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Author: Dani Atkins
ISBN: 9781471153297
RRP: $29.99

Our Song is the third novel by Dani Atkins and the first I have read. It is a beautiful tale that is far from what I expected after reading the blurb; which means I am having trouble with how to write a spoiler free review.

The story is written from two separate perspectives, both in the first person, and spanning almost a decade. The timeline is fluid and we move through the years at the mercy of our heroine’s memories.

Atkins brings us a story of coincidences that mount up so far that it would be difficult to believe that there isn’t a force at work that brings us to the places we need to be in our lives. Maybe it’s fate, maybe it’s written in the stars but even with full freewill we still end up right where we need to be.

Charlotte and Ally have known one another since university, and Charlotte is now married to Ally’s first love. The two have not seen one another in years and it is far from a happy reunion when they find themselves face to face in an unlikely setting.

I found the flow of the story surprisingly easy to follow. I would have expected the jump from perspective to perspective coupled with the travel from past to present with very little warning to have interrupted the fluidity of the story, instead it served only to draw me deeper into the lives of the characters.

Our Song explores the depth of first love, the ease with which the past returns to haunt the present and the way in which friendships can grow out of the ashes of adversity, almost against the will of those involved.

There is a lot to be said for the old saying that everything happens for a reason, every decision in life sets you on the path to exactly where you are supposed to be. That is sometimes easier to deal with in theory than reality.

The last person either of these women expect to run into in the hospital on the night their life is turned upside down is each other. They were at university together when Charlotte moved in as the final room mate with a group of young men, one of them being Ally’s boyfriend David. Things weren’t left on the best of terms the last time they were together and the animosity is still very present, add the heightened emotions and stress of the situation they find themselves in and things are a little tense.

our song

Atkins explores the emotions of both leading ladies with insight and empathy, and through their memories we learn a lot about the men that they love. The trips down memory lane are often sudden, though sparked by something in the present, and they paint a vivid picture of the characters; they draw us into their lives and the events that have brought them to this particular place and time. Nothing really explains why they ended up in the same place, except that sometimes you end up where you need to be.

The characters are all realistic and well drawn though their behaviour doesn’t always make them very likeable.

Our Song is a beautiful story that reminds us to hold our loved ones tight and never take anything for granted. It reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit and the beauty and wisdom that can be found in the young.

I loved this book, it was unique and engaging though I did find it became a little predictable. I could see the ending coming from about three quarters of the way through but that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the story.

Dani Atkins has a way with words that brings you into the drama with her characters and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of her work.

I was warned that I would need tissues for this one, and I did, but I think I would have needed more had I not been warned.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster 30 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be reading Our Song so please be aware there may be spoilers contained in the comments below.

Our Song is available February 1st through Simon & Schuster and where all good books are sold.

36 thoughts on “Book Club: Our Song

  1. I was lucky enough to read this book it is excellent and that is all I am going to say you have written a great review

  2. This sounds a lovely book with lessons for us all. I must say I’m intrigued and now want to lay my hands on this. Thankyou for the review Michelle.

  3. I received this book on Friday morning and with a quiet weekend at home I managed to read it over the weekend. What a great read!!

    Our Song is a story of two women and their partners, who find themselves in the same hospital intensive care unit one night. Ally is married to Joe and he is in a hospital bed and Charlotte is married to David who is also in the hospital. It turns out that David was Ally’s first love and she has always felt that it was Charlotte fault they split. Over a period of 24 hours we learn about what happened to lead us to this point.

    The relationship of the couples and of Ally and Charlotte makes for interesting and engaging reading. The story moves between the present and the past and the story evolves as the reader learns about what happened. I really enjoyed this book. It made we think about past loves, friendships and how they affect us. It is a really entertaining read…and I cried too.

    A great story for a weekend read or an any time read!! I will be reading more books by Dani Atkins.

  4. Our Song by Dani Atkins is the emotionally charged story of two couples whose fates are inextricably linked … for better and now … for worse. A love story, a story about family, about life and ultimately a story about loss and healing.

    Our Song is a very intense and moving read. Indeed even though I could guess what the likely outcome(s) would be I could not put the book down until I’d finished it. It was so engrossing.( The book arrived yesterday and I finished it today. ) But be warned you will definitely need to keep the tissue box handy when you read the tragic circumstances that lead to Ally, Joe, Charlotte and David’s paths crossing again on this fateful night, after so many years apart.

    The story is told from both Ally and Charlotte’s points of view, and has been very cleverly crafted. In other writer’s hands this style of writing can be quite confusing, but in this author, Dani Atkin’s hands, it has really ‘made’ the book and adds to our understanding of the characters and the dilemmas they face. Accordingly, the narrative slips seamlessly between Ally and Charlotte’s perspectives as well as between the past and the present, using anecdotes and flashbacks to reveal more and more about each of the characters, and the complicated history that has led to this point.

    I am trying not to give too much of the plot away as this is a story that deserves to be read to be properly appreciated. I thoroughly recommend it. Thanks

  5. I received my copy of Our Song in the mail on Wednesday and was unable to put it down until I had finished reading it less than 24 hours later. The hardest thing about reading this book was trying to see through the unbidden tears that constantly blurred my vision as I read! There should be a huge “Tissue Alert” on the front cover.

    The book is beautifully written from the perspectives of the four main characters David, Joe, Charlotte and Ally. The author, Dani Atkins, slides seamlessly between not only the characters but the past and present as the characters become inextricably intertwined. Even as it becomes obvious which way the story is heading, it remains engrossing and continues to tug at the reader’s heartstrings.

    The best summary of the book without risking spoilers is written on the book’s back cover:

    “Four people.
    Two marriages.
    One night to decide their past, present and future.”

    I loved this book and would recommend it as a read to anyone – but make sure those tissues are handy.

  6. From the moment I started on the first page, the book, Our Song by Dani Atkins totally captured my attention. This is just a powerful, intense but captivating read that will definitely pull at your heart strings.

    It follows the lives of 4 people David, Charlotte, Ally and Joe. There is not one character in this book that you dislike. You will endear to a little boy called Jake who is the son of Ally and Joe. I found myself laughing and crying at his antics.

    I always know when I am reading a great book because as I read, I actually visualise people and places. It’s like I am reading and watching a movie at the same time.

    From the first page, I was totally entranced with meeting the two main males and it’s not hard to really love their characters. There are a lot of times when my hand was on my heart. I could not put this book down so read it in one day.

    I’ve not read anything from Dani Atkins before but she will definitely be on my list now. Dani is an amazing author that truly writes beautifully from the heart.

    Our Song is my wow book from start to finish. Truly a beautiful love story with some twists and turns.

    Highly recommend reading this book but be warned, tissues beside you throughout the book.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Simon & Schuster, Australia for introducing me to another author.

  7. I received this book a week ago and have read it around the kids and work. I hated putting it down as I felt like I was a part of the feelings, emotions and unfolding story. How Ally’s and Charlotte’s lives are entangled through tragic events causing them to cross each other’s paths.
    I loved reading the history of the two women and how they arrived at the point they are at in the current time in the book and how things unfolded in their past.
    The story flows really well and the characters are so real and mostly likeable, except for maybe David’s mother, and was a really enjoyable book. I would happily recommend Our Song to all my friends, even if they don’t read this type of fiction. Well worth reading.

  8. Our Song by Dani Atkins is a great read.
    The story of the 4 main characters flow effortlessly backwards and forwards from the past to present, being narrated by each person.
    The incidents that bring the characters together on the unforgettable night reveals the paths they took to get where they are today, the emotions, thoughts and overall outcome of the hardest decision someone must ever take.
    The characters and the story are so believable, there are many subjects that Dani Atkins has explored and the depth of her research shines through.
    There are some very emotional scenes and will definitely bring tears to the readers eyes. Even with this, I still enjoyed this book hugely and am looking forward to reading more by this author.
    Thank you so much for giving me the chance to read and review this lovely book.

  9. As a person who reads many, many books, I am so thrilled when I come across one that I know will change how I think about things – this book, Our Song, did that for me.
    It has gone right up to the top ten (possibly 5) books I have ever read. I could write a one word review, and it would be simply ‘WOW’..
    But the characters, and the author deserve a little more than that 🙂
    This book grabbed me right from the first page; actually, the first paragraph.
    I was so drawn to the characters. I found myself thinking of them when I wasn’t able to read, I stayed up a long time after I had told myself “just one more chapter.”
    For me, Dani’s writing style is flawless. Though the ending was predictable from fairly early on in the story, in no way did it detract from the wonderous, emotional, believable storyline.
    I can’t decide who my favourite character is from the book, as they all played great roles and were invaluable to the storyline. I did love Max, Jake, Alice the neighbour, and especially the four main charctaers – Ally, Charlotte, David, and Joe.
    I will be telling everyone to read this book (I’ve actually already shared on instagram and fb!) because it really deserves the recognition and praise.
    I won’t be forgetting this book in a hurry. My utmost appreciation to Beauty and Lace, as Simon & Schuster for the opportunity to review.

  10. One of the things that really impressed me about “Our Song” was how engaging it was from the very first page. Even very absorbing, involving books often take, say, a chapter, to draw me in. “Our Song” had me from page one.

    “Our Song” involves some really sympathetic characters caught up in situations we can all empathise with. Ally and Charlotte find themselves both in the waiting room of the Intensive Care Unit on the same night, both waiting to see if their husband will survive the night. There are old animosities between the two women; Charlotte married David, who may well have been the love of Ally’s life, and she’s never been sure he is completely over Ally. And Ally isn’t quite sure herself if she’s over David, even though she loves her husband Joe.

    As the two women spend a night in crisis, both remember the things that happened a decade ago, and that continue to reverberate through their lives.

    I found this very realistic. Relationships are rarely straightforward, and this novel reflects the sorts of complications and challenges that real people have to deal with. I loved the relationships in the novel – not just the romantic ones, but also the friendships. They felt real to me.

    One small quibble I had was towards the end, where the writing suddenly gets very coy, and talks about (for example) “her travelling companion” rather than simply naming him. Most readers will know exactly who it is, and I found these few pages of coyness rather jarring given the excellent writing in the rest of the novel.

    “Our Song” doesn’t say anything very new, but it is really well written. It’s strongly involving, and moving, and really rests on power of strong characters in real situations. I enjoyed this immensely, and would recommend it to most everyone. Even people who rarely read in this genre will likely find this a novel to enjoy.

  11. Oh my! Do not read this book without a full box of tissues! From the onset it grabs you. The character development is well crafted and you bond quickly with them.

    I loved how it moved between the past and the present tying together experiences and how they shape you. This is a really moving book which grabs you and wont let you go until you have had a good cry.

    A great summer read which deals with the trials and tribulations of love and life.

    Would recommend!

  12. Such a fantastic story. I finished the book two days ago and have been sorting my mind to write this brief after being quite emotional from the story. Ally and Charlotte so different but both so very likeable characters who individually defend the loves of their life David and Joe. Lots of little twists and turns which resulted in a sad but very uplifting story. I couldn’t put the book down as I just wanted to see how the story evolved as if I was sitting there in the hospital waiting room with them. Beautiful story, captivating ladies with history. I didn’t expect the ending. Wow! Dani Atkins this is so good! Thank you for being a great story writer.

  13. Our Song was the first book I’ve read by Dani Atkins. I found the book very enjoyable, easy to read and hard to put down.

    Our Song follows the story of four likeable charactors Ally, David, Charlotte and Joe. Their lives intertwine throughout as they face many painful trials of Adulthood.

    It is an emotional story that has many twists and turns that I didn’t see coming.

    I look forwards to reading more books by Dani Atkins and have no hesitation to reccomend others to do the same.

  14. Our Song is the first book I’ve read by Dani Atkins. I found the book very enjoyable, an easy read and hard to put down!

    Our Song follows the story of Ally, Charlotte, David and Joe. Their lives are intertwined throughout as they face many difficult trials of Adulthood.

    It was quiet an emotional story with lots of twist I didn’t see coming.

    I look forwards to reading more books by Dani and would recommend anyone else to do the same.

  15. I easily got immersed in this book and it didnt take me too long to get closer to the characters even with going back and forth didnt put me off. At first I didnt take much of a liking to Charlotte but before the end I grew to really like her as much as Ally. What a beautiful yet bittersweet ending when Ally lost her husband and the past then immerged to help her move towards the future without her beloved Joe. I did get teary when little Jake said goodbye to Joe who had brought him up as his very own son, just lovely. I will definately be looking up other books by Dani Atkins as she is very talented because no part of her book was boring and there were parts that made you not want to put it down.
    Thankyou Dani Atkins and Beauty and Lace for taking me away to another life for a while 🙂

  16. This was a great read. I just couldn’t put the book down as the story was really captivating and interesting. This is a story of two women. Each narrating a different perspective on their love life. In this book you get to read two sides of a story. There is this story narrated by Ally and the same story narrated by Charlotte. A story of how they met David and fell in love with him.
    This book did get me emotional at times as I remembered my teen years and depicted myself in the story. Yes I needed tissues as I emotionally got lost into the story.
    The writer really transports you into the lives of the characters as if you are there in real life . The story goes into the past of two women from time to time and it is really interesting. Even though the story goes back and forth between the past and present of the two main ladies , it is not hard to pick up the story of where it was last left. In other words it dis not confuse me at all and I followed the story very well.
    Just amazed by how coincidence brought back two women together who were once friends and then had lost contact of each other because of the love of their lives.
    It is a sweet Romantic story that is a must to read especially during this month when we celebrate Valentines day. It reminds us to treasure our loved ones and cherish each and every moment we spend with our loved ones because we can never know what can happen the next minute. Just as what happened to both Ally’s and Charlottes husband which brought an emotional turmoil to both of them.
    It is a very well written book which got me emotional every now and then.
    If you love romantic , emotional books then this is a must read. It depicts real life relationships very well.

  17. Thank you for the opportunity to read this wonderful book. I’d not read anything by Dani Atkins before, but will investigate her back catalogue after reading this one.

    This tells the story of Charlotte and Ally, and their spouses David and Joe. Tragedy strikes both the men in this story, and all four are in the same hospital intensive care ward at the same time.

    The thing is, years before Ally and David were a couple and very much in love when they were both studying at university. Charlotte moved into the share house that David lived in, and through circumstances that were totally misunderstood, she broke Ally’s heart and her relationship with David. But David always stayed as the love of her life.

    Time moved on and Ally married Joe and they had a son. Charlotte and David also married. When tragedy struck the men, Ally & Charlotte were reunited in their mutual grief with both men’s lives hanging in the balance.

    What transpires is an excellent character study of relationships, friendships and family. Without giving anything away, the ending is gut-wrenching.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Womens Fiction or Life Lit.

  18. This is probably the fastest I have ever read a novel (especially a long one) but Our Song was so captivating I could hardly put it down. From the very first chapter I was drawn into the story, and I thought it was very well written with such detail that I felt like I was there myself.

    The book seamlessly travels from the present to the past, and details so many events and situations, it’s crazy that the “present” told in the book is less than 48 hours! The story is told so perfectly through the switch between the two main characters Ally and Charlotte – both sides of the story of any situation involving them both is always shown, as well as insight into other events only involving one of them. To her credit, Dani also somehow holds back important information through the novel in a way that I didn’t feel that I missed anything at the time, yet she throws it back in later to create another twist in the story.

    By the end of the story we know Ally and Charlotte really well and have a great understanding of the complex events of their lives that lead them up to this point where their lives cross again in tragic circumstances. I found that Ally was always a very likable character in both the past and present, but I switched between liking, and slightly disliking Charlotte.

    The book was a very emotional read, and I physically had tears in my eyes in some parts which is quite an unusual occurrence for me when I’m reading. I had thought it was going to be an almost happily ever after ending but unfortunately it was not and it’s a very sad one. There is a level of closure despite a partially uncertain future remaining which is clear from the epilogue.

    I would have to say this book is now one of my very favourites and I will be definitely passing it on to others to enjoy. Thanks to Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review this book, and thank you to Dani for writing this fabulous novel!

  19. Dani Atkins is now on my list of favorite Authors. I simply loved this book. It grabbed me emotionally at times with little warning and I found I was sitting there having a cry so im glad that i was reading this book at home and not anywhere in public which i am prone to do. At times I was so frustrated as I would have to put the book down and leave the characters as i had my daughter and her partner visiting from NSW and I dont think it would have been acceptable to say “Hey im reading a great book so can you just leave me alone until im finished” My daughters visit made the story last a lot longer for me then it would have if they hadnt been here as this is one of those books that is very hard to put down.

    A really interesting concept of two woman who know each other because of their relationship with one man. Ally was involved with David who was her first love but David went on to marry Charlotte and Ally married Joe. Years later and this is where the story begins Ally and Charlotte find themselves in the relatives room at the hospital as they both wait for news of the health of their husbands. Seeing Charlotte stirs up Allys past memories of David and emotions she thought she had left behind. As the story goes on it flicks between present day and the past so we learn of the history of both couples.
    I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and each person that comes into your life has a part to play in teaching you the things you need to know to progress as a human being.

    This is a seriously wonderful read but heed the warning of not reading it in public unless you dont mind making a fool of yourself as you sit and cry.

  20. I like most of the reviewers haven’t read any books by Dani Atkins, and like most the reviewers she is now on my favorite authors list.

    What a tear jerker this book is, you need tissues by the box full. I tend to get lost in romance novels and this one was now exception. I totally immersed myself (which was easy to do) in the story of the four main characters, Charlotte, David, Ally and Joe, and of course the gorgeous Jake.

    The story takes us through a journey of lost love, found love, old friends who reconnect, and it is so cleverly written jumping from the present back into the past. Losing your first love, so totally heartbreaking, and coming across him again in a hospital, where you are with your heart in your hands about your husband. A really clever plot and one of the most beautiful stories I have read.

    What a really nice (but teary) movie this book would make.

    My thanks to Beauty and Lace, and Simon & Schuster for giving me the chance to enjoy such a great read.

  21. “Our Song” is a complex love story which flits back and forth between past and present, relating the intertwining fates of the main characters, before culminating in a tear-jerking final destiny. At first the jumping between past and present is a little disconcerting but it makes more and more sense the further you read on.

    The two main heroines of the book are estranged friends, who are thrown together when tragedy strikes their loved ones. The past rears its ugly head and they are forced to confront sleeping relationship demons. Both of these characters are likeable and relatable, which makes it difficult to ‘pick a side’ (I cannot elaborate more without giving the plot away). The male leads of the book are equally likable, though we don’t get as much of their perspective in the storytelling as we do the ladies. All characters share a very complicated relationship to say the least!

    Though the ending of the book is easy to determine early on, it is still an emotional reading journey in which you find yourself hoping for an alternate one!

    The love theme of this book is shadowed with an underlying sense of tragedy which makes it a riveting read. To me this book illustrates the cruelty of fate; even if you are a good person life is rarely fair and there is certainly no guarantee of a happy ending.

    I would highly recommend “Our Song” (along with a box of tissues!)

  22. Thank you so much for the opportunity to review our song.
    This book was amazing and so easy to read.
    This story of 2 couples and their journeys with their fates intertwined makes for an emotional read.
    I love how the stories were told by each of the 4 characters and went effortlessly from one to the other. Each character is likeable and goes through their own unique journey while also being linked all due to one night where their paths crossed.
    So many different subjects were explored within the book and it is clear to see that Dani Atkins did her research while writing the novel.
    I was very impressed and will definitely be recommending this book to my friends.
    Thank you once again.

  23. Our Song by Dani Atkins is the emotionally charged story of two couples whose fates are inextricably linked, for better and now for worse. A love story, a story about family, about life and ultimately a story about loss and healing.

    Our Song is a very intense and moving read. Indeed even though I could guess what the likely outcome would be I could not put the book down until I’d finished it. It was so engrossing.But be warned you will definitely need to keep the tissue box handy when you read the tragic circumstances that lead to Ally, Joe, Charlotte and David’s paths crossing again on this fateful night, after so many years apart.

    This book Our song is an extremely easy book to read and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who loves a good read.

    Thank you for the opportunity to review this book it was an amazing read, I loved it!

  24. What a wonderful book that had me captivated from beginning to end. The story revolves around two women – Charlotte and Ally. When they first meet they became friends but unfortunately fall out over Ally’s boyfriend David. They lose touch until 1 day fate brings them back together through the most heart wrenching of situations. I found I got a little confused at the beginning if who was who and who was dating whom but quickly the story unfolded and I quite enjoyed the flick backs to past events which helped give depth to the story and made me empathise with both women. I found I predicted the ending about 3/4 of the way through however, it didn’t make me want to put the book down. I also started crying about this stage as well and didn’t stop till the last page! A beautiful story that stays with you and makes you think about life and how unexpected and unpredictable it truly is. Thank you Dani Atkins for a fabulous book. I look forward to reading more from her now!

  25. Dani Atkins may not be the world’s most famous author but her third novel, Our Song, looks poised to change that. This emotional, family drama is a slow-burning and nuanced tale that looks at fate, friendship, love and other dilemmas. It’s a poignant tale that will give you cause to sit back and reflect and this will happen long after you’ve finished the book’s final words.

    The story is about two women and former friends who are suddenly hit by individual tragedies. Ally is the mother of a gorgeous, seven year old boy named Jake and wife to the kind-hearted and sweet, Joe. The latter finds himself in a sticky situation early on. Joe discovered a young boy in distress who had fallen into a frozen lake while attempting to save the family pet. Joe is an admirable man and he saves the kid and the dog but he also falls into the frozen water himself and is rushed off to intensive care.

    David is Ally’s old flame and a jet-setting, rich man who is now married to the equally ambitious, Charlotte. The former is about to surprise his wife with a surprise trip to New York but he is struck down with a mysterious illness in a department store. David winds up at the same hospital as Joe and the doctors soon discover that David has a very serious heart condition.

    Our Song has a great premise- it throws two strong women in the same waiting room as their husbands are in intensive care, lying in limbo with different ailments. Atkins has done an excellent job with the characterisation and telling of the story. She expertly weaves together flashbacks and scenes in the present day, which cover Ally and David’s courtship and break-up as well as when David and Charlotte get together and when Ally meets and falls for Joe. The story is a little simplistic at times but it is not lacking in sentiment or feeling. There are also a lot of rich details offered in the prose so the reader gets a good sense of the different individuals, especially when the same scene is retold from the other person’s perspective.

    This novel is a well-told, beautiful and moving one but it does have some minor flaws. Part of the plot is predictable (but thankfully there are enough twists thrown into the mix to keep things interesting). The other issue is that sometimes the level of coincidence will require a major suspension of disbelief, which is a shame as the characters themselves feel rather authentic. But despite these small quibbles, the story is a veritable rollercoaster that is jam-packed with different emotions and lots of drama and tension. In sum, it will ultimately tug at your heartstrings and make you stop and realise how important your own loved ones are in the grander scheme of things.

  26. Our Song by Dani Atkins tells the story of love, family, regrets, the choices we make and how the past has a way of always being there when we least expect it.

    The reader is introduced to the novels four characters Ally, Joe, Charlotte and David through a tragic set of circumstances where both David and Joe are simultaneously fighting for their lives in hospital. Although the events were entirely unrelated, the situation sees Ally and Charlotte, who used to be a part of each other’s lives, bought back together to handle the uncertainty of the impact of their husbands accidents in the same hospital.

    Atkins slowly reveals the past relationships and consequent break down of relations between Ally, David and Charlotte. She intertwines flashbacks to the characters university days when they first met. The flashbacks work to answer questions about the past that were left unanswered all those years ago, yet are still lingering today and even more so while everyone is in the same hospital together.

    Ally, as a passionate music student in her early 20’s was stubborn, hot headed and strong willed. These characteristics spilled into her fiery, but passionate relationship with David. However, Charlotte, having unexpectedly bonded with David years earlier in a snow accident, also harboured strong desires for Ally’s man. Ally’s stubbornness eventually leaded David into Chatlotte’s arms. Soon Ally had cut herself off without a trace and their relationship had ended. Ally found new love in Joe. However a part of David lived on and Ally’s son was David’s.

    The depth of devastation and the possibility of love and life ending opens up old wounds and secret boxes that are still there today. We learn the real reason of why Ally and David ended and learn why Ally had to hide away and never introduced her son to his father. Charlotte reveals her yearning for a child and the heartbreak of not being able to give her husband the baby she so desires. The ending is heartbreaking and goes to question so many aspects of life when Ally has to chose and honour her husbands wish to be an organ donor. And ultimately decide if she can also her late husband’s heart to live on in her university loves body.

    Our Song opens as chick lit novel full of fun stories And good humour. The reader soon realises that Atkins has carefully interwoven a story that tests the depth of love we have for a person and how ones past can disrupt a solid future when least expected. I laughed and cried at this ultimately heart breaking story. Beautiful written and a page turner, I look forward to Atkins next novel. Overall, a fantastic read that was gripping, suspenseful and engaging.

  27. What a truly captivating and wonderful book to read. I believe this book would be even better as a movie!

    What an in depth but captivating story of how lives can intertwine in such a manner. Random acts of bad luck and misfortune can set off a series of events that see two old friends/foes in the same hospital both praying for husbands to live. It also questions that age old question ” do you forget your first love?” and this is relevant for both Ally and Charlotte with the same man who they had first loves so many years apart. I found it interesting that while initially you think Ally is the first girlfriend that as the story unfolds Charlotte also had a history with David years earlier…… as they say what a twisted story we weave.

    A few good twists in the plot with many tears along the way. Such an epic tale of love, desire and intrigue and ultimate sacrifice and leaves you wondering how you would deal with any or all the different situations.

    Definitely a book worthy of a few long nights reading and worth loosing sleep for, I just loved it and would recommend this book and author.

    P.S Cant wait for the movie!

  28. Thank you Beauty and Lace for letting me read this book.

    I’m not giving away any spoilers as this book needs to be read and enjoyed on your own terms.

    I don’t think I’ve cried this much reading a book before. I had to stop reading a couple of times and just cry as I couldn’t see the page through tears.

    This book is really about 4 people Ally, Joe, David and Charlotte. I feel it is more Ally’s story as you journey along with her the most.
    I did get a little confused at first as to which girl was with which boy but there comes a point where it just falls into place.

    The characters are easy to get to know and some comments from the characters had me laughing out loud.
    Be prepared for a ride full of love, lust, romance broken hearts, fun, family.
    This book has so much in it that you can’t help but be drawn into this amazing world.

    There is a point about 2 thirds of the way in where you just know how it will end but the ending is so powerful yet done with so much care that you can’t help but forgive her for letting you know that little bit of information.

    Dani Atkins is such an amazing author that you feel everything the characters feel. She uses so much depth and warmth to her stories that you just never want it to end. She wraps you up and takes you on a wonderful journey and then you arrive at the end and feel like something is missing.

    I have never read anything by Dani Atkins before but I will be looking out for her books from now on. I might have to go to the bookstore and find her previous books.

    Definitely a book worth reading and shouting to all about.

  29. What a brilliant book. A real departure from the light hearted books I have been reading lately. It made me cry like an absolute baby.

    It also made me think long and hard about the issues raised in this book. What would I do if I was in this situation? Hard to know.

    An absolutely emotion filled book. Beautifully and sensitively written and I would absolutely recommend this book.

    I wont outline the plot as I fear too much would be given away… Just go and read it!

  30. Thank you to Beauty & Lace for the opportunity to read Our Song by Dani Atkins…it isn’t a book I would probably have come across, as I love the crime, forensics, law books. But I am immensely thankful that this story came into my life, it’s a story that will stay with me for quite a while, it has left an emotional imprint on my heart.
    The story is written around the lives of two women, Ally and Charlotte, who used to be friends until a man came between them. Ally once was a partner to David, who turns out to be Charlotte’s husband. Both women have created lives for themselves and seem happy until one fateful night when they both end up visiting the same hospital, where their husbands lay hurt, in separate accidents.
    The story then unfolds as the women spend one neverending night in hospital, reliving their lives in front of us again, so we have the ability to journey through these years with them. You get to know both Ally and Charlotte, what they’ve been through and secrets that are to be divulged. It’s a story that I never wanted to put down. And I think I will probably read it again very soon.
    Dani Atkins is a very talented writer, who just keeps you wanting more. You feel what she’s writing, you travel the emotions with these women, it’s such a powerful piece. I’ve never read a book by Dani before, but if her other stories are anything like this….I will be searching her out.

  31. Review of Our Song
    What a wonderful book which was a joy to read great storyline & yes the tissues came out & were used frequently.
    I feel the author captivated me with the depth of the characters & little secrets will always come out & fate played a part
    in their lives.Just like the real world.
    Once again I must say I loved the book & will look out for more books by this author.
    Highly recommend to my friends & family to read.
    Thanks Carol Mason

  32. I enjoyed reading this book – if it was real life, it would have been a case of “truth is stranger than fiction” as to how the two couples came to be in the same hospital at the same time. At first I got Ally and Charlotte confused a couple of times, but once I really got into it, it was easy to follow.
    It’s a love story, but also a story of family and relationships which goes back and forth between past and present, as you gradually learn about the events that shaped the characters and caused them to be where they are now. I found most of the characters to be likable people – thought Joe in particular was a lovely man.
    Well written and easy to read.

  33. Ah Michelle you have done such a great review theres not much left to say.
    I really enjoyed the story and found the writing style easy to read, as a matter of fact it took only one evening. I was really emotionally drawn in at the end and I thought the story was very cleverly brought to a beautiful conclusion.

    Characters were well developed, and Ally,s support system were remarkably warmly portrayed. Just a beautiful story and I am about to pass the book on to my friend.

  34. I noticed scrolling through the reviews that mine never made it to the page.

    Our song:
    Firstly I’d like to say I haven’t read many of Dani’s books but I thought this book was a tremendous book, it was so easy to read and follow. I loved the love story with the two couples when there fate intertwined and they both end up in the same hospital at the same time. I must say this story brought out a few tears in the end and I would definitely recommend this book to everyone to read. I’d just like to thank you for Beauty and Lace for giving me the opportunity to review this book, I loved it.

    1. Thank you for checking and leaving a review.
      It did make me do some checking because I was sure you had… and I found it. Yours is a little higher up but it’s just Tracy.

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