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Sit, Stay, Love by Australian author Amy Hutton is a lighthearted romance fun fiction novel at its best. It is a simple feel-good story of love that’ll bring a smile to your face and leave you feeling warm inside.

Owning a pet rescue shelter was not easy but Sera Madden could not imagine doing anything else, she named the shelter Rose’s Rescue after her grandmother who also had a love for animals.

At times it’s hard to get by, but she has great support from her long-time friend Dr Toby McManus, who owns the Petside Vet Clinic. Their friendship is platonic, and Sera never saw it any different, even though they had spent many nights cuddled up on the couch watching movies. 

When Sera unexpectedly meets drop-dead gorgeous actor, Ethan James, she feels a schoolgirl giddiness. Saving him from a friendly German Shepherd is the icing on the cake. 

sit stay love

Ethan is back in Sydney and has landed an amazing role. The only problem is his co-star is a dog and he hasn’t let on to the director – he has a fear of them. Knowing Sera owns a pet rescue, he asks for help in conquering his phobia.

With time spent together, Sera and Ethan soon develop mutual feelings that neither can deny. However, when Toby shows his true feelings, things become complicated. Now Sera has two men to choose between and does not know which way to turn. Will she choose Ethan or Toby, and will it be the right choice?

Amy Hutton offers a delicious treat for rom-com lovers in Sit, Stay, Love. With vibrant characters and an engaging plot, the author takes readers on a ride with this thoroughly entertaining love story full of humour and heart. The plot is well-paced, with the narrative moving smoothly without a single hitch, it is a clean romantic comedy and a fun story with many laugh-out-loud moments.

The characters pop off the pages with distinct quirks and qualities that make them memorable.

Sera, our protagonist, is gorgeous, kind, and selfless in all her deeds. She’s very easy to relate to, showcasing the importance of friendship and working together. You can’t help but want her happily ever after. 

Toby, I adored he is the kind of character you root for and cheer on from the very beginning.  He is such a sweetheart and a true friend, I found myself thoroughly invested in him winning Sera over. I enjoyed the way the author builds up the tension, creating jealousy and emotional conflict.

I didn’t like Ethan at first, but over time, warmed up to him, spending time together Sera’s and Ethan’s personalities complement each other in a way that feels organic and compelling. They have great chemistry and, combined with the witty dialogue and light-hearted banter, it makes for an absorbing read.

I love books with animals, especially when they are rescue, any self-respecting animal lover will fall in love with these four-legged characters, just like people, they deserve to be happy and to be loved.

I had a wonderful time reading this novel. Sit, Stay, Love should be at the top of every romance reader’s to-read list. I highly recommend it.

Thank you, Beauty and Lace and Simon & Schuster Australia for the opportunity to read and review.

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14 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Sit, Stay, Love

  1. This book was so much fun to read! And funny! I found myself laughing out loud a lot; that can only be good. I loved Sera’s animal rescue place, and the way she finds herself under houses and covered in muck rescuing stray animals, and then caring for them. I loved Toby the vet, who was clearly in love with Sera from the start but going cautiously so he didn’t frighten her away – like a wild animal, I guess. And I loved Ethan, the film star who seemed like a genuinely nice guy and dazzled Sera and everyone around him with his flirty smiles and Mr Nice Guy manners. He did come with a few ‘normal-ish’ hangups and such, so it was nice he was able to talk, as in really talk, to Sera. In fact he was nice to everyone, mostly, except Toby. When Toby and Ethan were together the testosterone crackled and snapped, each male vying for the female’s attention and trying to be the alpha male, just like, well, animals. And Sera couldn’t figure out why! Ha. I read this on a really cold autumn day, the sky leaden and drippy outside and a wind whipping sodden leaves around like crazy. The book brightened me up so completely I forgot about the miserable weather, what wonderful fun. (And oh, Toby and the pug…)
    Thanks to Beauty & Lace Bookclub and Simon & Schuster Australia for the review copy. What a winner!

  2. Seriously, this book is fabulous from page 1 and right till the end I was on tenterhooks.

    The novel surrounds itself with this beautiful girl Sera who was bequeathed her grandmother’s beautiful Federation style home at Oxford Falls in Sydney. The surrounds have a small paddock and only minutes from the ocean.

    Sera thought about selling the house but along with the house she had inherited her Grandmother Rose’s three ancient cats so plans to sell, would have to be put on hold.
    Out and about one day, she comes across some dumped puppies and this is what would start her business of Rose’s Rescue. It is a struggle keeping the animal shelter going though but Sera is determined not to let it close down.

    It’s not hard to love the character of Sera and her amazing efforts of saving animals in the most awkward places and tending to their needs. Not only puppies or dogs, but kittens, and horse and sheep.

    Helping her with dealing with medical things and checks for the animals is Toby the Vet who she has this wonderful friendship with. They have movie and pizza nights and generally have fun.

    Another character comes into Sera’s life in the form of Ethan James, a move star that was in obviously a fictional story called Throne of Kings and also has been in Home & Away. Sera became besotted with him as she helped his fear of dogs by giving him lessons on how to deal with dogs because he had a movie that was going to have a border collie as his co-star.

    The storyline will be a tug of war for love and the other characters in the book are equally memorable as well.

    I absolutely loved this book as it is beautifully written to capture your attention. I enjoyed reading the places as Sydney is my birth place and I could visualise a lot of the places like Narrabeen Lakes and Manly.

    There are lines in this book that had me giggling and fanning my face.
    I really like the cover but won’t know if this will be the end result as this book is an uncorrected proof. I think it actually fits the storyline perfectly even at the back with the pictures.

    Thank you Beauty & Lace and Simon & Schuster Australia for sending me this copy to read. I dare say we will see a bit more of Amy Hutton down the track. She captures the reader’s attention with so much detail and storyline that holds your attention.

    Highly recommend this story to read.

  3. What a beautiful, lighthearted and delightful read. From page one I was hooked.
    Meet Sera. Her grandmother left her an inheritance that allowed Sera to make her dream a reality – a rescue shelter called Rose’s Rescue – aptly named after her beloved Grandmother. Her rescue shelter is located in Oxford Falls in Sydney.
    Her best friend and vet Toby (whom she has regular pizza and movie nights with) looks after the medical side of things for the animals at Rose’s Rescue that is home to 6 dogs, a family of kittens, a horse and a sheep.
    Throughout the book there are glimpses of Toby’s deeper feeling for Sera (who is oblivious to the fact) but that at times gets overshadowed by actor Ethan James (former Home And Away heart throb) who soon enlists her help to overcome his dog phobia where she teaches him how to deal with them which is an absolute must as his role in the new movie Throne of Kings involves him co staring with a border collie.
    With Sera’s time being consumed by Ethan she is shocked to find her bestie Toby is jealous – very much acting like a jealous boyfriend. She soon unearths (much to her surprise) she has feelings for Toby too but doesn’t want to lose their friendship. Ethan’s behaviour and lifestyle of the rich and famous gets too much for her and she realises that the grass really isn’t greener on the other side.
    A huge thanks to Beauty & Lace and Simon & Schuster for my copy of this uplifting rom – com.
    I honestly can’t recommend this book enough.

  4. Whole heartedly enjoyed this wonderful light hearted, funny at times, easy to read book.
    Down to earth believable characters with 2 men vying for the same lady.
    Throw in a whole lots of animals – domesticated and rescued, a Vet and a Movie Star and sparks will fly.
    Highly recommend this book and huge thank you to Beauty and Lace and Simon and Schuster for the opportunity to read this lovely book.

  5. I was so excited to be chosen to read and review Sit, Stay, Love by Amy Hutton and let me tell you, the excitement continued throughout the book!

    Honestly each page left you wanting more until sadly it was over (and still wanting more!)

    The story has everything you could want from love to laughter and everything in between. I was laughing out loud more times than I can count and so deeply involved with the book my home life was ignored!

    10/10 an absolutely beautiful light hearted read that I would recommend to all!

  6. Sit,Stay,Love by Amy Hutton is a wonderful feel good romance story.

    After an inheritance from her Grandmother Rose, Sera Madden, is living her dream life running a Rescue Shelter for animals.
    Her close and best friend Vet, Toby McManus, assists her when needed. They have a very close comfortable friendship.

    Enter a handsome actor, Ethan James, who has a phobia with dogs. Ethan needs to overcome his fear to star in his next movie and employs Sera to help him.

    The problem is now Sera has two men in her life, both interested in her!

    Ethan makes Sera’s heart race, could this be love ?
    Sera also has feelings for Toby.
    Can a long time friendship turn into love? But what happens if it doesn’t work out and you lose your best friend?
    Sera has a choice to make……just where will her heart lead her?

    Sera is such a fun character. She and her animals take us on a
    journey that keeps you amused and engaged as she navigates her now complicated life.
    Thoroughly recommend this excellent and hard to put down book.
    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and to Simon and Schuster for the opportunity to read it.

  7. I was fortunate enough to be selected to read and review an uncorrected proof of Sit, Stay, Love. by Amy Hutton. What a terrific read this was from beginning to end ! A light, easy to read novel with an enchanting and engaging storyline, fun and likeable characters and an interesting setting.
    Main character Sera Madden loves animals and has converted her inherited grandmother’s home into an animal shelter. The commitment is all encompassing and most of Sera’s time is spent rescuing, looking after and re-homing the various animals she has gathered. Local vet Toby is her biggest supporter, providing free vet services when required and lots of moral support to continue to build her shelter, but Sera has a hard time seeing Toby as anything more than her best friend … until she meets movie star Ethan. The love triangle that develops has a predictable ending but I thoroughly enjoyed the read to get there.
    Amy Sutton has an easy to read writing style and I am looking forward to reading more from her in future. Thank you Beauty and Lace and Simon & Schuster for the opportunity to review this book which I think will appeal to a broad audience looking for light but interesting and entertaining reading.

  8. I really enjoyed this book and found that there were times that I was having a little giggle at some of the antics.
    I loved the inclusion of all the animals and how passionate both lead characters are about animal welfare.
    There was one thing right near the end of the book that stopped me in my tracks. I actually spoke to my eldest daughter who is in her 30’s and asked for her point of view on it and I guess I am offically a Grandma now as for me to say to someone you love that you are going to F+*+ is not acceptable language to use with someone you love but there you go….my daughter who is in the same age group and the main characters of the book informed me thats pretty standard wording for a 30+ male. Go figure. I am now educated.
    Other then that this book was a delight. I really enjoyed how the animals helped to heal the fear that movie star Ethan had carry all his life.

  9. “Sit, Stay, Love” is a romance with absolutely no surprises, but enough individuality to entertain and engage readers.

    Sera has almost accidentally found herself running an animal shelter and rescue service. Not that she really minds; she loves animals and has abundant and generous help from her friend Toby, a vet. However, it’s a constant scrabble for money. And she’s so busy with the animals that it’s been literally years since she dated.

    One day Toby’s helping her with some rescue kittens, when the incredibly hot movie star Ethan James turns up on his doorstep. Ethan is desperate for help with a stray dog, and Sera is perfectly equipped to help. She’s also willing to have a go at helping him to overcome his fear of dogs.

    But when things start heating up between Sera and Ethan, Toby starts acting weird. Why is her friend behaving so oddly? Sera’s finally found an attractive man to romance her. And Toby’s just a friend… isn’t he?

    The novel makes a fair bit of the fact that everyone but Sera can see Toby’s feelings for her. And yes, it’s obvious. And I really don’t think anyone will be surprised by the ending. However, the novel dangles a credible alternative, adding just enough suspense to draw the reader on.

    I personally really enjoyed seeing a character who’s afraid of dogs. I don’t like dogs, and it’s kind of irritating that every fictional person ever seems to love them. Only Bad People don’t like dogs, apparently. It was great to see a character who doesn’t adore them, and some of the awkwardness that comes with that. This, in fact, was one of the things that helped distinguish this from every other novel I’ve read with animals in it.

    This is a very easy read. It’s nicely written, and although there aren’t many surprises, the plot still keeps you interested. The characters are strong and their behaviour believable. The overall tone is pleasant and warm.

    This isn’t going to give you much food for thought, but it will entertain you and leave you with a smile on your face. That’s never a bad thing, is it?

  10. Sit,Stay,Love by Amy Hutton, is absolutely tailor made to become a delightful rom-com one day in the future. It’s a perfect fit !
    It’s wonderful to meet Sera and her equally delightful Dr Toby McManus, who from the get go are obviously made for each other, though Sera is yet to realise this. All it takes is an equally attractive, charismatic famous actor to push a few emotional buttons. Throw in a crazy mix of stray animals and favoured pets and the result is magical!
    A great way to spend a day! I could not put this book down! Congratulations Amy!

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