Karly Lane in ‘Someone Like You’.

    I found the book a delight as it ventured into a unpredictable storyline, getting away from the typical scorned love who ventures to the country for a new life to hopefully find new love. The author showed great skill in depicting well rounded characters and describing the refreshing country scenery.

    I loved the eccentricities of the main character Hayley Stevens who seems to accumulate an oddball collection of stray and needy animals on her newly acquired farm. Her relationship with neighbour Luke Mason was a complicated one and I truly thought there were too many obstacles before them to get it together. I found Hayley’s friendship with recluse and ex army soldier Jason, heart warming.

    My only question mark was the ending. I just found Hayley’s acceptance of Luke’s apology too contrived. The happily ever after scenario too quick. Oh well you can’t please everyone.

    I loved the convict twist in the storyline and readers will get a thrill out of reading this novel.

  6. Absolutely loved everything about this book! It was so easy to read and I especially loved that it never dragged on at all and every chapter jumped straight into the next without leaving you lingering in between.
    When I started to get to the end I was thinking hmm….. its got a few pages to go but how is the ending going to fit in? I needn’t have worried.
    I like the whole story and what Hayley and Luke were going through was so different to other storylines.
    The ways of the people in the country and how some greeted Hayley was so real and thought Hayleys way with Jason showed how she handled people well.
    I did look back to the cover and thought perhaps they could have put curly hair on the picture and also found myself looking up close to the cover to see if she really did have blue eyes haha stupid I know but this story was really that good!!
    I don’t know if anyone else noticed but on page 131 at about half way down it says… She ran, knowing no one would believe her or even care if she’d told them what he’d been dong to her…? I think doing is supposed to be doing. This is not the first book I have noticed a spelling error in but it had me retracing the sentence a few times.
    10 out of 10 for this book as it was refreshing and not at all what I expected. I found myself having a few quick laugh out loud moments especially with their thoughts and awkward moments.
    A MUST READ and am so lucky I got chosen to read this true and earthy book. Huge thanks Beauty & Lace, Allen and Unwin and most of all Karly Lane as you are an author with talent beyond. And yes I now know how Lukes sister in law feels 🙂

  7. I love Karly’s books and this one was amazing!! I couldn’t put it down, I really enjoyed the supernatural side to it.

  8. Someone Like You is the first book of Karly Lane’s that I have read and it won’t be the last. I loved Karley’s warmhearted and entertaining writing style.
    Her characters were really believable and it was great getting to know them as the story developed. I really enjoyed the country setting and the historical aspects tied in with past lives.
    There was never a dull moment as Hayley adapted to country life, cared for her increasing number of farm animals, tried to write a novel, negotiated a new romance and dealt with her unsettling visions.
    I really loved this book.. Thankyou for choosing me to read Someone Like You.

  9. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Allen and Unwin for the pleasure of reading this book. I loved loved loved it. Thanks to Karly’s great storytelling I could picture the farm with the menagerie of animals that Hayley manages to collect thru out the book and the quaint country settings. Enjoyed the way the past met the present thru Edward and Jane to Luke and Hayley. Just an all round ripper read – thanks once again Karly Lane – 5/5 stars ✅all the boxes.

  10. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Allen & Unwin Publishers for introducing me to Karly Lane.

    I haven’t read any Karly Lane books before but I am keen to try some of her others. I really enjoyed getting to know Hayley the main character as she bumped through life following her relationship breakup. I love the description of the small town and the link between the past and the future. All the animals made me chuckle and Hayley is the sort of person of love to be around in real life.

    The book ended far too quickly for me and there was a few characters I would of loved to have been explored more, but overall it was a very enjoyable and easy read.

  11. Karly Lane’s books are always delightful slices of rural romance. So it should come as no surprise that “Someone Like You” is no exception. There is the city-turned-country girl, Hayley who is initially left broken hearted by her husband. She meets her neighbour, the gorgeous Luke Mason, a man who proves a wonderful cure for her past romantic ills.

    While I commend Lane for weaving in some Australian history into this book, I did find the notion of the past-life stuff a bit hard to swallow. This is a minor gripe though, because otherwise this novel is a fantastic one with really well-developed and interesting characters that hook you in to a pleasant story.

  12. Someone Like You is a new novel from bestselling author Karly Lane and is a love story about bestselling author Hayley Stevens.
    Hayley moves, on impulse, from the city to the country after the end of her marriage. She is fairly unprepared – like driving an Audi Coupe and not owning sensible country footwear and as a result has some interesting encounters not least is with her handsome neighbour Luke Mason. She slowly adjusts to country life and begins to be accepted by the community. While her relationship with Luke is fairly predictable there is an interesting side story which intrigued me.
    Karly’s descriptions of life in a small community certainly rang true – I am sure many readers will think yes we’ve got someone like that in our town too! The prejudices and judgments that often arise in small communities were addressed in the story and are food for thought – sometimes an outsider spots something locals have missed and because they don’t have preconceived ideas can make a difference.
    I enjoyed the descriptions of country life and identified with Hayley’s frustrations of trying to deal with the bird life. The characters were generally likeable and it was an easy, enjoyable read.
    Thanks to Beauty and Lace book club and publishers Allen & Unwin for the opportunity to read this novel.

  13. Someone Like You by Karly Lane. I enjoyed the story about farming , coming up with ideas for a business in the country and being a writer. Hayley has her hands full with making the farm work then comes Luke to help her with everything in her life. A good read thankyou.

  14. 30 year-old Hayley Stevens decides to make the move from the city to the country after her marriage of 5 years came to an end after her husband cheated on her with her supposed best friend.
    Hayley is an author and is hoping that the lovely sandstone cottage she has purchased will offer some inspiration for her next novel.
    Before she knows it, she is filling her property with a menagerie of animals including a donkey, cat, and chooks, to name a few!
    It isn’t long before she meets her new neighbour Luke Mason, who lives on a farm with his parents, brother, sister-in-law and Grandmother.
    Luke gets to know Hayley and the two form a connection that neither of them was expecting. But it is not all smooth sailing!
    I think that there are some really great characters that seem quite real. I liked Jason, the handyman that Hayley hires, and would’ve liked to find out more about him, I felt as though he just sort of blended into the background and was forgotten about a little bit which was a shame as he was a really interesting character.
    It would be great to see him feature in another book.
    There is a supernatural element to this story that I found was told well but that I couldn’t quite buy, but that is just my own personal opinion.
    But the book was very enjoyable and an easy read too. I finished it within a couple of days. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  15. Having lived on a small farming property, I could relate to almost everything in this fabulous story. The stray animals wanting a loving home, building pens for the animals, and a touch of past life memories, made for an intriguing read. Bungled romantic moments added a good giggle. It was so easy to become wrapped up in each and every one of the characters, so much so, that you have to keep turning the page to see what will happen next.
    Friendships broken and then mended. True love found again, made this a heartwarming story from beginning to end.
    Thank you for the opportunity to read it. I will be on the look out for more of Karly’s books, as she has been added to my short list of favourite authors.

  16. Someone Like You by Karly Lane is a gread book to read.
    The marriage breakdown is the push for Hayley to leave the city and move to a small country town.
    Having a donkey dumped on her and it escaping and getting bogged in her neighbors dam
    is a disater with a silver lining, she meets gorgeous Luke Mason.
    Moving to a small community is so different to all Hayley knows.
    She collects animals, they are not what they seem but fit.
    The budding romance with Luke has it’s ups and downs.
    Karly Lane writes with an understanding of country small town closed minds and how hard it is for someone who isn’t born there to try to belong.
    The small town was not expecting a city raised writer who is determined to make the best of her new begining,
    but they begin to accept her.
    The past lives intruding on modern times brings an interesting twist.
    A very easy book to read with quite a few funny little bits that will make you have a small chuckle to yourself.
    Enjoyable and highly recommended to read.

  17. This was a great read!! I love Karly Lane generally so I had high hopes but she definitely delivers..

    Would recommend!!

  18. I’m a big fan of Karly Lane books, she has varying story lines, you never quite know what tack she’s going to take with each book, in saying that this was not one of my favourites of Lane’s but it was still a nice read.
    Someone Like You touches on the supernatural with Hayley having visions of a couple alive 200 years ago!
    An award winning author Hayley makes a tree change after a turbulent year, getting divorced from her husband after he cheated on her.
    Abby Cottage in Lochway beckons to Hayley and after having a weekend here years ago when she discovers its for sale she buys it on a whim and packs up her life in Sydney and heads west.
    The day after her arrival shes left with a donkey Errol, this is the beginning of a menagerie for Hayley. Errol decides to escape and gets himself stuck in her sexy neighbour Luke’s dam. There is an instant connection between Luke and Hayley, with Hayley feeling that Luke is familiar to her.
    As Hayley settles into the slower lifestyle of the country she struggles to push past her writers block as her deadline for her latest book looms, all the while she is still having strange visions that are somehow connected to Luke, but upon broaching the subject with Luke he doesn’t want to know. What is it about Hayley’s visions that scares Luke so much and can they work through it and start a relationship?
    An easy to read book, touching on the supernatural world without being too surreal, as well as many other issues that happen in a small town and how farmer is changing to include more diversification. A huge thanks to Beauty and Lace and Allen and Unwin for the chance to review Someone Like You.

  19. This was the first time that I read a book by Karly Lane and boy did I love it!!! It was an easy read and I loved her humour!

    The story is about Hayley starting a new life in the country after the breakdown of her marriage. It’s a big leap moving to the country from the city but she throws herself into it with enthusiasm. Along the way, she collects a myriad of animals and takes a fancy to the good looking neighbour!

    I loved how there was a mystery behind the cottage that she bought and it wasn’t just a “boy meets girl” type thing.

    I would highly recommend this book!!!

    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Allen & Unwin for introducing me to a great Australian author!

  20. The story focused around Hayley and Luke where city girl, Hayley who is a novel writer,, after a marriage break up, purchases a country cottage where she meets farmer Luke. An instant attraction occurs but does it develop into a long term relationship? This is the question which remained open as I read the story. A story of intrigue of past life and history, perhaps between the two, and immediate friendships of time and past. Relationships in the family which Luke deals with while trying to get past his own fears. Hayley appears to also be a lover of adopting unique animals who become her aim to befriend while she overcomes her writers block. Connecting farms mean that Hayley and Luke will keep having to meet and there comes the hard part. How do they overcome some of the emotional obstacles they have?
    Karly Lane, I love this story and thank you for sharing it.

  21. This is one book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I love how the author Karly Lane really gets inside the minds of the characters and expresses them so well.
    Someone Like You is a heartwarming story of city meets country, with the two main characters, being Hayley and Luke. We are taken on a fabulous journey of rich history and beautiful country landscapes. Hayley tries to fully embrace her move to the country, which includes taking in all the unwanted and stray animals imaginable.
    There is a large focus on the history of this little town called Lochway, but this isnt just your average love story. I wont spoil this, but I had a lot of laughs, and was glad that this wasnt a standardised ending. I will say that I would love to see a follow on from the author, as others have mentioned.
    Thank you to B&L and Allen & Unwin for the chance to read and review this book.
    Highly recommended.

  22. This is not the first book that I have read from Karly Lane and I am sure there will be many more to come as Karly is such a fantastic Australian author.

    The moment I started reading this novel, I was captured by the storyline.

    We are introduced to Hayley Stevens who lives in Sydney and is an author of crime novels. She thought she had this forever marriage only to find out that her best friend and her husband were now people she wanted out of her life forever.

    Hayley moves to a place country town called Lochway and I could visualise the whole area of places that are mentioned in the novel such as Wiseman’s Ferry, Windsor and St. Albans. St. Albans hold many memories for me and those walls inside really do whisper. Such beautiful surroundings for the story too.

    I loved Hayley’s character, she has such a warm personality and her love of animals jumps through the pages as you read. I found myself giggling at her antics. The donkey in the dam is hilarious and you could just imagine every step she went through with that.

    This is such a brillant romantic novel and the character of Luke Mason whom Hayley becomes involved with is magical, although there are ups and downs which make you want to jump into those pages and push them together.

    Luke’s family have been on the land since early settlement so there is lot of family history and secrets happening. I loved the character of Gran. All the characters in this storyline are lovely in their own quirky way.

    There are humorous lines in the story which had me laughing also. I could visualise the scene on top of the gate so well. You will have to read the story to know what I am talking about though.

    I loved how we deal with the perceptions of what an author feels through Hayley and this then shows us what Karly Lane and other authors succumb to all the time. Writer’s Block. We always assume as we read these novels that the storylines must just flow but Hayley’s character shows us that there is a struggle that writers face. I found it all really fascinating and I got the feeling that Karly has based the character of Hayley on herself.

    I absolutely loved this book and I do have to say that I have read novels for so many, many years now and once upon it was only UK and American authors but since being with Beauty and Lace, I love seeing the abundance of Australian authors that have been making their appearances on our shelves. Woohoo.

    Thanks again Beauty and Lace for another wonderful novel and Allen & Unwin for your generosity of being able to read this book. I also love the cover too. Definitely a page turner.

  23. Thank goodness to beauty and lace for sending me this book. Within minutes of picking up the book i was sent to into the world Karly Lane created, barely able to put it down I finished the entire book at work.

    I was upset to have it end, wanting more adventures with Hayley and her army of pets she acquired.

    I was drawn along on the journey Karly wrote, twisting between the origins of Lochway, and the modern timeline. Despite being a fictional town I can understand the beauty of it, having lived near some of the places mentioned it. It warms my heart how much Hayley appreciates the history of the area, and the families in the area. History is a passion of mine and I felt even more connected to her.

    The relationship that builds between Hayley and Luke really gets me all giggly and excited. I love how it shows not all couples are completely sexy and have great moves. That some of us are clumsy and laugh and create bleeding noses, but it doesn’t take away from the moment and the romance in it.

    I laughed so much during this book, Karly did an amazing job of describing situations, and had me picturing them as if I was there. I love that her writing isn’t all serious all the time, or completely romantic. There’s a wonderful balance between romance, mystery and humour.

  24. Thank you so much for the opportunity to review Someone Like You by Karly Lane.
    I loved how Karly transported us to this beautiful little town and I felt like I was really there.
    Someone like you is the story of Hayley and the decisions she makes to move from the city to a little place called Lochway. There she builds a life and meets Luke. I won’t give too much away but I found it a very engaging read with lots of humour throughout.
    As the book got closer to the end I felt I was going to be disappointed but the epilogue made sure that wasn’t so.
    Thank you again.

  25. Someone Like You by Karly Lane was such a lovely read. This was my first book of Karly’s that I have read, and I think I would actively seek out her other books now after finishing this one. I think I would enjoy them too and would definitely recommend Someone Like You to others I know who would like this type of story. It was an easy flowing book to read which makes it even more enjoyable I think, and I liked how it was set in Australia and to me this makes me be able to absorb the story and characters more when it is set in our location. The rural setting was interesting and it is always good to read stories in those settings. I did quite like the characters of Hayley and Luke, there was something about them that clicked with me. I also really liked the added romance but also the intrigue and surprise of bits of history and supernatural sort of elements. Karly Lane wrote these in, as well as the insight into being an author and writing a book and it all just gelled together. The family and also the animals in the town, they were a joy and interest to read about also.
    I would definitely recommend Someone Like You by Karly Lane and enjoyed reading it a lot.

  26. AWESOME.
    I really feel like I could just leave a post with simply that one word as Awesome really does cover it. I loved every thing about this book.
    Hayley is a strong woman and wont allow others to lead her down their path. She has her own thoughts on things and she will make up her own mind on people. She is not a follower and I love that. After her marriage falls apart she decides to live her dream and move to a location that she feels will give her the change she needs. Moving from the city to the country provides some challenges but she tackles each one with a positive attitude. Meeting her neighbour Luke at what could be considered a bad time when shes covered in mud and soaking wet and trying to drag screaming donkey from a dam proves to be a changing point in both their lives and takes them both on a journey where the present overlaps with the distant past.

    I really delighted in this story and would love to read more of Karly Lane’s books. This was a very easy book to read and provided a few giggles here and there.

  27. One year after walking in on her husband in bed with her best friend
    author Hayley Stevens says goodbye to the city and heads to Lochway
    a small colonial village on the Macdonald river where she impulsively
    had bought a cosy sandstone cottage with lush rose gardens which she
    felt would be a wonderful place to continue her writing.

    It’s here she acquires some unexpected animals and meets her new
    neighbour Luke Mason who seemed to be familiar to her.

    Things are not all that they seem as Hayley experiences visions or flashbacks.

    ‘Someone Like You’ by Karly Lane is an intriguing, funny and romantic story
    about past lives and new beginnings with heart- warming characters that
    are well-defined and very likeable.

    This novel is such an excellently written story that contains excellent descriptions of the tranquil setting and the storyline is compelling and uncomplicated.

    I just loved it!!

    It is a very easy read and engaging from start to finish.

    Thank you so much to Allen & Unwin and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  28. Someone like you is a romance that follows Hayley, a writer who has left her troubles behind in Sydney and moves into a small rural town where she discovers her love for peace and quiet, farming and her neighbour!

    I really enjoyed reading the story between Luke and Hayley however I found that I didn’t really like the historical parts of the book- both Hayley and Luke have a connection with a couple that died 200 years ago and they have flash backs of their deaths and snaps of their lives.

    Perhaps its because I dislike anything that is unrealistic or farfetched that I didn’t really get into it. When it was focused on romance and daily life in outback Australia Id happily read chapters at a time, when they started on Visions and past lives I had to force myself to read a chapter in one sitting.

    All up it was a lovely book but not my cup of tea

  29. Someone Like You. By Karly Lane

    A year after her husband cheats on her, best selling author Hayley impulsively buys a cottage in the country that she sees on line. She packs her bags, and heads off to her new life away from Sydney, at her own personal writers retreat.

    Adjusting to her country life, Hayley begins to settle in, and adds a collection of animals to fill her few acres. The way she acquires each of these makes great reading! But writers block troubles Hayley, and sometimes the country noises don’t help.

    Hayley meets her neighbour Luke in an unusual way, and visits his family who run a brewery, restaurant and and reception centre. I liked the way that this showed how farmers sometimes now have to diversify to make a living from the land..

    I love the descriptions of the people of the town: I can just picture the blokes at the Rural Supply store, especially when Hayley drives up in her Audi Coupe to buy food for her animals. Jason the handyman is also a wonderful character, and I enjoyed the warmth and understanding that Hayley shows him..

    There are many laugh out loud pages in this easy to read book.. Karly Lane writes in a way that makes you feel like you are sitting beside a friend, listening to her tell you a story. Her books are always much more than a rural romance, and Someone Like You is another great read.

    Thanks to Beauty & Lace Book Club, and Allen & Unwin books for the chance to read this wonderful book.

  30. I really enjoy Karly Lanes writing style she is able to carry you away to a small town in rural Australia. This book gets you thinking about past lives and how you can meet your love in the strangest ways. A really lovely book to sit by the fire and get transported to another world

  31. Someone like you is a book I wouldn’t normally read but I want to get out of my comfort zone with reading so I took the plunge and couldn’t be happier!
    Hayley is a 30 year old divorcee and authoer in need of change, she feels compelled to buy a little cottage out in the sticks called Abby Cottage after she visits for a stay.
    Here she has visions that take her back 200 years but what does it all mean?
    Next door to Abby Cottage a handsome man is her neighbour, Luke, rugged and absolutely gorgeous how is Hayley not to have the feels after he helps her with her muddy, stubborn donkey.

    I loved the history and supernatural aspects of Someone Like You which made it way more than a love story which personally I would of hated. It gave it quirk and kept it a page turner.

    Karly Lane is a thorough and amazing writer whom gives great detail and really makes you feel part of the story,
    I give Someone like you 5 stars as I really enjoyed it!

  32. What a wonderful book.. This is a novel in which the main character Hayley ( an author ) comes home and is greeted by her husband and best friend together ( and not just chatting) !

    12 months later she has sold up in Sydney for a new adventure in the country where she impulsively buys a little cottage, that she had stayed in once for a weekend. Why did she buy this cottage and why does she have moments of dejavu and flashbacks from 200 years?

    What do they have to do with her? And why does she suffer from writer’s block in this gorgeous town?

    This book delves into living in a typical small town with all its trials and tribulations where the townspeople know all your business and find it hard to accept a newcomer from the city. She meets her neighbour Luke with his intriguing past. and they both have this immediate attraction to each other but their path never seems to run smoothly.

    Hayley settles in to her new home, with all its problems and the menagerie of unwanted animals she seems to inherit.

    I loved the book, it was so easy to read it is full of beautiful descriptions of the rural landscape, very funny and all the characters have such a depth that you feel you are part of the story as well.

    I have never read a book by Karly Lane. She weaves a beautiful tale that really captures you from the beginning and the past sits right there with the present. I will definitely read more of her books.

    Thank you Beauty and lace and Allen and Unwin

  33. This is the first Karly Lane novel I have read, and I really enjoyed it!

    Karly’s writing style is easy to read, descriptive and humorous. I love the quirky characters, and the themes introduced through the story, like PTSD, history, past lives and finding romance in rural life.

    I found the story totally engrossing and enjoyable!

  34. Thankyou so much to Beauty and Lace, Allen and Unwin and Karly Lane for the opportunity to read this book, from one of my favourite authors!

    Someone like you is a bit different to Karlys usual style, with a bit of a historical mystery thrown into the rural romance setting.

    I quite enjoyed the different elements that were very unlike Karlys usual writing. It provided a different setting, and made it not as predictable as sometimes rural romance can be.

    I liked all the characters in the book, I found them all entertaining in their own ways. Loved that Hayley loved all the animals and adopted lots!
    Handyman Jason was a great character, it would be nice to hear more of his story as well as the Main characters in another book?
    I loved Pearl too, she was a funny old lady, loved when she made Luke panic and run to her and then she cheekily said that he was out of shape

    Thanks again for allowing me to review this book, I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for Karlys next one!

  35. Thank you Beauty and Lace for another fabulous book. From the moment I opened this book I was hooked. It flowed nicely and was written. My very first book by Karly Lane another great Australian author.

    I loved that it was a story inside a story. The main character Hayley was very likeable and I love bed reading about her. I enjoyed the past life experiences throughout the book. I love reading romance novels but loved that this wasn’t your normal everyday romance story. I certainly would love to read more in the future

  36. Someone like You by Karly Lane is such a great read with excellent descriptions and an uncomplicated story line.

    The story begins a year after Hayley Stevens walks in on her husband in bed with her best friend. Hayley makes the decision of her life and decides to say goodbye to the City and heads to a country village on the Macdonald River where she had purchased a sandstone cottage where she plans to continue with her writing.

    As Hayley tries to settle into country life she has a few adventures on the way, and one of them is acquiring a donkey and during which time she meets her new and sexy neighbour Luke Mason, who for some reason seems quite familiar to her. Things in the country are not all that they seem as Hayley experiences what she thinks are visions or flashbacks.

    The story is romantic, full of intrigue and humour which goes into past lives and new beginnings with characters who are very likeable.

    I have never read a book by Karly Lane previously and would highly recommend this novel as it had me interested in the whole book from start to finish.

    Thank you, Beauty and Lace and Allen Unwin.

  37. Congratulations to Karly Lane on another successful book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I fell n love with the two characters and liked how they interacted between past and current lives, This actually impressed me. It was a beautiful love story which was enriched with Australian history.
    Thank you so much to Beauty and Lace for allowing me to read this book.

  38. This is a heartwarming novel in which we are introduced to the lovely character, 29 year old Hayley Stevens. Hayley has discovered her husband and best friend have been unfaithful to her and she has chosen to pack up and leave, concentrating all of her efforts on a new life in the country and her career as an author.

    On arrival to Lochway, Hayley is soon introduced to her handsome neighbour Luke Mason. From here, Hayley and Luke develop a friendship based on their love of animals and a rural lifestyle.

    Ultimately, there are two broken souls who are drawn together through fate and a hefty dose of deja vu. Karly Lane has a natural ability to ensure her readers and wrapped in the warmth, love and friendship that she has transposed onto every page and this makes for a very enjoyable read.

    Thank you Beauty and Lace Bookclub and Allen & Unwin Publishing for the opportunity to read this novel. This is the first Karly Lane novel I have read and I adore it, I will happily re-visit this time and time again.

  39. I discovered Karly’s books a few years back and have been working my way through her catalogue and she is now one of my favourite Australian writers and I was eager to read her new one.

    I loved “Someone like you”, Karly has the ability to weave a tale that is both comfortable and soothes your soul. The characters are likeable, the locations described perfectly and the pace of the novel is just right. I found it easy to pick up and read a few chapters on the train on the way to work and in the evenings at night. I must admit I was distressed at how quickly the ending came up as I wanted more, there must be more stories to be told by the people of Lochway.

    Hayley Stevens is the main character who moves to Lochway after her marriage ends when she walks in on her husband and best friend in bed together. Needing a fresh start she decides to move to Lochway after discovering the beautiful cottage she had stayed in previously was on the market.

    From here we meet the locals and follow Hayley as she settles into her new surroundings. I loved the humour of Hayley the city girl ending up with Errol the noisy donkey. We meet Luke Mason the handsome neighbour after Errol escapes and goes on an adventure. The characters were all likeable and complimented the story, I loved the Mason’s especially Grandma Pearl and getting to know Jason the recluse who did not like talking about his past.

    A modern tale with a twist I highly recommend “Someone Like You”, Thank you Beauty and Lace Book Club and Allen & Unwin for the opportunity to read and review it.

  40. What a gorgeous book! Thoroughly enjoyed reading this and am very keen to look up more of Karly Lane’s books now so thank you Beauty & Lace and to Allen & Unwin for letting me discover a new author.
    The story was intriguing and very easy to read which kept me turning the pages to find out what would happen next. I really liked the main character Hayley Stevens and felt it was so easy to picture the little cottage and her new way of life so found I could easily empathise and laugh with her ups and downs. Her love of animals touched a soft spot as it was so like my way of thinking I just loved it!
    I guess the only part I wanted more of was around Luke’s past and his Grandma Pearl. I felt this was quite integral to the story but that there was not enough written about it which I believe would have enhanced the storyline even more. Perhaps even a little more on the visions and that storyline could have been delved into a bit further as well. Other than that, a truly great read that was fun and even funny at times. Highly recommended.

  41. Someone Like You by Karly Lane has something for everyone – romance, history and humour. After best-selling author, Hayley Stevens found her husband Paul having an affair with her best friend she knows her life will never be the same again.
    Twelve months later, Hayley packs her bags and heads to Lochway, a small colonial village. Wanting peace and quiet to continue her writing, Hayley impulsively buys a cosy, sandstone cottage that she has previously stayed at. Upon moving into her new home Hayley becomes the new owner of a very noisy donkey called Errol – Errol leads Hayley into some extremely humorous moments. When Errol escapes from his new home and finds himself embedded in the neighbour’s dam, Hayley meets her new and handsome neighbour Luke.
    Hayley starts having ‘visions’ – things that she appears to be aware of with total feeling. As Luke and Hayley’s relationship continues to grow, Luke too starts to have ‘visions’. What does this mean for the pair? As Hayley starts to suffer writers block and can only think of her visions she starts to write – not what she is contracted to write but from her visions – as Hayley looks deeper into the meaning of what she is seeing it all becomes clearer to her and Luke.
    Fantastic book that was hard to put down. Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Allen & Unwin for allowing me to read this great novel.

  42. I have devoured every book Karly has written since I received her book Morgan’s Law for a birthday gift a few years ago (my first of the kind).

    I was excited to be selected to review Someone Like You and knew I would not be able to put it down! Lets just say the day I started reading it we had dinner at 10pm!

    Like any of Karly’s books you are transported to wherever the story is set. Someone Like You had me feeling like I was part of the story, I felt like I was witnessing the visions Hayley and Luke had, feeling the love, the pain and the laughter (Errol and his dam adventure!) The amount of hard work research that goes into one of Karly Lane’s stories is amazing – each story makes you feel like you have taken a history class – and enjoyed it!

    Someone Like You takes you on a journey through heartbreak, humor, fear and most of all romance – each page leaves you wanting more.

    Another amazing read Karly, I cannot wait for the next!

  43. I absolutely enjoyed reading Someone Like You by Karly Lane.
    Having read her novels previously I was looking forward to starting this one and it did not disappoint .
    For me it was one of those novels that once I started I just wanted to keep reading until the last page.
    Set around Hayley, who finds her husband is having an affair with her best friend , she decides to up and move her life to the small village of Lochway where she can concentrate on her writing.
    That all changes when she meets her new neighbour Luke ( through an unusual event with her new pet donkey).
    Slightly unusual in the fact that Hayley starts having “visions” and uses them for her writing and her new beau Luke start having them too, but she begins to see things differently .
    Some very funny moments usually involving Errol the donkey and an all round great read .
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Allen and Unwin for allowing me to read and review this great novel.

  44. As someone who would love a tree change the idea of moving to the country is one I loved to read about. It really sounds just serene and divine with most of the company an eclectic mix of animals most notably Errol the donkey. Her relationship with Luke adds to the interest in the new move and provides a perfect fresh start in the country for Hayley. Loved the very real and relatable characters in the story was a lovely read!

  45. Many thanks to Beauty and Lace and Allen and Unwin for the opportunity read and review Someone Like You by Karly Lane.

    This is the first of Lane’s books that I have read and I loved it.

    The main character, Hayley a best selling author, has her world turned upside down when she discovers her best friend in bed with her husband. As luck would have it a lovely convict built stone farmhouse in country Lochway that she had stayed in a few years back came onto the market just as she was looking for a place to get away and on an impulse she bought it.

    After arriving in Lochway she attends the local convenience, one of only 2 shops in the town, to purchase some bread and milk, and on the way out sees an advertisement for “Donkey. Free to good home”. On a whim she calls the number and unexpectedly finds herself the owner of a very noisy donkey called Errol.

    When Errol escapes his quarters Hayley finds herself in her neighbor’s dam, soaking wet and with a recalcitrant donkey who isn’t budging no matter how much she cajoles and threatens, and it is in this less than auspicious circumstances that she meets her gorgeous looking neighbor Luke Mason when he stops to rescue her and Errol from the icy water.

    From the first time they meet Hayley feels a pull towards Luke as if he is somehow familiar to her, and it seems as though his grandmother Pearl has been expecting her.

    Hayley settles into life in the countryside, working on being accepted by the small community, endeavoring to write the next book in her series about Chance, a lady detective, and slowly increasing her menagerie of animals on the farm.

    Increasingly though she becomes plagued by strange visions that terrify her with their realism and mar her relationship with Luke as he refuses to discuss or even listen to her when she wants to talk about them. Has she made the right decision to move to Lochway, and what does it all mean?

    Lane’s descriptions of the countryside and characters are so vivid that you can almost feel yourself there and a part of what she describes. The writing has a gentle humour to it and despite knowing where the story is going it still draws you in and makes you want to continue reading in case there is an unexpected twist.

    A beautiful story of past meets present. Highly recommended.

  46. Many thanks for the opportunity to read Someone Like You. I’m a long time Karly Lane fan and usually adore her books, however I didn’t love this one as much as some of her others. I found the characters likable, but the plot was pretty predictable and it was a little anti-climatic. I found the super natural elements and historical parts interesting and well written. It wasn’t a bad book by any stretch, just not my favourite. It would still make a great holiday or weekend read for someone who wants to escape in something that’s just easy and enjoyable to read.

  47. loved this novel! Have never read Kelly’s books before. I found it interesting and kept me intrigued. Characters Hayley and Luke are very likeable.
    An easy read and like others said was kind of predictable. Still the storyline characters and events kept me reading. Thanks B & L !

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