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Author: Mandy Magro
ISBN: 9781489277497
Copy courtesy of the publisher

This novel by bestselling Queensland writer, Mandy Magro, is set in her beloved far north Queensland and is a very Australian love story.

The main character, Nina Jones, was brought up at Riverstone Ridge by her adoptive mother Bea, Nina makes what she sees as a terrible mistake when she is a teenager and runs away from her childhood home, vowing never to return.

Twenty years later Nina is living in central Brisbane, working in a bar, in a relationship she’s not committed to and still wondering about the past.  When Bea dies suddenly she agrees to go back to Riverstone Ridge.  Bea has left her everything, including her dog, and five letters, each to be read one week apart.  Nina is determined not to stay but she rekindles her romance with ex-boyfriend, Logan, who is the local copper and dealing with his own tragedies.  

Nina is adjusting to life on the farm (still determined though to return to Brisbane) and coping with the shocks revealed in Bea’s letters when strange, scary incidents start happening and she is worried she is being stalked – but who by and why?   

This is a story of the ties of place and family, of finding, losing and rediscovering love and life.  The author’s knowledge and love for this part of beautiful Queensland clearly show in the descriptions of the countryside and of life on a regional property.  I enjoyed this novel, the first I’d read by Mandy, and will add her to the list of my authors to look out for.  

Many thanks to Beauty & Lace and Harper Collins for the opportunity read this novel.  

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14 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Riverstone Ridge

  1. This is just a beautiful rural romance read from the first page to the last. This book makes you want to just keep turning the pages. It certainly keeps you on your toes to where you are thinking. It’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle where you want to find how the pieces all fit in.

    The main character of Nina Jones flees the small town of Huntingvale and her adoptive mum Bea who understands why she has to leave.

    On learning of Bea’s death Nina knows she has to come back from Brisbane to deal with whatever needs to be done. It’s all daunting for her but it’s only for a few weeks.

    Bea’s brother William greets Nina and says that while she is staying there for the 5 weeks, his instructions are to give her a letter every week that Bea has written. She can only receive the letters if she stays for that length of time.

    It’s not hard to warm to William’s character and I found myself wondering how he fitted in with the storyline.

    In coming back it would mean perhaps bumping into Logan who she was seeing before she left in such a rush.

    Strange happenings throughout the book make it totally engaging to read. There were parts in the book that I would have a giggle at but majority you would have seen me tearing up. I found myself trying to guess every detail of the secrets that majority of the characters had.

    This is not the first book that I have read from Mandy Magro – she writes with beautiful stories to tell so you will not be disappointed in reading this book.

    I found my adrenaline start to take over when reading the last few chapters. I just had to turn the pages to see if I was on the right path and how it was all going to end.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would highly recommend if you love the rural romance.

    Thanks Beauty & Lace & Harlequin/Harper Collins for giving this book for me to read. To Many Magro – can’t wait for another book to read.

  2. This was a lovely, easy to read Australian romance. I actually read this in one sitting!

    Nina, a funny single young lady, has been forced to return to the country due to the sad passing of Bea, her adoptive carer. This means that Nina has to face her own demons and Logan, her childhood sweetheart and friend.

    This book keeps you on your toes with all the surprising secrets held by the characters all the way to the end!

    I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading about the Australian outback and wants a light and entertaining story.

  3. Thanks Beauty & Lace and Mira Publishing. It was very cool to see that Beauty & Lace featured on the back cover of this book.

    This was a book that I couldn’t put down, my jobs were forgotten as I lay on my bed engrossed in this story. There were SO many twists and turns that kept the reader in suspense and surprised at what would happen next. Of course, we all know in romance stories the two main characters (in this case – Nina and Logan) will end up madly and happily in love – it doesn’t disappoint. Love how Mandy Magro is a Queenslander and felt I could relate to the story more by knowing some of the landmarks.

    I loved it and definitely a five star read.

  4. I was honoured to be chosen to read and review Riverstone Ridge by Mandy Magro. I have been a huge fan of Mandy’s books since I first read Rosalee Station.

    Riverstone Ridge tells the story of Nina Jones who returns home to a place she fled a lifetime ago. I instantly fell in love with Nina and eagerly learnt her story.

    The many twists and turns of Riverstone Ridge keep you hooked and leave you wanting more.

    I laughed, I cried and I fell in love with each of the characters.

    I absolutely loved Riverstone Ridge and highly recommend it!

    Thank you Mandy, Beauty & Lace and Harlequin/ Harper Collins for this amazing opportunity

  5. Nina fled Huntingvale and Riverstone Ridge with many secrets she wasn’t willing to share.
    Nina left Logan Steele her friend who had always stood by her.
    Nina’s adoptive mother Bea has passed away and Nina must return home to decide what to do with her family home.
    But will ‘home’ really ever feel like home again.
    The story of Nina is a story with many surprising twists involving family, their secrets, a few lies, heartache and even a touch of romance.

    The characters are easy to fall in love with and the scenery descriptions are so amazing that you can see yourself there.

    Mandy writes from the heart and her books are easy to read and they just flow along. You will find that you lose track of time as just keep reading.

    This book will take you on an emotional journey with all the things in NIna’s life being revealed.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read a country romance.

  6. I just love Mandy Magro, and yet again, she did not disappoint. A great story, with likeable and relatable characters, all set in our own beautiful countryside.
    A heartwarming story of love and loss, of teenage burdens that reappear and how they change the course of our lives.
    The 2 main characters, Nina and Logan, are so easy to like, and you can’t wait to turn the page to see how their life journey will unfold, and whether they will or won’t get their ‘happily ever after’.
    I absolutely loved it, although was very tired after reading it, as I literally could not put it down, and read it all into the wee small hours of the morning.
    If you love stories set in our own land, with avid descriptions of Australian scenery, you will adore ‘Riverstone Ridge.
    Sincere thanks to Beauty & Lace and Mira Publishing, for a fabulous read.!

  7. The book Riverstone Ridge was another fantastic read by Mandy Margo. The story starts with the main character Nina Jones returning back to the property she grew up on, 20 years later. The story involves Nina and her and old flame Logan Steele and follows a lot of twists and turns. It was a beautiful read and hard to put down. I loved this book. Thanks for another amazing read Beauty and Lace

  8. Ive always loved Mandys books, and have found them so easy to read, nice and light and fresh and fun, and Riverstone Ridge was no different!

    I loved both Nina and Logan from the start, and I absolutely loved getting to know Nina’s past through Bea’s letters. I thought this was an unusual concept, and it really made it different from the normal rural romance novels.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one, and was binge reading the final quarter of the book as the action fully exploded!

    I highly recommend this book for your sister, Aunty or Mum this Christmas.

  9. A fantastic read, this story starts with a young lady that seems very ‘city’ and it’s lovely to see her go through the changes to get back to her real heart.

    A few interesting twists to keep the story from being too predictable, a great book and I would recommend!

  10. Thank you to Beauty and lace for giving me the opportunity to read Riveratone Ridge.

    I loved this book and the characters. It was an easy read about love, secrets and relationships.

    At times it took you on an emotional rollercoaster and had you guessing.

    Another brilliant book Mandy Magro.

  11. I really get so excited when I get picked to read a Mandy Magro book cause going on all her other books I have read I know it will be Amazing and Mandy Magro definitely hasn’t let me down on this great story about Nina Jones and her life. It had me on the edge of my seat with every letter that Bea wrote and slowly going along putting the puzzle pieces together of Nina’s life. Absolutely great read just be careful cause once you pick this book up its hard to stop. Would definitely recommend this book.

    Thank you so much Beauty & Lace and Harper Collins for another Amazing read.

  12. Absolutely brilliant read by Mandy.
    It was my first time reading a Mandy Magro book and I can see she is amazing. This love story is so good, earthy and keep you on your toes while you are waiting for the answers like Nina Jones.

    That long last love and passion between the two characters Logan and Nina is so sacred and pure that you want to be a part of them when they are back together finally and be part of their happy life.

    All the characters are so beautifully written that you feel like that its all real and you start to imagine each and everyone. One I started reading the book I couldn’t put it down.
    It felt like I was watching a netflix series and couldn’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

    I loved the ending as well, full of surprises and happy endings are always the best.
    I also loved the backdrop of the whole story which is rural Australia.
    Loved this book!

  13. Once again Mandy Magro delivers an outstanding novel. I always enjoy Mandy’s books, the characters are so authentic and the rural setting is easily imagined given the vivid descriptions of the landscapes. Mandy Magro always writes such interesting stories, there is never a dull moment and the plot of this book has many twists and turns to keep the reader engaged.

    This is a lovely story and well recommended; an enjoyable read.

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