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Past Shadows by Edwin J McBride is a psychological murder, mystery, crime, and suspense thriller.

Ashley McIntyre realises his marriage to Kimberley is over. Their relationship kicked off at their ten-year high school reunion, and for the past seven years, they have been together.

Ashley has been stepdad to Kimberley’s eleven-year-old daughter Eboni. 

Ashley had respected Kimberley’s decision not to share many details of her past. He never questioned her about who Eboni’s biological father was – but maybe he should have.

There’s also a serial killer who is stalking and killing young women in the city. The murderer is not frightened to leave his DNA behind, confusing the police, because, after all, they believe him to be already dead.

They have no idea of his current identity and the police investigative team can’t keep up with the daily murders. 

Federal Agent Detective Kyle Daly, the best in the AFP is brought in to run the investigation.

A daring plan to allow an early release to the murderer’s prior cellmate is planned. It is a trap and the police would be ready to apprehend the murderer. But this murderer is always one step ahead!

Initially, I found it hard to sort out the many key characters. The many detectives and police involved and their families, plus the murderer and his prison buddies.

And, the McIntyre family, with their work colleagues and business partners.

Cleverly they all connect, leading to the gripping climax and the final unexpected twist.

I do rather like crime and murder stories and this one didn’t disappoint. However, a heads up as the murder scenes are quite graphic and it is not a book for the faint-hearted.

I have discovered some more books by this author that I now plan to read.

Thank you to Shawline Publishing Group and Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to read this book.

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5 thoughts on “BOOK CLUB: Past Shadows

  1. Past Shadows by Edwin J McBride, an ebook from Shawline Publishing Group, contains some very graphic accounts of horrifying crimes – the work of a crazed serial killer. If you can get past these to piece together who, what and how these crimes came about you will appreciate this psychological thriller!
    This is quite a well written book with an elaborate plot – the killer’s DNA matching that of a dead man leaves the cops scrambling for answers… Interesting as the concept was however, I found the book very uncomfortable reading – it was far too graphically disturbing for me.

  2. Thank-you Beauty & Lace for giving me the chance to read & review ‘Past Shadows’ by Edwin J McBride, an e-book.
    This was not an easy read e-book, from the start violence is vividly portrayed and the theme is continued throughout the story. I never felt any empathy for the main character if anything I had a feeling of loathing of what he and others where capable of and how they could justify their ends. The story continued to show people at their worst times, some in situations not of their own creations but had to go through horrific (detailed) humiliations. The final chapter I assume was meant to resolve the situations but left me feeling bereft for the possibility of people such as those described could ever live in today’s society.
    This was not an easy read, and I would recommend reading it with caution, especially if descriptions of physical brutality at its extreme are triggering.

  3. Thank you to Beauty & Lace and Shawline Publishing Group for giving me the chance to read & review Edwin J McBrides’ “Past Shadows” via ebook.

    This book started off a bit hard to get into but I persisted and by the end I was glad I did. Definitely not a book for the faint hearted as there is alot violence etc.

  4. I personally found the storyline very disturbing with its graphic details of violence. Certainly not a book to read before bedtime or when one is under stress. I found myself wanting to stop reading but then I also was curious to find how the author could bring all the loose ends together. Overall, it was definitely suspenseful, and the ending had an unexpected twist, so it is worth reading if violence and brutality is not a concern.

  5. If you have a weak stomach this book isn’t for you it’s very graphic in its description on the crimes that are committed. I thoroughly enjoyed the graphic nature of the story telling this story follows a few different paths but it’s well worth it and one of my favourites.

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