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Author: Katrina Lawrence
ISBN: 978-1-4607-5360-6
RRP: $35
Publisher: Harper Collins
Copy: Courtesy of the Publisher

The silly season came and slapped me in the face, I am so far behind on EVERYTHING that there is just no way I am going to be able to get through all the December books in time to get readers feedback links. I am 4 days out from my holiday with no packing, no cleaning and no wrapping completed.

So, I have decided the best way to tackle the holiday season book club reads is to get a post up for readers to leave their feedback on and I will read and review separately. It helps ease the pressure on me and that is what I am in dire need of right now.

Paris Dreaming is a book that would make a fantastic Christmas present for that hard to buy for lady with a love of all things Paris; it is part memoir, part travelogue and it is absolutely gorgeous from cover to cover.

The cover image leaves me thinking of fashion week and designer sketches with it’s gold dot cover text and flowing silhouette. It’s a sturdy black and white striped hardcover under the jacket that is elegant and eye-catching; all the things that evoke the romance of Paris.

Inside, the prose is lyrical and evocative. Lawrence tells us of her love of Paris, from the first visit as a five year old right through to now, across all stages of her life and so many trips that she has officially lost count. Lawrence lives in Australia with her husband and sons but counts Paris as her spiritual home, a place she has never technically lived.

Lawrence talks of the impact Paris has had on her life, her views on beauty and her perspective. Paris Dreaming is all things Paris; there is some history, some biographical info on fascinating Parisiennes and Parisian musings on topics from politics to perfume, fashion, feminism and femininity. This is a book to inspire everyone on their journey to a good life, to appreciate the little things and to bask in the beauty of Paris.

We see Paris through the eyes of a woman at all stages of her life; from the vibrant five year old innocent, the high school graduate, the young journalist, the heartbroken single, the happily married and the mother.

Katrina Lawrence is one of Australia’s most awarded beauty writers, having won two esteemed Jasmine Awards for fragrance journalism. A 20 year career as a beauty journalist has seen Lawrence write for a wide range of women’s magazines and online publications. Paris Dreaming is her first book and shares her love of all things Paris, taking us on an intimate journey around the hidden secrets and the spectacular sights.

Katrina Lawrence is The Paris Dreamer and can be found on Facebook, Instagram and her website.

Paris Dreaming is published by HarperCollins and is available now from Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where all good books are sold.

Thanks to HarperCollins 15 of our Beauty and Lace Club members will be reading Paris Dreaming so please be aware there may be spoilers in the comments below.

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17 thoughts on “Book Club: Paris Dreaming

  1. My first impression: such chic packaging! Katrina Lawrence is clearly a very intelligent, well read author. I enjoyed lots of the little facts which made me smile and sometimes laugh about Paris that are thrown in around her autobiography and travel guide. However, a lot of the facts were repeated which was a bit dull. I have also been to Paris many times so I found the way it was written as a travel guide at times boring and at others found myself taking note of places to visit in the future that I had never heard about. I do think it’s presumptuous to write about Parisiennes when you have only gone to Paris as a tourist. If the author had actually lived there and immersed herself in the culture that would be a whole different (and much more interesting) story. That said, I did enjoy the book as an escape. Katrina’s prose is lovely and draws you in and I look forward to reading more from her.

  2. Paris Dreaming by Katrina Lawrence is about her time growing up in Paris having parents with different opinions about the city of Paris.
    A good read if you are going to Paris or living there.

  3. Paris Dreaming by Katrina Lawrence is a book that I was really excited to get my hands on.
    Katrina shares with the reader her amazing knowledge of the city of Paris. A city that she obviously has a great and enduring love for. Her love of Paris began at age 5 and that is where we start our journey as she then takes us through the various life stages and many trips to Paris and shares with us all her adventures and knowledge. I was really excited that the story started with a lovely photo of Katrina aged Paris of course but I was a little sad that there was not more wonderful photos scattered throughout the book but thats me wanting to be nosey.
    Katrina walks us though various aspects of Paris from the food, fashion, beauty, history, etc…..Its all there and reading this book had me wanting to jump on a plane and go and see for myself…shame that my bank balance said “No”
    If you dream of Paris, are heading to Paris or would just like to learn about Paris then this is the book for you.
    I must admit that a big reason I was enticed by this book was because as soon as I saw the name Katrina Lawrence I knew I had to read her book. Many years ago….and I really cant remember how long ago it was ….my path was lucky enough to cross with Katrina’s when she became the new Editor for an online magazine that had a forum on their website. Katrina was amazing and in the time that she was running the site we had several conversations and I was very sad when she moved on. I harped on for years about how things were not the same since Katrina left. So finding out that she had written this book meant that it became a must read for me and Im so very glad that I have read it and perhaps one day I will get to venture to Paris and discover some of these wonderful places for myself.

  4. What an exquisite book Katrina Lawrence’s Paris Dreaming is! Just gorgeous to look at and some of the most fabulous armchair travel when you delve inside.

    I loved how Lawrence explored her experiences of and relationship with the city over many different stages in life and how they evolved over time. She also includes many interesting facts, historical tit bits and amusing anecdotes. I was entertained, educated and enriched all at once.

    Reading this book has certainly made my itchy feet worse! I will pass it on now to my francophile daughter with whom one day I will stroll the streets of Paris!

  5. Lovely- I soooo enjoyed holding, keeping and reading this book, in so many ways. 5 Stars. The book is lovely to behold, quality binding and papers, soft pink with gold picking out the Paris skyline. It would make a lovely gift for a female friend or relative as it is unique mix of the telling of a girl growing up dreaming of Paris and all things French and how that dream panned out in real life. The book is really fun to read, lots of illustrations all with the stylish Parisian twist and interesting facts about French history and life in Paris mixed in, jazz it all up. The Paris side is what gives it appeal but on another level it could be taken on life and growing up and and how we view things as we mature, for child, to idealistic teenager and through womanhood.

  6. From the moment I saw Paris Dreaming, I knew that I would love every page of it. The cover of the book drew me in with its dusky pinks cover, exuding high fashion and beauty.

    I felt like I was in Paris walking down the tiny cobble stone lanes, leading to areas bustling with cafes and pastry shops. Yes every second I read this, I was imagining my visit to Paris, it really took me back.

    Although I enjoyed the elements of beauty and fashion, what drew me in more was the historical content. In particular I found myself looking up some of the events and architecture after Katrina Lawrence shared her story of the area or building and added them onto my bucket list.

    Thank you Katrina Lawrence, because you have re-sparked my love for Paris and I can’t wait to return again one day, with more understanding for the city and Parisian lifestyle.

  7. Thank you to the Beauty and Lace Book Club for giving me the opportunity to read this interesting book.

    Its not the kind of book that I would usually pick up and read but I enjoyed it.

    Its a mixture of biography and travel log of Katrina Lawrence who has a great love of France and all things French.

    A well wriiten book and a good read.

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